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AFK ARENA is an Android role-playing game that was released June 21, 2018 from the Chinese company Lilith Games. In this article we will tell the secrets of pumping heroes, which will allow you to bend even cool donors without investing a penny. We will share our experience which heroes should be downloaded and which ones not. You will learn the tactics of passing difficult battles in the AFK Arena. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at our site  more often. It’s better to download AFK Arena to your computer (PC) from this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and while maintaining progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become Wiser than everyone.

AFK Arena: Refund Code

Where to enter the reimbursement code in the game AFK Arena? In order to get a treat from the developers, you need to go to the "Player Information" (avatar in the upper left corner of the screen), then select the "Settings" tab. Click on the "Refund Code" here. In the dialog box that appears, enter the code symbols and confirm the operation. AFK Arena Refund Codes:
  1. Bunnyfufuu - 120 blue soul stones, 100,000 gold coins, 1,000 diamonds.
  2. Afklaunch - 2 hourglass (can be exchanged for gold), 100,000 gold coins, 10 scrolls of summoning heroes
  3. G8tvkmsed2 - 200 crystals.
  4. Orangejuicegaming - 1000 crystals, 120 soul stones, 100000 gold.
  5. Lachlan - 500 crystals, 70 soul stones, 10,000 gold.
  6. Iamwildcat - 150 soul stones, 20,000 gold.
Codes quickly become obsolete. Do not forget to visit our site. Here we will, if possible, add new game gift codes. Do not miss, as some codes are valid for a limited time!

AFK Arena Tier List: TOP 15 best heroes (characters)


  • Faction - Light Carriers.
  • Profession - warrior (melee fighter).
Thanks to his skills, he is considered not only an excellent character with increased damage (for a warrior), but he can put the whole team on the shield, and it’s almost impossible to break through the shield. Can heal an ally with less health (if the move comes). The character can be obtained in the early stages of the game. He is an exalted hero (they initially have excellent characteristics when compared with other characters, the legendary yellow or ordinary green). It should be pumped in the first place, because it can long confront several strong opponents. The Mystic Maze, King's Tower, Campania are easily walked with it. A very good combination of a tank (melee fighter) and support for the squad, plus increased damage, make Lucius one of the coolest heroes in the game.


  • Faction - Light Carriers.
  • Profession - warrior (melee fighter).
This is the first basic character that the player will receive at the start of the game. Do not rush to change it to other characters. He is a 100% warrior. It has control over the enemy, one of the skills makes it possible to massively put opponents in a state of stupor. With improved skills, he can calmly resist violet heroes. A character can restore 10% of his health. Although he belongs to the legendary (rare, yellow) heroes, but with proper pumping he will be a seasoned fighter. May fall out of the purple card. In this case, the warrior will have the characteristics of elite characters. He has a lot of health. Even in the image of a rare hero, he shows himself to be a very good fighter. Many underestimate him. In fact, this is a great character, which, if changed, only to a majestic person - the lion of Brutus.


  • Faction - Thugs.
  • A profession is a warrior, but is considered a ranged fighter.
Thanks to his skill, a fighter increases power with the loss of health points. Not only damage is increased, but also attack speed, and the chance of a critical strike is increased. Before death, he can fight for 1% of his health for up to 8 seconds. The hero can fight in any row, which makes him unique. With it you can safely go through the Mystic Maze, Arena and other adventures. Thanks to his abilities, by the end of the battle he becomes a fierce fighter who sweeps away everyone in his path. It interacts well with Shemirah.


  • Faction - Graveborn.
  • Profession - Mage
A very strong mage, has the biggest damage in the game. It interacts well in conjunction with a good tank, for example, with Brutus. Can heal itself through skills. This is a ranged fighter, so it must be worn in good armor from the first levels. Danger against magicians. If a player takes this hero, then the entire squad must be made up for her. Alone can stand in the Arena against the opposing team.


  • Faction - Light Carriers.
  • The profession is a warrior, but it can be put on the second line, a ranged hero.
A girl on a horse is revealed only at high levels. Deals physical damage. When attacking, uses force. A very cool fighter, but she should not be taken at the start of the game. It can be put on any line. She showed herself well in the King's Tower on high floors. Also, the hero is useful for the team, as it restores energy. May not be vulnerable to control (when using one of the skills).


  • Faction - Light Carriers.
  • Profession - Mage
Belinda is not only a cool mage with one of the highest damage in the game, but also an excellent assistant to allies. The girl increases the attack by 2 times to her team. It is placed on line 2. Deals massive magical damage to an enemy. Uses intelligence in attacks. Freely feels in conjunction with other Light Carriers. It’s good to take her to the Arena and for passing the heads of the Summits of time.


