Dota Underlords is part of the new genre of autobattle games. As it is a new concept, many players feel totally lost when starting the game. So, we brought here some essential tips that are not reported in the game for you to get the spirit of the thing and start winning. Check out 8 tips to start earning in Dota Underlords!

1. Your HP is not the priority, gold is

Perhaps this is what causes the most confusion among new players. It may seem strange, but you should worry less about your HP and more about gold. Let's explain. Although Dota Underlords involves luck in obtaining Alliances or in leveling your heroes, you can make your own luck through one thing: gold. When you have enough gold to spend, your chances of getting the desired units are greatly increased since you can reroll freely. At a certain point in the game, the game revolves around that. However, collecting a lot of gold in Dota Underlords often means falling behind in HP. This is because while you are raising money, your opponents are spending everything on rerolls and levelups and, consequently, getting stronger at the start of the game. It turns out that Dota Underlords is a game aimed almost exclusively at the late game, that is, more or less from round 20 onwards. The player who has collected a lot of interest and has a good amount of gold will undoubtedly be able to control the game. In the meantime, players who have spent everything to become strong fast may become stagnant in the game and have no ability to adapt, so they will start to lose their HP in droves.

2. Learn how to manage your gold

As stated above, gold is the game's most important resource and you need to know how to manage it. To do this, you must first understand how earnings work:
  • Each round, regardless of the result, guarantees 5 gold.
  • Wins guarantee 1 gold.
  • Winning or losing streak guarantees 1 to 3 gold.
  • For every 10 gold you have in your account at the beginning of the round, you will receive 1 interest.
Of the above rules, the most important is, without a doubt, that of interest. For every 10 gold you have in your account at the start of the round, you will earn 1 interest. The maximum interest you can receive is 5, that is, it is important that you stay above 50 gold (to get the maximum of 5), but there is no reason to start the round with more than 60, since there is no there is profit involved. So be sure to spend your excess gold. That said, there are some basic rules that you must follow to manage your money well:
  • Don't compromise your interest rate. This means that if your spending in the round means receiving 1 interest less, only do it if it is really important.
  • Know that interest is calculated at the beginning of the round . So, if there is a hero you want in the draft, but not for that specific round, wait for the round to start to get it. This will cause the game to record your initial gold amount, calculate the interest and, even if you spend it during the round, you will still receive interest for the previous amount. This is one of the most important mechanics in the game.
  • Don't spend on rerolls before round 20, more or less. Of course, if you are very close to achieving good synergy or upgrading a unit, you can make an exception.
  • If necessary, sell units to secure a new interest rate. For example, if you have 28 gold and have a Pudge in store that you do not intend to use, sell it immediately to reach the 30 range and receive 3 interest.

3. The effects of Alliances (synergies) only have different heroes

This tip is very simple. Equal heroes do not count in the Alliance count! Thus, synergies are only activated when you have the right number of different heroes on the board. This causes some interesting situations to occur. For example: imagine that you have 5 Warriors on the board: Kunkka, Lican, Pudge, Slardar and Ivory, all level 2. Now there is only 1 Warrior left to complete a new synergy and you get in the draft a level 2 Lican and a level 1 Pebble As much as Lican level 2 is much stronger than Pedrinha level 1, the right hero to put on the board is Pedrinha, as he will complete the synergy and guarantee the bonus to everyone else. Meet the heroes of Dota Underlords the effects of their Alliances!

4. Position your heroes as in an RPG, but there are exceptions

Dota Underlords follows the "law" known to any RPG player: tanks at the front, DPS at the back. The goal is for your heroes who do the most damage to stay on the board longer while attacking safely. However, this rule has exceptions. The first is when you need to take a tank off the front line and put it behind to protect an important unit from enemy Assassins. For those who don't know, Assassins always jump behind enemy lines, and important units that are unprotected will be destroyed quickly. At this point, it is interesting that you have a tank well positioned to intercept the attack. The second exception is when you need to move a DPS to the front line. This happens when the hero's main objective is only to ultar (use his ability when the mana is full), even if he dies soon after. A good example is Medusa. Her ult is extremely strong and can change the direction of the rounds, so it is often better to move her to the front line (although she is very fragile) so that she receives a lot of blows and ulcer soon.

