Discover the Apex Legends Heritage Set and how to get it!

One of the most desired items by Apex Legends players is the Wraith kunai . For those who don't know, it is part of an Inheritance Set that you can find in the game. Inheritance Sets are packages of cosmetic items, that is, designed to "decorate" the game without affecting gameplay. So far, Apex Legends has only one Heritage Set. See what it consists of and how to get it!

What's in the Heritage Set?

The Wraith Heritage Set consists of:

Melee Weapon Visual

The famous Wraith kunai . Remember that the item is purely cosmetic, so you will not cause further damage while using it. During the game, the look will be this: See also our super Apex Legends weapon guide!

Introduction joke

The joke says "Come find me". Check out our guide to all Apex Legends characters!

Banner pose

The pose is called "Fearless" and shows Wraith throwing two kunais . Stay on top of the latest Apex Legends update!

How to get the Wraith Heritage Set

Unfortunately the only way to get the Inheritance Set is through luck. Whenever you open an Apex Pack you have a little less than 1% chance of receiving the item. In addition to this probability, you cannot open 500 Apex Packs without receiving at least 1 Inheritance Set, so the solution is to try until you get it. Each Apex Pack costs 100 Apex coins. The least amount of coins you can buy with real money is 1000, for R $ 30.90. However, Apex Packs can also be obtained in-game as you complete matches. Good luck! Check out the top 5 team compositions from Apex Legends! Apex Legends: super character guide, skills and tips! Apex Legends: know all the weapons and their damage! Apex Legends: check out the best tips to master the game! Apex Legends: discover the secrets of the map and where to loot! Apex Legends: check out the requirements and how to increase the game's FPS! Apex Legends vs Fortnite: see which Battle Royale is right for you!

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