  • Faction - Light Carriers.
  • Profession - killer (uses dexterity in attack).
On the one hand, this is not particularly powerful, judging by the damage, the hero. On the other hand, it increases the damage to the team. If the hero is weakening, then its impact power increases. Leaving marks on the opponent, the girl deals gradual damage (the mark does not fall after the hero’s death). Deals physical damage. It works well in conjunction with magicians with increased mass damage. It has good protection, which allows, in rare cases, to put the character on 1 line. It is revealed at high levels.


  • Faction - Light Carriers.
  • Profession - killer (uses dexterity in attack).
This is a character that deals physical damage. But this character is not good at damage. He is the most magnificent controller in the game. He removes from the entire enemy team the positive skills that the allies impose. The combination of good damage, the ability to put tags (they gradually cause damage), and control over the enemy make Fawkes unique. This hero can be put in conjunction with other Light Carriers. Danger to Brutus.


  • Faction - Light Carriers.
  • Profession - killer (uses dexterity in attack).
A fragile hero who lacks health to become the best character. He is incredibly mobile in battle. Using one of the skills, the hero becomes invulnerable. All skills are aimed at dealing damage to the enemy. While he is alive, the team has an advantage. But no matter how much the player wants, Thane is always in the thick of things. It’s good to go through the Campaign with him. The whole pack with it should be maximally charged for damage. The faster the opponents fall, the more likely the hero to survive. But even in a few seconds of the battle, the guy will make a rustle in the camp of the enemy.


  • Faction - Thugs.
  • Profession - killer (uses dexterity in attack).
Wherever a player puts Khasos, he will be in the camp of the enemy. It feels good on any line. It can act as a warrior, as a mobile hero, and in the role of supporting a detachment. Has a good supply of health and deals increased damage. Can stand alone in the Arena. It’s easy to go through the Campaign, Labyrinth and Tower with it. He should be worn first of all (if there is a choice between the characters), so he will live a long time. In the Labyrinth, it falls in the middle of 3 stages, if it is not completely correctly pumped.


  • Faction - Thugs.
  • Profession - killer (uses dexterity in attack).
Like Hogan, the hero belongs to legendary characters. But at the same time, many pump it to the maximum level. If you're lucky, you can get a purple card with him. Beats 1 opponent, but takes a large percentage of health. The hero uses vampirism in attacks, which extends his life. It should be placed on line 2. With it it is comfortable to pass the Tower and the Tops of time.


  • Faction - Thugs.
  • Profession - Mage
This shaman himself really does not like to enter the battlefield. He has little health, his attack itself is rather mediocre. But the ability to fill the battlefield with totems makes him one of the best characters. If the enemy plays in the auto attack mode, then most of the activated skills stumble upon the magician's totems, and do not harm the allies. With him, it’s good to go to the Arena, pass the Tower and Peaks of time.


  • Faction - Savages.
  • Profession - Mage
A legendary character who has unique abilities. Especially good at high stages. It entangles several opponents with branches, preventing them from moving and attacking. At the same time, the opponent cannot use skills. Has increased damage. It’s good to go to the Arena with him. Of course, it requires the protection of 2 powerful warriors, but he himself has a good supply of health. It should be raised through the Ascension Temple.


  • Faction - Savages.
  • Profession - Mage
This is the best support in the game. She restores a large percentage of the entire team of allies. Although she does not cause much damage, but due to her support, the team lives a very long time. Works well in conjunction with Lucius: his impenetrable shield + restoration of health.


  • Faction - Savages.
  • Profession - killer (uses dexterity).
This is a classic assassin: high evasion, increased mobility, a stab in the back of the enemy, increased damage and throwing knives. On top of that, it can use the ability of vampirism. What else does a clever killer need? She has enough health not to die in the first seconds of the battle. But thanks to leveling, she can live to see the end of a good fight. She is good for the arena.

AFK Arena: Hero Level Up Guide

How to increase the level of heroes?

To increase the level of the hero, it is necessary to accumulate experience, but experience is increased in a not quite standard way. For each battle in the game (with a few exceptions) a certain amount of “hero experience” is given, which looks like a regular resource in the game. That is, after the battle, the heroes do not receive experience points immediately, and the player receives the resource "hero experience", which can be spent on raising the level of any character (even one who did not participate in the battle). This is convenient if the player has an elite fighter who can be dispersed to the desired level without spending a single battle. You can increase the level of characters in the menu "Heroes". Here you select the necessary champion, then you should see if there is enough gold and “hero experience” to raise the level. If all the components are assembled, you can increase the level of the character. There are certain levels (11, 21 and further multiples of 20), where the level of one of his skills increases with the level of the character. Here, to upgrade, you must use the "Essence of the hero." Do not confuse the level of the hero with the level of the player. After each battle, in addition to Hero Experience, the player is given Player Experience Points. This experience affects the account level by which rivals in the Arena are selected. As the player level increases, strength increases.

