10 precious tips to survive Escape From Tarkov!

Escape From Tarkov (EFT) is a game known to be very difficult and, for those just starting out, all the tips are very useful. Although EFT is still in the Beta phase, it is important that you start doing well from the beginning. Escape From Tarkov is not your usual FPS, being centered on realistic combat and some strategy, in addition to other game mechanics. Discover some valuable tips for venturing into the dangerous Tarkov region.

1. Patience is a virtue.

EFT is a realistic game where it is important to have tactical thinking and patience. Your character cannot run without stopping or building a ramp in three seconds. If that's what you wanted, you're in the wrong game. Take the longest route, take a good look at each location and stop often to listen and watch. Detecting enemies by the sound of your steps or movements is one of the best ways to survive.

2. Movement and position

The way you move and the places you move around make all the difference between living and dying. Walking is normal movement, limited only by the type of bulletproof vest you are wearing. Running is good for escaping shots, but it drains your energy quickly and makes your pulse rise, and this has a negative effect on your accuracy when shooting. Be careful where you step. Broken glass, shrubs, stacked garbage make a lot of noise when they are stepped on. And noise attracts people who shouldn't.

3. All details matter

In such a loot-centered game, it is important to be aware of all the places where it may be hidden. Bags, cabinets, coats, boxes and many other locations can have valuable loot. Always remember that catching loot takes a while. It is not like any other game, that the loot passes from the ground to your inventory in milliseconds.

4. Weapons, extras and ammunition

Given their realism, EFT weapons are extremely effective, from pistols to sniper rifles, within the right firing range. Don't worry about damage, recoil and other values ??as much as in other games. Here, the important thing is to choose the right weapons for each mission and your skill with them. Ammunition is also very important, not so much for the damage it does, but for its type. Piercing ammunition, used for enemies that use anti-bullet armor, are expensive ammunition and need to be spared. If you're starting out in the game, try using cheap and abundant ammunition. In addition to saving money, they are more than enough against Scavs with basic equipment. In EFT, instinctive shooting is common, due to the map full of blind spots with dark areas and many places for ambush. Aiming with optical sights is also important, but less common than, for example, PUBG.

5. Watch your health

It is important to keep your character healthy. In the " Health " menu you can see the status of each body zone. Shots and injuries can hurt and create blood loss, slower reflexes or eliminate you. Whenever it is reached, it is vital to start dressing for the most serious injuries. An example: he was hit in the chest. Put a bandage to stop the blood and use pain relievers. Also monitor hydration. If you get thirsty, you will lose reflex speed.

6. Think before you act

There are only two types of combat: ambush or direct attack. If you were ambushed, react as you can. If you are preparing for the ambush, think carefully before pulling the trigger. How many enemies will you ambush? Are they well armed? Are they Scavs or PMCs? Can you get rid of them quickly? If you only took a pistol to move quickly and pick up loot, don't try to exchange shots with a heavily armed group just to get an elimination. Keep silent and continue with your goal.

7. Organize your equipment

The game has very realistic elements that need a lot of attention to detail. Your inventory is stored in your character in different locations: tactical vest (rig), backpack, pockets and your container. Anything that is outside of your container, if disposed of, can be lost or stolen. Keep everything organized according to the spaces available in your inventory. It is very important to carry your ammunition clips in your vest. If you carry them in your backpack, your character will not be able to reload the weapon without opening the inventory. That is the level of EFT realism.

8. Don't bring anything of much value to the map

When you buy the game, a set of weaponry, supplies and ammunition called the Stash is provided. Your Stash is your starting equipment. In EFT, if you are playing as PMC and are eliminated, equipment that you do not place in your Alpha container will disappear. So always think very carefully about what you are going to take for each match. There is always the chance of being eliminated and losing almost everything.

9. Collect equipment playing as Scav

Playing as Scav can be advantageous for several reasons. Although the Scavs start the game with weaponry and basic random equipment, everything you can get from corpses or loot in the game is left to your Stash, which can be used or sold. And if it gets eliminated ... well, there's not much to lose. Loot is money, so even if you take things you already have, you can always sell them. You can only play as a Scav every 30 minutes.

10. Complete the missions

Each dealer is a specialist in different equipment and weapons. Depending on your level of experience, you will be able to buy better and better equipment from different dealers. The quickest way to gain experience and get better prices is to complete some missions for dealers, called "Quests". These missions are usually to pick up different equipment, eliminate Scavs, reconnect, etc. Each dealer has different missions to do.

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