Saint Seiya: Awakening has so many characters that the number of possible team combinations is absurdly large. However, there are always those more effective than others. As the metagame of the game is not yet very developed, at the moment there are only 3 teams that are proven to be the best, and they are the ones we brought here for you to meet. Check out! Attention : if you don't have any knights from the lists below (which will probably happen), try to complete the team with characters with similar characteristics. For example, if you don't have Aiolos, use another strong DPS. If you don't have June, use another defensive support.

Best team for beginners

This build is simple and easily obtained at the beginning of your campaign in Saint Seiya Awakening.
Knight Characteristics
Any Gold Saint You will get some Gold Knights in your first 20 summons. Use them
Jabu Great AoE (area damage). Your Unicorn Gallop ability can kill multiple enemies at the same time if they are low on HP.
Dragon Shiryu It also has good area damage, but its main characteristic is the ability of Taunt, which forces enemies to attack it. Great to be combined with the Seiya to gain extra damage on Physical Attack (which does not expend energy).
Pegasus Seiya The Pegasus Meteor Fist skill is very useful at the beginning of the game. In addition, the character fights like Shiryu to deal more damage in Physical Attack.
Marin Able to heal the team.
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Tips on how to play with the team

  • The team is as basic as possible: one support (Marin), 2 normal DPS (Seiya and Shiryu) and area damage (Jabu). The Golden Knight will be responsible for the greatest impact.
  • Try to take advantage of Seiya and Shiryu's Physical Attack to save energy for the other knights, especially the Golden one.
  • Use Jabu's Unicorn Gallop skill only when an opponent is about to die. If the ability is responsible for killing someone, it can be launched again at no cost and with no cooldown. Explore the potential for big chain reactions.
  • Seiya's Pegasus Comet Fist weakens enemies, causing their allies to do more damage. Take this into account when trying to finish opponents with Jabu's Unicorn Gallop.
  • Always use Seiya's Pegasus Comet Fist. The weakening debuff is essential to your gameplay.
  • In the first rounds of combat, use Shiryu offensively as your abilities do more damage if your opponents have more HP.
  • From the middle of the fight forward, use Shiryu's Dragon Shield to defend your main damage taker (usually the Golden Knight).

Best defensive team

This team is primarily focused on defense. The "core" of the team is June and Marin, who together give the team an absurd durability.
Knight Characteristics
Kiki Gives 2 extra energy to your team. Perfect for supporting riders who spend a lot of energy.
June Great support character. Its main skill is to connect the entire team so that the damage received by a knight is distributed among all. It matches perfectly with Marin, which can heal in the area.
Marin Responsible for healing the entire team.
Milo Has skills that do not require energy. Great in this build that needs to save energy for Aiolos.
Aldebaran Good at long matches. When the energy limit reaches 8, your last 2 spent becomes very useful.
Aiolos Responsible for eliminating enemies quickly with his 4 energy skil.
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Tips on how to play with the team

  • Kiki is one of the most important and versatile characters in the entire game. Your Psychokenesis skill costs 0 energy and provides 2 extra energy for the same or the next round. Upe him as quickly as possible and wake up Flash of Wit level 5 as soon as possible. This will make sure that the 2 energy buff is always applied for the same round. It will take 20 Kiki to reach that point.
  • June is a support character whose Vines Growth ability divides the damage that a knight would take alone. It is perfect for countering knights who do a lot of damage to a single target. Her Chameleon Breath ability complements support by further reducing damage taken. Use it exclusively for defensive purposes.
  • Marin will be responsible for healing the entire team.
  • Milo and Aldebaran are optional in this lineup, meaning you can replace them with other Gold Knights. However, leave Aiolos, as he benefits extremely well from Kiki's buff.
  • When controlling Milo, always use Scarlet Cyclone first, as this opens up the possibility of causing a combo of three attacks.
  • Aldebaran is a character capable of dealing damage and negative effects. It is very useful against characters with crowd control.
  • Aiolos is the main DPS of the team. He is capable of killing most enemies with 1 hit, but his skills require a lot of energy. That's why he is a great match with Kiki.
  • Aiolos' Golden Arrows ability "sucks" PATK (physical attack) from allies to then deal a lot of damage. That is why he is so good on this team, since most of the knights are exclusively dedicated to defense and support, leaving the damage to Aiolos.

Best offensive team

The best offensive team in the game, at the moment, is almost equal to the offensive team, with the difference being that we left June for Luna. This alone brings several different options for the team.
Knight Characteristics
Kiki Gives 2 extra energy to your team. Perfect for supporting riders who spend a lot of energy.
Luna You can give an extra move to any ally. Great when combined with Marin for double healings or Milo for good cost benefit between damage and energy.
Marin Although her healing is a little less effective in June's absence, Marin will be able to heal twice with Luna's skill.
Milo With the presence of Luna, Milo can use Scarlet Cyclone and Scarlet Needle in the same round.
Aldebaran If you manage your energy well, you can use Aldebaran twice using Luna.
Aiolos Responsible for eliminating enemies quickly with his 4 energy skil.

Tips on how to play with the team

  • Luna is considered the main supporting character of the game. His Star Fate Prayer ability gives the chosen ally an extra move, meaning he plays 2 times in the same turn. This unlocks numerous utilities, both offensive and defensive.
  • Try to wake Luna up as soon as possible. Your Vast Galaxy skill gives you a small chance to enhance the effect of the Star Fate Prayer so that the blessed ally attacks 3 times. It is difficult to happen, but when it happens, it is incredible.
  • Use Luna to buff, especially Milo, as there is a chance of very high damage if the extra attack is triggered.
  • You can also use Luna to buff Aldebaran. That way he can concentrate and launch the Great Horn ability in the same turn.
  • Wait for your team to have low HP to heal it twice in the same turn buffing Marin with Luna.
  • Apart from Luna's interactions, follow the same instructions as the defensive team to find out how best to interact with the other riders.

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