What are the heroes in the AFK Arena?

The game has several types of characters that are divided into fractions. By the type of hero you can judge his initial characteristics. In the game, champions are divided into 3 types:
  1. Heroes of the highest class - have the highest parameters. They have 4 skills that can be improved in levels. You can get them from the hero cards by collecting 60 purple puzzles, get them for achievements (for example, in the Tavern for summoning 100 heroes), for completing quests in the Dark Forest.
  2. Heroes of the legendary level - have average characteristics, both rare and elite can drop out of cards. The latter have almost the same characteristics as exalted characters. These champions have 3 skills.
  3. Heroes of the usual level are the weakest characters in the game. They can be used only at the start of the game. They have 2 skills that cannot be increased in level.
More heroes vary in color:
  1. Elite (purple) - this includes all the heroes of the upper class, and legendary heroes may also fall, which will initially have increased parameters. These heroes are the coolest in the game, it is difficult to assemble from puzzles and call in the "Tavern of the nobility."
  2. Rare (blue) are the heroes of the legendary level, often drop out of cards, you can collect 60 blue puzzles to open the character. They can be elevated in the temple, while the heroes will have improved parameters.
  3. Ordinary (green) - these include ordinary heroes.

What to do with green heroes?

This question is often asked by beginners. What to do? They can be used to go through the first chapters of the Campaign, until the player collects rare and elite characters. Then you can get rid of the green heroes. This is done on the Renhorn menu in the Old Wagon. Once in it, you should select the tab "Dismiss the hero." Here you need to choose green characters (the game will not let you choose other characters). After selection, click on the "Resign" button. For dismissal, the player will receive a certain amount of “Essence of the hero” (needed to increase important levels of the character) and “Coins of the hero” (for them you can buy in the Store of other heroes). Should I rush to get rid of green heroes? Not! These heroes come in handy when catching criminals in the Dark Forest. Some quests require the presence of certain specific characters. For example, a purple hero from the Light Carrier faction. Often there are quests in which it is necessary to send green representatives of a particular faction. Do not rush to fire green characters, they can still come in handy. How to remove extra heroes? There are no extra heroes in the game, all of them bring certain benefits to the player. For example, many heroes of the 1st level can go through tasks to search for criminals. But if there are a lot of heroes, then you can use the services of the Ascension Temple.

Ascension of Heroes

Ascension of the hero is an increase in his basic level of strength. For example, the character belongs to the blue legendary heroes. It can be upgraded to the legendary +. When ascending, the basic characteristics of the character increase. The process takes place in the Ascension Temple, which is located in Renhorn. Choosing a hero to be improved, you must choose a sacrifice for the Gods. Victims are selected in a certain order (the Temple itself will tell you who needs to be fed). Each time new victims are selected. If the player has already improved the character, then at the next ascension, the Temple will require a couple more heroes pumped by the Temple (ordinary ones will not work). After all the components are selected, it is necessary to confirm the operation by clicking on the “Ascend” button (it is located at the bottom of the screen). You can take advantage of the "Auto-ascension" option, where heroes and victims will be automatically selected for their ascension. Resonant crystal. It is located in the Renhorn tab. As soon as the Crystal is available to the player, automatically 5 heroes with the highest level will be automatically placed on the podium. Under the Crystal are the cells in which you can place any hero. At the start, you can put 2 characters. These heroes will receive a minimum level of Leaders without resources. For example, in the top five on the podium there are heroes of level 60, 65, 73, 54 and 78. Heroes placed in the cells will automatically rise to level 54. The level of characters in the cell will increase as the level of Leaders increases. How to replace the five heroes in the Crystal pentagram of the Resonating crystal? 5 heroes of the player who have reached the highest level are automatically sent to the pentagram. To change the selection of heroes for the pentagram, players can level up other heroes.

