9 competitive Android games to get you started!

It has been a while since the era of eSports ( electronic sports ) has also been established in mobile devices. More and more developers are betting on games capable of combining fun with competition to attract all types of audiences. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the main competitive games for Android here so you can start training. We only choose games that are consolidated or in the process of consolidation in the competitive scenario. All games on the list already have championships around the world, teams, sponsors, prizes and everything an eSport should have. Check out!

1. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds Mobile

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The game that made the battle royale genre a phenomenon did not take long to receive its version for mobile phones. PUBG Mobile keeps a close eye on the changes made to the version for consoles and PCs and, thus, remains very updated and competitive. As in other battle royales, in PUBG Mobile you are placed in a scenario with other players (usually 100 players, but it may be less depending on the chosen mode) and the last one to survive wins the game. In the multiplayer shooting game genre, PUBG Mobile is one of the most complete: multiple modes, 1st and 3rd person perspective, many options for customizing controls, constant updates, solo, duo, squads and more. What makes PUBG Mobile an eSport is the high complexity of its mechanics. To be a good player you will need to master the recoil of each weapon (each has a different pattern), understand the bullet drop, have good communication, notion of map, interpret sounds and make quick choices. Click here to see several PUBG Mobile articles!

2. Brawl Stars

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Brawl Stars is the newest hit from developer Supercell. The game is multiplayer shooting and has several different modes and more than 20 characters (Brawlers) with unique characteristics. In Brawl Stars you can play alone, in pairs or in squads, depending on the mode chosen. Each mode has different mechanics and objectives, and are more favorable for certain characters. Thus, depending on the map and the mode, players need to adapt their strategies and reorganize the team. At first glance Brawl Stars seems like a simple game but to be played at the highest level, a lot of skill and coordination is required. There are already official competitions in the game that demonstrate how competitive matches can be and mechanics can be elevated to the maximum. Timing, coordination with the team and deep knowledge of the attributes of the Brawlers are essential elements in this game. Check out Brawl Stars tips and tutorials!

3. Clash Royale

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Clash Royale is yet another Supercell hit and the biggest eSports for mobile phones at the moment, having even received a league for official competitive matches. The game mixes elements of card game, MOBA and Tower Defense. The game is extremely innovative and has many interesting mechanics that make it a competitive game. In Clash Royale, players need to be strategic when deciding the deck, have a high knowledge of the attributes and skills of the cards, make quick decisions and manage resources. Check out more Clash Royale guides and articles!

4. Clash of Clans

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To vary the list a little, Clash of Clans is ONE MORE phenomenon of Supercell. This time the game is aimed at building and managing a village. The objective is to gather resources to build units and buildings to defend and attack other players' villages. There is also the option to form alliances with other players to help with resources and battles. Although the daily life of the game is not exactly competitive (since the battles take place between players with different levels of resources), Clash of Clans has interesting mechanics at the time of conflicts and, with the right rules, it becomes a game perfectly suitable for competitions. Exactly for this reason, there are already gaming championships around the world.

5. Hearthstone

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The Blizzard card game that brings together characters and creatures from Warcraft has gained a lot of space in the competitive scenario of eSports. The game involves a lot of strategy, quick thinking, knowledge of cards and match ups (how one card interacts against another) and also a little luck. Hearthstone has very attractive gameplay and an innovative interface for card games. The game is so successful that it has beaten the range of 100 million players around the world and features periodic tournaments with prizes of thousands of dollars. See Hearthstone tips and tutorials!

6. Vainglory

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Vainglory is undoubtedly one of the best mobile MOBAs. The game has excellent graphics and gameplay, over 40 heroes and several different modes to keep the game varied. Although originally designed for mobile phones, Vainglory won a PC version along with the crossplay function, which allows players on both platforms to face each other online. Vainglory is considered to be the most balanced MOBA for mobile phones with the best-crafted heroes. Still, it is not the most popular game of its kind, possibly due to the fact that the other mobile MOBAs are simpler and more intuitive. As with other MOBAS, competing in Vainglory requires a lot of knowledge of the game (heroes, skills and items), strategy, quick decision making, reflexes and good communication.

7. Arena of Valor

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Arena of Valor is the most competitively successful MOBA for mobile phones to date, having already distributed around $ 500,000 in prizes. The game has all the classic mechanics of the genre: 5 players on each team and the objective is to advance through lanes (trails) until you destroy the enemy base. Arena of Valor is very similar to other MOBAS for Android. Perhaps the only big difference is that, among the more than 80 heroes available, you can choose between famous characters from the DC universe such as Superman, Batman, Joker and Wonder Woman. Click here for Arena of Valor tips and tutorials.

8. Critical Ops

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Critical Ops is a Counter Strike for cell phones, there is no better way to define it. All the characteristics of CS are present here: a team of counterterrorists (CT) faces a team of terrorists (TR). The terrorists' goal is to plant the bomb or kill all opponents. The purpose of the CT is to prevent the bomb from being armed or even to defuse it. In addition to the main features, Critical Ops also copies the economic system of Counter Strike, through which players receive a sum of money at the beginning of each round. The entire arsenal must be purchased with this money, so managing the economy is also something that players need to work on. With regard to maps, Critical Ops also has several aimed at the competition and, as in CS, some maps are more favorable for attack or defense. Reflex, aiming position, gun recoil control, coolness and communication are the main skills required to play Critical Ops competitively.

9. Mobile Legends

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Mobile Legends is the most popular MOBA for mobile phones at the moment. The medium graphics make the game accessible to slightly weaker devices and the streamlined gameplay is extremely attractive to new players. Mobile Legends has more than 70 characters, various modes, a very active national and international community, achievement system, skins, and much more. In addition, the game is already hosting the first international competitions in Asia. Check out Mobile Legends tips and tutorials here!

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