9 essential tips on how to play Call of Duty Mobile!

Call of Duty Mobile has arrived promising new airs for mobile battle royales. The game is developed by Tencent, the company responsible for the PUBG Mobile phenomenon, and has many similarities with the pioneer, but also contains several very important differences. Check out the 9 best tips for beginners in Call of Duty Mobile below!

1. You will play against bots up to level 7

Okay, this one is more of a revelation than a hint, but it helps you not be fooled when you start playing Call of Duty Mobile. The game puts you in games against bots up to level 7 as a way to familiarize you with the mechanics. The same strategy is used in PUBG Mobile, but there, only the first game is filled by bots. From level 8 to level 9, you will compete with real players and bots in the same game. Only from level 10 onwards will matches be completely filled by players. You will notice this when the matches suddenly become more difficult. Call of Duty Mobile: requirements for playing on Android and iOS See how to play Call of Duty Mobile on PC with keyboard and mouse!

2. Be aware of the basic mechanics of the game (differences from PUBG)

Because it is produced by Tencent, Call of Duty Mobile has many (MANY) similarities to PUBG Mobile. However, if you have migrated from one to the other, you may be surprised at some striking differences in gameplay. The first big difference is that, in CoD Mobile, you can heal yourself by walking. That's right. There is no longer a need to stop to recover, so you can opt for a lot more evasive / defensive moves. This also makes your movement even more important, since if you know how to control the character well (use jumps, glides and change directions quickly) you can heal yourself even during a shootout. Another very important difference is that in CoD you can use weapons even when you're in the water. This simple mechanics opens up numerous possibilities for strategies that are not viable in PUBG. So, don't be afraid to dive if you need to hide. You can target your opponent even from underwater. Finally, still on basic mechanics, in CoD Mobile there is no damage from falling. Since the character always opens his wingsuit when jumping from great heights, you have more freedom and mobility than in PUBG. Get used! Call of Duty Mobile: discover the best weapons in the game!

3. Easily switch between 1st and 3rd person perspectives

Surprisingly, in Call of Duty Mobile it is possible to change 1st and 3rd person perspectives easily during matches (using the button in the lower left corner), and you should use this to your advantage as much as possible. Perspective is one of the most important issues in shooting games, since in 3rd person you have much more visibility. In it, you can easily check what's behind a wall or around a corner, without having to expose your character. So, even if you are an unconditional fan of first person perspective, our tip is: switch to the other when you are indoors or in terrain with many obstacles. That way you can manipulate the camera in more secure ways to obtain information. After passing the danger, you can return to the other if you want.

4. Improve your movement

Call of Duty has a faster pace (similar to Apex Legends) with respect to movement. The level of area mobility that the characters have added to the fact that it is possible to heal while walking, makes movement even more important than aiming. Get used to using all the mechanics related to movement. For example: avoid running by holding the directional pad. In addition to being laborious, this can impair your visibility on the screen. Get used to "lock" the race with the icon above the directional and let the character run alone. Another essential mechanic for movement is the slide. It makes you move a little faster, while decreasing your hurtbox (the area where your character takes damage). To slide, simply press the squat button while running.

5. Learn how to defeat Cerberus, the zombie boss

A very simple tip that seems to come straight out of singleplayer games. There is a very (VERY) easy way to defeat Cerberus, the hellhound that drops high quality loots in Call of Duty Mobile. With it, you can easily solar the monster even if it is poorly equipped. To beat him without sweating a drop, just hit him with shots and retreat behind the white fence marked in the photo above. The boss will not be able to chase you beyond that mark, and as soon as you reach the fence, he will retreat to where he came from. At that point, go back to the cornfield and continue to do damage. Repeat the process as many times as necessary to defeat it.

5. Know all the maps well: practice against bots!

As already said in the previous tips, Call of Duty has a great focus on movement, and this translates a lot to know the maps well. Only then will you know where to find refuge or unexpected angles of attack. So, in the Matchmaking menu, choose the option to play against artificial intelligence and spend that time exploring as much of the maps as possible, without worrying about dying quickly.

6. Avoid using Simple Aim mode

In the settings, in the "Controls" tab, you will find two aiming modes: simple and advanced. Avoid using the first one as much as it is not available in the game's Battle Royale mode. In Simple Aim mode, your character will automatically fire as soon as the aim passes through an opponent. In it, the shot will always be in "hip fire", which is the shot without aim (without zoom). The mode is extremely easy for novice players, but if you get used to it, you will hardly change to Advanced Aim, which is where the fun of the game begins. Advanced Aim opens the scope and shoots right away. This is the form of gameplay closest to the console version. Although it is a little more difficult to control over short distances, it is much better for hitting opponents a little further away. In addition, it is the only targeting mode available in Battle Royale, which is the mode that most provides XP in the game.

7. You can customize ALL of your controls

As with PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty also allows you to customize absolutely all of your controls. In the settings, you can change the location of all buttons on the screen, as well as their transparency and size, so there's no reason to be uncomfortable with any command. In the settings you can also modify the sensitivity of the crosshairs, another extremely important aspect. Find the level that is most comfortable for you and avoid changing it!

8. Wear headphones and communicate as much as possible

As with most multiplayer shooting games, sound in Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most decisive factors. It is crucial that you play with headphones to know exactly the direction of each noise, be it shots, steps, vehicles, etc. It is not enough to listen, you have to know which side the noise came from and act accordingly. Now the next step: always pass on the information to your team. Basically, communicate everything you see and hear that is useful. In case you didn't want to talk, you can use the ping system (marking) available on the screen, right under the minimap.

9. Try enabling the gyroscope!

The Call of Duty Mobile gyroscope is considered the most accurate made for mobile games, so try to enable it! The function adds much more dynamism to the game and still conveys a feeling of virtual reality. For those who do not know the gyroscope can be enabled in the settings to make the aim of the character move in the same directions as you move your device. So, if someone is shooting you from behind, you can turn around in real life to counterattack. Much more fun! The free online CSS minimizer and beutifier will compress the style files for your websites in seconds.

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