Developer answers to player questions about heroes

How do I upgrade my heroes? Click the Heroes tab and select the hero whose level you want to upgrade. To increase the level of the hero, you can touch or hold the button "New level". Raising the level of heroes increases the amount of gold and experience points that accumulate, mainly when you are not in the game (AFK). How can I increase the level of ascension (rank) of my heroes?You can exalt the heroes in the Ascension Temple. Ascension will take a certain amount of resources. Raising the hero’s ascension level increases his general characteristics and the maximum level that he can reach. For the ascension, as a rule, you have to give certain heroes of the same faction, or who bear the same name and have the same level of ascension. How to unlock hero skills? Heroes gain access to new skills every 20 levels. After every 20 levels, the hero reaches a key level at which it is necessary to spend a certain amount of coins, as well as gold and experience of the hero. Every time a hero reaches a key level, a new skill is opened for him. If all skills are already open, the skill level increases. What characteristics are inherent in the heroes? The main characteristics of the hero are OZ (health points), ATK (attack rating) and ZASCH (defense rating). With the level of the hero, as well as his level of ascension, the indicators of all three main characteristics increase. In addition to the three main characteristics, there is also CRIT (crit rating), evasion, MTK (accuracy), etc. These characteristics can only be improved with the help of equipment or skills of the hero. How to determine if a hero deals magic or physical damage? You can find out whether a specific hero deals physical or magical damage by looking at the characteristics icon on the hero’s page. If this is a physical type icon, it means that all the skills of the hero, both ordinary and special, cause physical damage. If this is a magic type icon, it means that the hero deals only magic damage. What are fractions of heroes and why are they needed? Information about the hero’s fraction can be found in the upper left corner of the hero’s avatar. Each fraction has its own strengths and weaknesses. It all depends on which faction she is fighting. If your hero has an advantage over representatives of another faction (for example, savages have an advantage over graveborns), he will inflict more damage on these representatives. Fractions can increase the overall damage of your build. If you collect several heroes from one faction together, they will receive a bonus to the characteristics. In addition, before meeting some heroes, you may need to complete certain tasks and ascension requirements. I have a piece of equipment, but some heroes cannot use it. Why? All heroes are divided into classes. Heroes may only use equipment designed for their class. You can find out about the hero’s class by looking at the “Heroes” tab. What do the faction badges on some armor mean? Faction badges when used by the hero of the corresponding faction will give an additional bonus to the characteristics. Equipment with fractional icons is less common than other types of equipment. My hero boxes are full. What to do? Ordinary heroes can be fired in the Old Wagon - this will allow you to free up some space. Heroes of a higher level can be exalted in the Temple of the Ascension. You can also purchase more hero cells. How to increase the number of hero cells? At different VIP levels, a different number of hero cells is available. You can also increase the number of cells for diamonds. How to use the essence of the hero? The essence of the hero is used to increase the level of heroes. You will need the essence of the hero at 11th and 21st levels. In addition to the 11th and 21st levels, the essence of the hero is necessary every 20 levels.

AFK Arena: Secrets of the forest how to get through?

The Forest Secrets mission is at the Tops of Time in the Dark Forest tab. Adventures take place in turn. Therefore, before starting the chapter "Secrets of the Forest", you should complete the two previous chapters. Until the player confirms the completion of the mission, the journey will be deemed unfinished. The purpose of the chapter. In this adventure you need to open a chest with an artifact. It is located in the central part on the right side of the map. But you should not immediately follow the artifact. After each battle with opponents that come across the road, a vine will grow near the chest. If the vine blocks all the way to the artifact, it will be necessary to restart the chapter. To complete the mission, you must receive the Blessing of the Forest.

How to get the Blessing of the Forest?

Immediately after the first battle, the vine will grow, the more the player wins the enemies, the more the branch grows. Therefore, it is very important to know where to get the Blessing. To do this, go up to the first intersection and turn left, and go to the first opponents. Each victory brings a relic to the player, it can be any game resource or clothing for the heroes. Behind the enemies will be the Mercenary Camp. Here you should hire a hero who belongs to the Savage faction. This is necessary for the further passage of the mission. After hiring a hero, you must go down the map to rivals. Opponents must be defeated to receive the Blessing of the Forest. But it is necessary to fight the heroes of the Forest (Savages). Not even that, you need to finish off a pack of enemies with the Savages. If the player does not have a sufficient number of Savages, then it is necessary to use the services of the Resonating Crystal to pull the characters to the level of Leaders. Or discard several heroes in an old wagon to pump forest characters in the usual way.

How to defeat Forest guards?

