To help you become the most powerful Z Warrior in the entire Dokkan Battle, here are some essential tips in this article. Despite the simplicity of the game, leveling up your fighters can be a time-consuming task. So check out now how to raise your Ki to over 8000 to face your enemies without suffering!

1. Train always, but train the right way

It's no use: to evolve in Dokkan Battle you need to train. To ignore this fact is to suffer at the hands of the weakest enemies in the game. So go to Training Mode and spend a good few minutes of your game session there to get stronger. In the worst case, you will at least accumulate some XP for the chosen character. But if you want your training to be truly worthwhile, pay attention to two important tips. The first is to choose a training partner that is the same color as the character you are evolving. This will give you more experience, which accelerates evolution. The second is to choose a character identical to yours. In addition to the bonus experience, you have the possibility to improve Super Attack.

2. Know the game card types

Most games in which there are card battles, there is also an "advantage and disadvantage" system. That is: every type of card is stronger or weaker than another. Memorizing or at least knowing this system is essential in Dokkan Battle. Mainly because much of the crucial information in a battle is in the charts regarding the types of cards. See below what are the existing types and see what are their advantages and disadvantages. Letter types:
  • PHY - Yellow or Orange.
  • STR - Red.
  • TEQ - Green.
  • INT - Purple.
  • AGL - Blue.
Advantages and disadvantages:
  • PHY has an advantage against INT but has an advantage against STR.
  • STR has an advantage against PHY but has an advantage against AGL.
  • AGL has an advantage against STR but it has an advantage against TEQ.
  • INT has an advantage against TEQ but a disadvantage against PHY.
  • TEQ has an advantage against AGL but it has a disadvantage against INT.

3. Understand how battles work

Selecting spheres at random does not work if you want to win a battle. If you are new to Dokkan Battle, following a step by step guide can help you. And the first thing you need to know is that your team will have a rotation. Regardless of the number of cards you have, only 3 will appear on the screen. Before starting the battle, it is possible to change the attack order of your characters. This can be interesting if you want to use Link Skills. Link Skills are activated when two fighters who have special skills in common are side by side. After setting the attack order, look at the spheres on the screen. They are the Ki that your fighters must put on. It is very important that you always try to collect spheres of colors corresponding to the colors of your fighters. Rainbow spheres give Ki to any type of card. The objective is to gather 12 Ki spheres, so that you can launch the Super Attack of the last warrior of the rotation. If not possible, he will launch a common attack, with a little extra force. Also note that each sphere of the same color on your card gives 2 Ki points. If it is not the same, give only one point.

4. Collect the Dragon Balls

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle would not be a game in the DBZ saga if there was no way to collect the famous Dragon Balls. Here, as in other games in this universe, collecting the Spheres has a purpose. You can ask for numerous bonuses, which provide you with interesting items and perks. However, what better to ask Shenlong is the option "I want more allies". This increases the capacity of your slot . By adding more characters to your team, you will go to battles with a greater chance of victory.

5. Collect daily bonuses

Most mobile games have a daily bonus scheme. In Dokkan Battle this system of daily rewards is also present. You can get Zeni, the current game money, and Dragon Stones just by starting the app. As you log in day after day, you will see that the quality of the bonuses received improves.

6. Use Dragon Stones for the right purpose

Dragon Stones are items that you will eventually earn over the course of your gaming experience. Many players, however, use these stones in the wrong way. There is no need to revive your warriors after losing an uphill battle. Increasing Stamina is even more expendable. Stamina recovers over time, especially if you go to Training Mode. Money and Dragon Stones, on the contrary, do not. Use them for the Summons. Summons are an essential part of the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle experience. They allow you to obtain extra cards. This is only possible if you spend your Dragon Stones.

7. Know the main game modes

There are countless game modes in Dokkan Battle. There are even special in-game events that add new ways to have fun from time to time. However, what matters most to you, especially if you are a beginner, are the main modes: Quest and Events . The Quest mode , as the name suggests, is the campaign mode. In it you are accompanied by Trunks, who, coming from the future, take you on several missions. This mode is played on a kind of board. There are currently more than 25 areas available, and each area has a series of chapters. In other words: fun is guaranteed for many hours. But it's not just the fun that matters in this mode. Here you can pick up some interesting items as you progress through the chapter boards. Each chapter has 3 different difficulties. Obviously, each difficulty offers different rewards. Already Events Mode offers daily events, Dokkan events and history events. The most interesting thing is to play the history events. You can venture into memorable moments in the DBZ world. But not only! This is where you collect Dragon Stones, medals and other special items that will facilitate your progress in the game. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is one of the most successful DBZ games among fans. It allows players to have access to virtually every character in the anime. There are more than a thousand fighters that can be collected through insane battles. All this with a simple and addictive gameplay! If you want to fight in other worlds of the DBZ saga, meet the best warriors of Dragon Ball FighterZ .

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