7 crucial tips for beginners in Saint Seiya: Awakening!

Saint Seiya: Awakening is a turn-based action and strategy game from the famous Knights of the Zodiac series. The game has great graphics, a lot of content and a lot of mechanics to learn, which can be a lot for novice players. So here are 7 crucial tips for beginners to get started with everything in Saint Seiya: Awakening. Check out!

1. Progress in Story Mode

Saint Seiya: Awakening has a very fun and competitive online PvP mode. Precisely for this reason, some players end up setting aside the game's Story Mode. In addition to the Saint Seiya: Awakening Story Mode being based entirely on the series' original anime (perfect for fans), it is also one of the main ways to gain experience, gold and other items needed to improve your knights. As you progress through the story, new features will be unlocked for you to explore (and there are many).

2. Know how to build the best team

One of the first things you notice about Saint Seiya: Awakening is that the knights are divided into ranks S, A, B, C, etc., according to their strengths. So, you will certainly want to build a team full of S rank riders, but know that this is not always the best option. Your teams in Saint Seiya: Awakening can have up to 6 knights (initially there are 4, but you unlock more slots at levels 13 and 18). Each has its own characteristics and attributes that make them better or worse in certain functions. Some are more support-oriented, others deal magic damage, others physical, others area damage, etc. The most important thing in this game is to find out how each rider on your team contributes to the group. Another interesting point is the synergy mechanics. Through it, some characters gain additional buffs when placed on the same team as others (example: Seiya and Shiryu). To discover the synergies of the characters, simply go to the Growth> Enhance> Link menu. A good strategy to follow is to get the first gold knight and build a team around him. So, choose characters that complement the skills of the golden knight in the best way. Meet the best teams (lineups) of Saint Seiya: Awakening! Check out the list of the best characters from Saint Seiya: Awakening (Tier List)!

3. Learn the combat mechanics

The fighting in Saint Seiya: Awakening is in turns. Each player / team has a turn to attack, and the order of attack of the characters depends on the speed of each one. Knights also have their own abilities and each spends a specific amount of the team's energy. Therefore, it is crucial that you always take into account the order of attack of the knights, their skills and costs in order to manage their energy well. You will not want your best knight without energy to use your skill. For these situations, you can always use basic attacks to save energy. At the start of your next turn, all the team's energy is regenerated and increased in each round.

Automatic mode and manual mode

Saint Seiya: Awakening has an automatic combat mode in which your knights choose for themselves what skills to use. Avoid using this function as much as possible, as well as not being able to manage energy in the best way, you will not be able to choose the target of attacks.

4. Enhancing your knights

One of the most important aspects of Saint Seiya: Awakening is the improvement of its knights. Although the game is very easy in the beginning, the fighting gets considerably more difficult as you progress, and then there is the need to level up your characters. In the “Growth” menu you can find all forms of character improvement: Level Up (upar), Rebirth (Rebirth), 7th Sense (Seventh Sense), Skill (Skill) and Link (Connection, where you see the synergies of the character ). You can level your knights using Saint EXP Potions received in Story Mode or Epic Ruins. When your character reaches the maximum level (40), the rebirth option is unlocked. To be reborn, you need to sacrifice another knight with the same star level and pay a certain amount of coins. Whenever your character is reborn, all attributes and maximum level will be increased. The Seventh Sense is an extra ability unlocked after opening the 6 slots in the 7th Sense menu. Each slot represents an attribute and can be opened using 7th Sense Stones and Awaken Stones, obtained only in Dimension mode. As soon as the 6 are opened, the Seventh Sense is unlocked. Finally, in the Skill menu, you can improve the skills of your knights using repeated copies of it. You can improve your skills up to 5 times. Each enhancement will require an additional copy to complete. This is one of the main reasons for you not to be unmotivated to always get equal riders. Basic guide to Cosmos in Saint Seiya: Awakening!

5. Participate in Events and complete daily quests

One of the great advantages of Saint Seiya: Awakening is that the game does not really require you to spend money (although your progress is much faster if you spend). Most in-game rewards can be obtained for free from the "Daily" menu. There you can farm Pope's Treasure, Athena's Trial, Daily Bounty, Train Ground, Mystical Treasure, Daily Training, etc. Each of these activities has its own daily limit for you to farm. Pay special attention to Train Ground since, in addition to being able to recover stamina (the resource you spend when playing any mode), the activity allows you to raise the daily limit. In addition to the above activities, the game also has temporary events that you can access from the Event menu in the upper right corner of the main screen. Attending events and completing them also guarantees important rewards.

6. Form and participate in Legions

In Saint Seiya: Awakening you can form Legions, which are nothing more than groups of players to participate in the same modes and quests. Playing in Legions also guarantees unique and very valuable rewards. Another great advantage of interacting with other players is the option to send and receive stamina, which will definitely be very important. Don't worry if you don't have friends and acquaintances in the game. There is an own menu where you can browse groups formed by other players. Just enter the one for what you want and that's it.

7. Save the diamonds to summon knights

One of the activities that will most hold your attention in Saint Seiya: Awakening is the summoning of knights (Summon menu). This is where you unlock new characters. To do this, you need to spend diamonds. There are 4 ways to summon new knights: Normal, Advanced, AR and Themed. Keep your diamonds to always use Advanced and Themed modes, as they have a greater chance of unlocking A or S rank knights. But beware: in the bottom left corner of the Summon menu you will see one of the following terms: Lucky, Luckier or Luckiest. This will define your luck in getting stronger characters, so wait for a day when "Luckiest" is appearing to spend all your diamonds. See how to summon S Rank knights in Saint Seiya: Awakening! The online jsBeautifier program can organize your JavaScript code, even if it is unreadable.

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