There are two options for passing this point in the game: Option 1: go to the enemy immediately with forest characters. But not the fact that the player has 5 powerful Forest characters. Many players do not pump enough characters to complete this stage. Option 2: in order to weaken the enemy, you should first go by representatives of other factions. But it is necessary to weaken the enemy, not kill. Then the mission will fail and the player will start the adventure anew. Heroes can be selected at the beginning of the battle from the fractions that will be offered at the bottom of the screen. These heroes will have to die (they will not be able to continue the journey through the Forest), but the player will successfully finish off a pack of rivals. You can leave only 1 opponent from the team. If the player is unable to weaken (or kill the enemy), you should exit the battle. So the attempt will not be counted, and the player will be able to try another version of the attack. Do not pull until the last hero in the pack dies. How to get to the artifact? After receiving the Blessing of the Forest, a new path will appear along which you can reach the treasured artifact. You must carefully choose the passages to it, not be distracted by the battle with opponents (if not necessary). You can do this after receiving the relic. It is worth noting that the vine will then stop growing, which makes it possible to calmly move around the map. If necessary, you can destroy monsters to obtain resources.

AFK Arena: RIP How to get through?

“Rest in Peace” is the 4th chapter of the Summits of time. There are places where certain heroes can take damage. These places are highlighted with fog with a symbol. The characters are different, depending on which characters the fog will harm. Until the player removes the curse, a cage with fog should not be stepped on. But the player will go through 1 fog, which will take away 50% of the health of heroes using intelligence. The goal of the chapter is to open the gates and get Kaz. The actions of the first stage of the mission will take place in the lower half of the map. After the player takes damage after passing the cell with the fog, he should recover from the Fountain. He will return 50% of his health to all the crippled hero. There is a chance that out of curiosity the player will fall into 2 fog. How to remove the curse? First you need to go to the Mercenary Camp, and choose an additional character to complete the mission. Then you need to turn right and go to the first "Ancient Tombstone" there will be three of them and they will remove the curses from heroes who use intelligence, dexterity and strength. To remove the damage, you need to "touch" the graves. They are highlighted in green. Of course, in order to go down, you must fight with opponents. After the curses are removed, all the mists will disappear, and you can freely move around the map. How to open the passage to the second part of the map? After the player has removed the last curse, it is necessary to return to the left side of the map, where there will be the Gate for the transition (a cell with another grave). First you need to touch the passage, read what needs to be done. Then you should go to the center of the left edge of the map, where you need to fight with another pack of enemies to get the Kaz. They will read the ancient runes and open the passage. Opening the door, you can destroy the enemies in the second part of the map, or close the mission. If the player needs resources, then it is worth clearing the location completely.

AFK Arena: Divine world how to get through?

The divine world is one of the heads of the Summits of time. Without knowledge of the passage algorithm, you can stray around the island for a long time and begin a chapter. The purpose of the chapter. You need to take possession of 2 crystal chests, which are located on 2 small islands. To get to them, it is necessary to activate 2 portals on the main big island in turn.

How to activate portals?

To activate the solar portal, you should click on the buttons (print) located on different branches of a large island. If the buttons are not activated correctly, the mission will have to be started anew. Reaching the seals, the player will have to fight with opponents. There are two types of buttons for 2 teleporters:
  1. Solar portal - for it you need to collect in a certain order 3 blue buttons.
  2. Lunar portal - for it you need to collect in a certain order 3 green buttons.
To activate the solar teleport, you must use the circuit. To activate the lunar teleport, you must use the circuit shown in the picture. Before activating the lunar teleport, you must visit one of the small islands to pick up the chest. If the player does not receive one of the chests, the mission will fail.

AFK Arena: Indomitable Flame How to get through?

Indomitable flame is the 2nd mission of the Summits of Time. A fairly simple chapter in which there are small tricks. The purpose of the chapter is to repair the spheres of 4 elements, destroy all monsters on the map. At the beginning of the mission, according to the tradition of the game, you should choose an additional hero in the Mercenary Camp who will help pass the adventure. How to collect the spheres of the elements? In the mission, you need to collect the "Blessing of the Elements", which must be inserted into broken spheres. Elements to be found:
  1. Water.
  2. Fire.
  3. Wind.
  4. Land.
You can start the journey in any direction, while destroying all the oncoming monsters. To repair the Broken Spheres, you need to bring the Blessings of the Elements balls to the spheres. How to open a passage to secret places? By activating each sphere, the player gains access to the secret places of the map. If the player does not activate all spheres, then he will not be able to kill the last monsters. It is worth noting that after each battle the player will receive a good reward and relic for completing the mission.

AFK Arena: Ancient Ruins How to pass?

