SimCity 4 is the most famous city simulator in the world. Even if you haven't played it, you've certainly heard of the game, and for you who are a fan and still play, we've brought you the full list of cheats for you to have more fun. The codes below are for all SimCity 4 versions, be it Deluxe Edition or Rush Hour. We warn you in the table when a mallet is exclusive to some version. To use the cheats, just press Ctrl + X at any time and enter the codes below. Enjoy!

SimCity 4 Cheats

Code It is made
weaknesspays Provides 1000 of money
you don't deserve it All awards
whererufrom (Name) Change the city name to the desired one. Do not insert parentheses
hellomynameis (Name) Change the name of the mayor to the desired one. Do not insert parentheses
fps Shows the frame rate of the game
goal Leaves the map a greenish tint
zonery Hides the colors of empty zones
sizeof (Number) Zooms in according to the number entered. Do not insert parentheses
recorder Opens the recording menu
stopwatch Turns the clock on and off
fightthepower Removes energy requirements for all buildings
howdryiam Removes water requirements for all constructions
whattimeizit (Hour) Set the time of day to the one you want. Do not insert parentheses
TerrainQuery (on / off) Shows the coordinates when hovering over items. Complete with "on" or "off" without inserting the parentheses
DollyLlama Turns your advisers into llamas
tastyzots Enables / disables zots
riskymoney Provides 10,000 of money and an earthquake. Deluxe Edition Exclusive
watchmemove More pedestrians will run when you see them. Deluxe Edition Exclusive
barstuck Lock the news bar. Deluxe Edition Exclusive

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