Learn how to level up as quickly as possible in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. The mobile version of Ragnarok has several interesting features to accelerate the gain of experience that, if used correctly, will not take long to reach the maximum levels to enjoy everything that the game offers. Check out 8 ways to level up much faster on Ragnarok Mobile!

1. Do quests but be aware of the stamina system

At the initial levels, farm monsters while completing quests, either main or daily. However, at the most advanced levels, optimize your experience gain by doing quests only when your stamina has run out. This is because the experience received in quests is not limited by the stamina system, so exhaust it with monsters and then, when they are already offering little experience, complete the quests.

2. Complete daily quests and use Adventure Meatballs

Try to do as many daily quests as possible. Some are very easy and can be completed in a short time. For more laborious ones you have the option of using an item called “Mercenary's Mission” that can be purchased with Adventure Meatballs. The item completes a daily quest automatically, so take the time to get rid of those that consume the most time. The ways to get Adventure Meatballs are:
  • Clicking on your pet whenever the gift icon appears.
  • Reaching 20 assistant loyalty points.
  • Buying at the Big Cat Coin Shop.
  • Rewarding pets' work (cooking center).
  • Pets adventure reward
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3. Use pets' work as soon as possible

The simplest tip and perhaps the most important. As soon as you reach level 45, start using pets' work. Without a doubt this is the easiest way to upgrade in Ragnarok Mobile. You unlock the function via the NPC Magnus in the south of Prontera. After that, just send your pet to work and receive 10 to 20 potions of base experience and job per day. It costs nothing and offers a lot of easy experience. Discover the best places and tips to farm a lot of Zen in Ragnarok Mobile!

4. Cook and eat gourmet foods

Don't ignore the culinary skills in Ragnarok Mobile. Gourmet foods (the ones you prepare yourself) guarantee very efficient attribute bonuses that help you level up more easily. Even when you reach level 10 cooking, you receive a permanent attribute bonus. To start up cooking, head to the Royal Cuisine Association just north of Prontera and speak to the NPC called Pizza. Check out the list of ALL Ragnarok Mobile recipes!

4. Use the Lightning Chain item

Lightining Chain is an item that allows you to gain twice as much experience while consuming twice as much stamina. Combine the item with gourmet foods to kill monsters faster and your experience gain will be much higher. The Lightining Chain is especially useful when you can't play for a long time, and you can only use it 7 times a week. The item can be purchased at the "Event Items" store, near Prontera's south gate.

5. Look for monsters that you can kill fast

In Ragnarok Mobile, you better kill many weak monsters than a few strong monsters. So, avoid those that you need to give 5 or more hits to kill. For each stage of the game, it is possible to find points at which you can optimize levels by giving 1 to 3 hits on each monster. This is the ideal average. See the best places to level up to level 100 on Ragnarok Mobile!

6. Know the element of the monsters you are killing

Each monster in Ragnarok is of a specific element and has resistances and weaknesses based on that. So, whenever you spend time killing a single type of monster, it's good to know which element that type is weak. That way it is possible to increase a lot (up to double) the damage caused. Check the table below: In the table above, 100 is the normal damage an attack does to a particular monster. Thus, a wind attack on a wind monster does only 1/4 of the normal damage, while a wind attack on a water monster does double the damage. In Ragnarok there are several ways to change the element of your attacks, from specific weapons, cards, enchantments, etc. Look for the ideal one for your class. See here the complete guide to elements and properties of Ragnarok Mobile!

7. Improve your equipment

This tip is very simple but it complements very well all the others above. Whenever possible, improve your equipment through refinements, enchantments and upgrades. Any extra damage is welcome. See our full Ragnarok Mobile enchantment guide!

8. Get a tutor

The system of tutors and students allows a player with a character above level 85 to become a tutor for another of any level below, who will be his student. The tutor can then apply two buffs to a student: one that increases 170% the experience received for 24 hours (!!!) for some specific quests, and another that grants 20 extra attribute points.

Adding it all up

If you've followed all the tips up to that point you already have: gourmet food bonus + Lightining Chain bonus + right element bonus + weapon upgrade bonus + tutor bonus. In addition, if you are playing well, you will receive experience potions for free through the work of the pets. 9 precious tips to get started with everything on Ragnarok Mobile!

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