Starting the journey, you should listen to the prompts of the “Old Tome”, which will guide the player throughout the mission. The purpose of the chapter: to destroy all the monsters on the map and find the "Bloody Rite". To complete the chapter you need to be patient, because you have to run for a long time from one corner of the map to another. Interaction with objects. There are several platforms on the map that rise and fall using the appropriate levers (for example, blue levers are for blue platforms). The levers activate to pass into the closed parts of the map. There are teleports that transfer the team to the closed parts of the location. Algorithm for passing locations:
  1. First you need to clean the open part of the card, at this time you should not touch the levers.
  2. After the monsters are gone, you must open the passage to another part of the map, for this you need to activate the yellow lever.
  3. A lever will open another territory with monsters and a blue lever.
  4. Further, you should follow these rules: sweeping the territory - opening the next part of the map.
There are no special tricks in this mission. Only you should carefully monitor which levers open the passageways, which parts of the map open. It is important not to lock the pack in the corner.

Play Idle Games Tips

AFK Arena: How to pass the Mystic Maze?

The mystical labyrinth is the first location that will open to the player for passing in the Dark Forest tab. The labyrinth is 3 in turn opening islands. The islands are covered with nets, on which several passage options are indicated:
  1. Abandoned wagon - here you can choose a hero with whom the player will go through the maze. During the passage of the location, there may be several carts.
  2. Mystic - this stranger can resurrect one of the player’s fallen heroes.
  3. Battle mode - indicated on the map as a chest with the determination of the amount of strength of opponents.
  4. Fountain of vitality - restores characters to lost health points by 50%.
The maze has its own rules for passing:
  1. Updated every 48 hours. All monsters, rewards and quests are returned.
  2. The player can only select the current and adjacent to her grid. As soon as the player chooses where to go, all other grids disappear.
  3. A certain number of labyrinth tokens that can be spent in the Maze Shop are given for the victory.
  4. In the maze for the victory over the boss, relics are given that can be used only in this location, but repeatedly. In other adventures, the player will not be able to use these artifacts.
The mechanics of the passage. The player, getting into the maze, selects one of the cells, then performs a task on it (he is being treated, selects an auxiliary hero, etc.). After each battle, player health is not automatically restored. For treatment, you should use the fountain. If the hero dies, then only the Mystic can resurrect him. After passing the first level, the player receives a reward and moves on. Each new stage is more complicated than the previous. Tricks of the passage. It happens that some enemy units are much stronger than heroes, so you should take care of your basic composition. You better walk on those cells on which there is no battle. It happens that you can go through a whole series of never fought. You should protect the Tears of Gifts that are given after the full passage of the Labyrinth. Use them in extreme need. After each battle, you can increase the level of characters, then health will automatically replenish. The tower of the king. The tower consists of 300 floors. On each floor of the player there is a team of opponents who need to be defeated. A reward is given for each battle. To successfully complete the Tower, you should improve the level of the characters each time. The tower is not particularly difficult to pass. There are no special tricks here either. Just battle after battle, if you can’t get through the floor, the level of characters rises. Why did my relics disappear? Relics are special items available only in the Mystic Maze and on the Peaks of Time. It is impossible to use them in other gaming locations. Why are the enemies I meet different from the enemies of other players? The difficulty of the enemies in the Labyrinth depends on the attack rating of the player. The stronger the player, the stronger his enemies. Trophies for defeating strong enemies are better than defeating weak ones. How often is the range of products updated in the Labyrinth Store? Once a month. If I have several identical relics, are their properties and bonuses summed up? Yes, the bonus properties of relics available in multiple instances are cumulative. How do relic bonus features work? Relics directly change the properties of heroes, which can be viewed on the hero’s page. If the hero’s crit rating is initially 10%, and then he uses a relic with the postscript “Crit rating +10%”, the overall hero crit rating in the Labyrinth will be 20%. Are rewards selected for completing the floor of the Labyrinth in a random order? Yes, rewards for completing the Labyrinth floor are randomly awarded.

AFK Arena: Hero Arena

At the Arena, teams of players fight among themselves. Here before the fight there is an opportunity to choose opponents. Opponents are selected by the amount of strength. Naturally, the player will choose a weaker opponent to win. For the victory, a reward and rating points are given. The rating is taken into account when distributing daily buns. The higher the rating, the better the gift for participating. What you need to know to win in the Arena:
  1. You need knowledge of all the characters in the game. Before the match, you can see the opponent’s champions, which allows you to choose the most effective heroes.
  2. You should constantly watch which team the opponent has. It happens that the power is very small, but in fact the player can have 2 cool characters with a maximum level.
Why were my Arena promotion points reset? Arena - ranking seasonal competition with the possibility of promotion, each of the seasons of which lasts 2 weeks. At the end of the season, the ratings of the players are calculated and their awards are awarded depending on their place in the overall ranking. All player promotion points are reset before the start of the new season. Thus, all players begin the season on an equal footing. What colors indicate the health scales of my heroes as part of the arena battle replay? The player’s hero health bars are displayed in red, and the enemy hero’s health bars are shown in green. What do the points next to the names of my opponents in the arena mean? The selection of opponents is based on the supply of player promotion points. You can familiarize yourself with the supply of adversary promotion points. The number of advancing adversary points can be higher, lower, or equal to yours. Opponents are not opposed to players whose promotion points are significantly higher or lower.

