9 GTA V mods for you to play police in Los Santos

Those who play GTA V are more than used to being chased by the police. Whether in Online or in the main campaign, the police are always watching what the player does. But how about now reversing roles and taking on the role of law enforcement officer? With some very well designed mods , it is now possible to wear a uniform and go out on the streets to fight crime. If you are one of those who always wanted to drive a car through Los Santos that is not stolen, then the mods we brought in this article are for you. Starting today you can be both the Brazilian Federal Police as SWAT In addition, we keep a very special surprise for the end that will completely change their style of play GTA V .

1. Loading screen with the Rio and São Paulo Police

DOWLOAD Let's start with Brazilian police. This first mod is to get you in the mood for police investigation and crime crackdown before the game even starts. It is a very nice modification, which gives a completely personalized look to the loading screens. Whenever you play, you will see very well made images of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro police in famous scenarios in Rio and São Paulo.

2. Brazilian Federal Police

DOWNLOAD Whether arresting major drug traffickers or fighting political corruption in Brazil, the PF is the highest police body in the country. Anyone who has ever dreamed of or wanted to be a police officer certainly wanted to be part of this traditional team. In GTA V you can already play being an agent of the corporation with this mod . He brings a car and two uniforms.

3. UK police boat

DOWNLOAD The Los Santos Coast Police is very present in the game . You have certainly been chased by her at some point in the game. What this mod does is turn that corporation's dinghies or boats into UK police vehicles. Aesthetically it is very similar to the originals, including the presence of the UK flag.


DOWNLOAD SWAT is one of the most iconic police in the world. The Los Angeles Special Police invade GTA V with everything in this mod . You have access with this modification to skins , which guarantee you a look identical to the officers of that corporation. Unfortunately there is no specific vehicle, however it is already possible to cause a good damage for Los Santos with these black uniforms.

5. FBI Vintage

DOWNLOAD FBI! Open up! This classic phrase from TV series and even from reality characterizes the FBI. The United States Federal Police is also famous for its efficiency and lethal actions. This mod allows you to play with the clothes and a classic vehicle of this police body. The modification has a beautiful FBI badge, which sits around your waist while you carry out your missions.

6. Lamborghini Gallardo of the Dutch Police

DOWNLOAD This big car received a special modification, to be similar to its namesake in real life. It does not have the characteristic light blue paint and there is no "police" on the side. Still, it is a nice mod , since there is a siren on top of the car, in addition to the sign being a sign like the one in Holland.

7. Drone

DOWNLOAD This mod is not connected directly to the police in GTA V . We put it on the list, however, because it is a fun modification and it goes well with others on this list. If you install the mod of the Brazilian Federal Police, for example, you can play with the drone, as if you were doing an investigation. In addition, it is somewhat reminiscent of Watch Dogs 2 , a game very similar to GTA .

8. Drug Seizure Scene

DOWNLOAD This mod adds something interesting to the game, which is a drug bust scene. It was well built by the developer, as it includes SWAT agents, with signs and markings around the scene. This mod is so faithful that it added reporters and paparazzi , in addition to those suspected of drug trafficking.

9. Game mode as a police officer

DOWNLOAD There are few mods that allow GTA V players to play effectively as cops. All of the others above, for example, do not prevent you, even dressed as a police officer, from being arrested if you commit a crime. But this modification allows you to literally play as a law enforcement officer. For example: with this mod you can detain and arrest people if you want. There are special events involving the police, in addition to being able to customize your avatar . There is support from firefighters, in addition to other support from the police itself, including aerial support. It is one of the most interesting mods , since it changes the base game a lot.

Mods installation : how to do it?

Install mods for GTA V is usually not at all complicated. In fact, the procedures are usually the same: download the modification, replace the files in the corresponding folders, make a backup of your save games and that's it. It's running the game, hoping for no crash and having fun. We advise, however, that you try to carefully read the installation instructions for each modification. This is essential to avoid making mistakes that could corrupt your game. Also, remember that Rockstar does not ban players for having mods in their games, as long as they play the single player only. If you decide to go online , disable the mods before playing to avoid being banned. If you liked these mods , see 12 insane modifications to customize your gameplay . Did you like the mods about Brazil? Then see 12 others that will transform Los Santos into Brazilian territory .

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