Marauders are the PvE managers which can be found in the companion's list from level 36. You can scout for Marauders once at regular intervals from the Assistance Discover menu. On the off chance that you don't experience any Marauder, you will get a reward rather, which could be either Gold or Soul. When a Marauder is explored, you and the majority of your companions can assault it for remunerations. It costs one Stamina to complete a fight versus the Raider. You get one Stamina point at regular intervals, topped at 10. Each time you battle, you will make some position focuses including towards the Leader board in the Assistance Battle segment. Focuses will be reset each week. The more elevated amount the Pirate is, the more focuses per harm it gives. Pirates will, in general, have high HP however typical Assault so regularly your entire group can last till the fifteenth round In the event that you have a good healer. The harm you do to a specific Pirate is kept from fight to fight until it is completely crushed. When the Raider is crushed, the player who called it and the player who slaughtered it will get a specific measure of pearl Diamonds.

Complete Rundown of Idle heroes Marauders

Marauders Boss level Player Level, Max Player Level, Allowed Point/Damage gem Prizes Caller Killer 40 36-40 1/1000 40 20 Idle Heroes bad dream knight Idle Heroes time-mage Idle Heroes wind-walker 60 41-60 1/750 80 30 Idle Heroes Aidan Idle Heroes evil spirit hunter 90 63-90 1/560 160 50 Idle Heroes dim arthindol 120 91-110 160 1/300 320 80 Idle Heroes Malasa 130 111-130 180 1/300 320 80 Idle Heroes Margaret 140 131-145 1/300 320 80 Idle Heroes Walter 160 146-180 240 1/220 320 80 Idle Heroes OD-01 10 Stars 250 181-200 260 1/160 320 80 Idle Heroes Kamath 10 Stars 300 201-240 1/120 320 80 Idle Heroes Sigmund 10 Stars 320 241+ 400 On October twelfth, 2018, DH Games discharged an update that gave Raiders max player tops permitted to assault.

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