AFK Arena: Wanted Board

Here daily tasks are given to capture the criminals. After choosing a task, you should send the required number of heroes to complete it. After successful completion of the quest, the player receives a reward. There are 2 types of tasks:
  1. Single - their player performs on their own.
  2. Team - here you must select the appropriate character from the heroes of the guild members.
Each task has its own requirements. They are indicated when sending heroes on a trip. 1 hero can simultaneously perform several tasks. If the player has completed all the single quests, then you can update the list of tasks for diamonds. Single quests are updated daily. If a player for some reason has not completed a team task, then it is postponed to the next day. But after 7 days the quests are reset. Those who did not have time to fulfill them will never be able to do this. Tricks of the passage. It is necessary to send the hike of the weakest heroes daily. But if at the request of the task you need to send someone from the leaders (leading heroes), then you should not be afraid that they will not be able to take part in the battles. In fact, the characters go on a trip nominally. They can safely take part in other quests and battles. How to tackle the more difficult tasks of catching criminals? The Wanted board is updated every 24 hours. You can spend diamonds to independently update tasks on the board and increase the complexity of tasks within a certain range. But the best way to get more difficult tasks is to increase the level of your Wanted board by completing all the requirements. How are "Mercenaries" defined as part of team tasks to capture criminals? The mercenaries and strongest heroes of your guild mates available for hire can help you complete the board missions.

AFK Arena: Tops of Time

The peaks of time are the ruins of a castle in the Dark Forest, entering which you can see several quests. Missions open in turn. Each mission has its own goals and rules. What missions exist:
  1. The Battle of Renhorn.
  2. Indomitable flame.
  3. Secrets of the forest.
  4. Rip.
  5. Ancient ruins.
  6. Far boundary.
  7. Divine world.
Each chapter has:
  1. Monsters to be killed.
  2. Fountains to restore lives.
  3. "Old Tome" - gives clues to the players.
  4. Mercenary camp, where you can take one additional hero to help in the passage of the chapter.
The passage of the most difficult missions can be seen above. AFK Arena: how to delete an account? You can only delete an account by deleting the game itself. But, if a player wants to start playing from scratch, then this can easily be done without deleting the first account. AFK Arena: how to restart a new game? To make a new game account you need to go to the player’s menu (the icon in the upper left corner of the screen in the Campaign mode). Next, select the "Settings" tab. Here you need to click on the "Select Server" button. A list of recommended servers appears on the screen. It is required to choose any, and go into it. If suddenly the player wants to return to the old account, you just need to switch the server. AFK Arena: how to improve equipment? Equipment can be obtained from different places. There are a lot of them, so you should not focus on them. Each thing is divided into several types:
  1. Rough - they cannot be improved, give the owner small bonuses.
  2. The usual is a green uniform that cannot be improved, gives the hero small bonuses to his characteristics.
  3. Rare - this is blue clothing that can be upgraded to 3 stars, gives the champion good performance bonuses.
  4. Epic - purple equipment, it can be improved to 3 stars, gives the hero significant bonuses to the parameters.
Equipment can be improved in the Heroes tab, then open the character and click on the thing that needs to be improved. In the window that appears, you need to select things for amplification. It can be any wardrobe items or "Strengthening Points". The latter can be bought in the store or get for completing tasks. You can use auto-selection, while carefully follow what the game picked up for amplification, because very good things can go under the hammer. How can I strengthen my equipment? When the hero uses certain equipment, the option to strengthen equipment becomes available for him. Only equipment of rare or higher quality can be strengthened. Tears Gifts in AFK Arena how to get? This is a unique relic that is used only for the passage of the Mystical Labyrinth. They resurrect all fallen heroes and fully restore the health points of the wounded. Tears of Gifts are given only for completing the Labyrinth. At the moment, Tears of the Gift can still be found only in the first, third and fifth chest of the week.