5. Equip items optimally

Dota Underlords has more than 30 equipable items (those that are not passive items). Their effects are the most varied and there is always a more efficient way to use them, so do not randomly equip your heroes. Let's take an example: the Mask of Madness item guarantees +40 attack speed and + 10% life theft. However, it also silences the carrier hero, that is, prevents him from using skills. This is undoubtedly a major disadvantage for the item. However, the silence effect does not cover passive abilities, so heroes who only have this skill type are simply not affected, such as Antimago, Patrolwoman Drow, Commander Troll, etc. This type of hero is perfect for wearing the Mask of Madness, considering that they only take advantage of the good side of the item. Another example: Medusa's passive “Split Shot” ability causes it to hit two opponents instead of one. If you are in doubt about which hero to equip the Skull Crusher item, consider equipping at Medusa. That way you have a 25% chance to stun three opponents, not just one. There are countless different situations for heroes and items. The examples above are just to illustrate the potential to be explored by the different combinations. Spend time reading the characteristics of each hero and discover the best builds! Discover all Dota Underlords items!

6. Make sure you have crowd control on your board

Regardless of the chosen build, be sure to have at least one hero with crowd control (CC) effect. CCs are effects that “deactivate” opponents for a few seconds and are precious in any battle. Remember that, no matter how strong an opponent's DPS is. If he can't move, it won't do any good. So, include some heroes with this effect and try to position them so that they fill your mana at different times. Such coordination is very difficult to achieve, but it is possible. To make your life easier, follow the list of heroes whose ult has crowd control effect (not including those that cause debuffs):
  • Chaos Knight
  • Tide Hunter
  • Healer
  • Kunkka
  • Mirana
  • little Rock
  • King of the Sand
  • Jellyfish (CC no damage)
  • Shaman of Shadows (CC no damage)
  • Slark
Complete Dota Underlords skill guide (ults)!

7. The hero pool is shared by all players

This is one of the most important information in the game and you will need a lot of attention to put this tip into practice, but the sooner you start practicing, the better. The heroes who appear to choose from at the beginning of each round come out of a reservoir that is shared by all players. Imagine a single deck of cards that is shuffled every round and redistributed to players to choose. This is exactly what happens. Whenever a player is eliminated from the game all his heroes return to the shared pool. The exact amount of each hero in the reservoir is:
  • First-rate heroes: 45 each
  • Second-rate heroes: 30 each
  • Third category heroes: 25 of each
  • Fourth category heroes: 15 from each
  • Fifth category heroes: 10 of each
The effects of this mechanics are enormous. That's because, if you notice that there are already, for example, many Alchemists on opponents' boards, you better not hope to be able to level your own Alchemist, since the chances of this hero appearing to you will be much less. Thus, keeping an eye on the leaderboard (TAB key) is crucial not only for you to make safer investments in your build, but also to hinder rival builds. If you notice that your opponent is in need of a hero X, and he appears to you, a good strategy may be to buy him and keep him in storage for a while. Anyway, in the late game, always keep the numbers above in mind and do the math of how many heroes you need are still in the tank.

8. Late game> Early Game

This last tip is to reinforce what has already been said at the beginning of the article. Dota Underlords is so focused on the late game, that it almost doesn't matter what happens in the first rounds. The idea is strange for new players, but it doesn't really matter how many rounds you missed in the beginning if it means you have gold in the mid and late game. The important thing is to always have the resources to search for the desired pieces and also to adapt to the opponent builds. A player who has become strong very fast, but who then has no money to obtain level 3 units or to counter opposing builds, will surely stagnate at the end of the game. Meanwhile, whoever has the money will be able to make the necessary adjustments (and Dota Underlords revolves around small adjustments) to control the final rounds and start the turn. See the differences between Dota Underlords and Teamfight Tactics! The HTML CheatSheet has its built-in editor where you can preview the document you are working on.

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