AFK Arena VIP Levels

How to find out VIP - player level? You can see the status in the upper right corner of the Campaign menu screen. There is a button in the form of a plus sign, which should be clicked. A Gift Shop appears on the screen. Immediately below the inscription "Gift Shop", there is a VIP-level scale. How to find out about VIP level privileges? You need to go to the "Gift Shop", then open the "Perks" tab (in the lower right corner of the display). Here, the player can read information about the current status, as well as flipping with an arrow, to see what the following levels give. How to get VIP points? They are given for completing tasks, when buying gift sets for real money, for a high rating in the Arena. Where can I find my current VIP level and its progress? Touch the + icon located in the upper right corner of the Campaign window to open the Gift Shop. Your VIP progress will be displayed at the top of the page, under the words "Gift Shop."

Developer answers to player questions

Old wagon

How to send heroes to resign? Heroes can be fired at the Old Wagon located in Renhorn. Only ordinary (green) heroes can be dismissed. How to reset heroes? Hero stats can be reset in the Old Wagon located in Renhorn. In it, you can reset the performance of heroes of any type. How many resources are returned when the hero's stats are reset? All resources and experience spent on raising the level of the hero, including the equipment that he uses, will be returned.


How do I exclude a player from my guild? The player you want to exclude can be found in the list of guild members. Open the list of guild members, select "About player", select this item again, press the "..." button, and the "Exclude player" option will be displayed. How to get guild action points? Points earned by completing daily quests are converted to guild action points. In one day, a player can get up to 100 guild action points. How many alternates can be in my guild? At the moment, the guild may have two deputies. What happens to inactive guild masters? If the guild master does not enter the game for more than three consecutive days, his status automatically goes to the deputy who entered the game first. Will I lose guild coins if I leave the guild? No, leaving the guild does not affect your guild coins in any way.

Resources, Points, and Purchases

How to get hero faction scrolls? Faction scrolls can be found in gift sets and rewarded for passing game events and campaign stages. What are the rules for calculating the amount of gold and experience awarded for completing the stages of a campaign? Completing a regular stage is equivalent to 20 minutes of collecting AFK rewards, and passing stages with key bosses is 40 minutes. I can’t make a purchase from a new / different device. Why? For your account security reasons, new devices are sometimes flagged as suspicious. We suggest you play for a while on the new device, and then try again. Why are the prices indicated in the game different from the actual amounts paid? Prices in in-game stores are fixed and do not change, however, due to changes in the exchange rate, the actual price may be slightly higher or lower than the price indicated in the game. Why can't I make a purchase? The error message "Error code - 1 2" appears. You must give the Google Play store permission to display pop-up messages. This can be done in the settings of your Android device. All daily tasks have already been completed, but so far I have not managed to score 100 action points. Why? You can unlock 100 action points by completing Chapter 2-12, and a maximum of 140 points by completing Chapter 3-12. What is the maximum number of friend points you can send and receive? You can send up to 30 and get up to 20 comrade points per day.

Technical issues

I made an in-game purchase, but never received anything. What should I do? If this happens, contact our support team by providing your player ID and taking a screenshot of the purchase invoice received from Google Play or the iOS App Store. There are two ways to solve the problem for iOS players: 1. Log in to iTunes from your computer and view the transaction history. Take a screenshot of your in-game purchase and send it to customer support. 2. Wait for the letter with the invoice, which should come to your email address, take a screenshot of this invoice and send it to the support service. Android users can send a screenshot of their account through the in-game option "Support". How to create a new game account and start the game again? Only one account can be created for each device. After creating an account, it can no longer be deleted. If you want to start the game over, go to another server and start from scratch already there. How to log in to your account from different devices? Tap your game avatar in the upper left corner of the game screen and select "Player Information", "Account - Link", and link your account to a third-party service provider, such as Facebook. If your old and new devices are running on the same operating system (iOS / Android), tap the "Player Information", "Account - Switch" options and log in through the account of a third-party service provider. If the new and old devices work on different operating systems, you must first link your account to Facebook, and then select "Player Information", "Account - Switch" and log in through your Facebook account. My account is already linked to a third-party service provider. Can I untie her? For security reasons, it is not possible to link your account through a third-party service provider's account. Is there a difference between new and old servers? In addition to the different guilds, players and Arena promotion ratings, there are no differences. When do new servers open? There is no clearly established opening time for new servers. New servers open as the number of players increases. How to disable music in the game? Touch your game avatar, select "Settings" and uncheck the boxes next to the "Music" and "Effects" options. How to block a player? Open your friends list and click on the avatar of the person you want to block. Then select "About the player", tap the "..." button in the upper right corner of the screen and select the "Block" option. What time are the in-game features updated? For example, an assortment of goods in a store, resetting promotion points, updating tasks. At 00:00 GMT

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