13 ways to earn Gems in Lords Mobile that you must know!

In Lords Mobile , you can use gems to buy special items and upgrade your buildings. Usually, this type of currency is difficult to get in free games, but here there are several ways to collect gems. There are many fake schemes for earning gems, but we don't have any tricks! Don't be fooled and check out all the legitimate ways to get gems in Lords Mobile !

1. Colosseum

One of the most effective ways to earn free gems is through the Coliseum. You need a lot of time and patience to get along, but eventually you will start to be rewarded. At first, you will only be able to earn a very small number of gems every three hours, but when you reach the best ranks , you will start to earn an increasing number, until you reach hundreds of gems at a time. There are several strategies to beat your opponents in the Coliseum, but the general recommendation is to focus on improving 5 or 6 heroes as much as possible and using them in all battles. Learn how to detonate the Coliseum in Lords Mobile!

2. Kingdom vs. Kingdom

RvR mode is a good way to earn free gems. Every month, there is an event like this where you can use many gems in different ways. The first way is to complete the third rank of the Individual War. The gems you will earn at this stage will depend essentially on the level of your Castle. In addition, if your Guild enters the event, you will earn additional gems depending on the overall rank . After the event is over, Gem Veins of various levels will appear, depending on the success of your Kingdom in the event. These Veins will work like all the resources that appear on the map: you send your troops over there and collect the gems. The higher the level of the Vein, the more gems you will be able to extract. However, you must be very careful, as you may be attacked by other players. Find out how to change your server realm on Lords Mobile!

3. Mystery and VIP chests

Occasionally, the Mystery chest will have gems. There aren't many to pick up this way, but it's an easy and quick way to start collecting. Typically, each of these chests has resources and may or may not include 50 to 100 gems. VIP chests will depend on your VIP level. Similar to Mystery chests, here you can also earn between 50 to 100 gems, but it is still a good deal for just one- click work .

4. Treasury Chamber

This is probably the best way to earn gems in the game. This building can be released by completing the final Combat. There, you can deposit gems for 7, 14 or 30 days. And, after the number of days you choose, you will earn interest based on the level of your Treasury Board, the amount of investment you have made and the same duration. You can also improve buildings to increase deposit capacity or return amount. With a Treasury Chamber at maximum level, you can earn 21,000 free gems every 30 days. The best strategy is, therefore, to fill the building's capacity for 30 days, as you will be able to make more profit that way. Get to know the best game building strategies!

5. Hell and Individual Events

These events are a fantastic way to receive gems, but some strategy is needed. During events, you earn points for completing surveys, building buildings, hunting monsters, or training soldiers. So the trick is to save your accelerators to use them all at once at the end of the month. This is because you need to reach Stage 3 to complete the event and thus win the gems and that means speed. It is recommended to add at least about 20 to 30 days of accelerators before taking the risk. The reward ranges from 1,500 to 2,000 gems at the end of the event, in addition to all other rewards.

6. Maze

The Labyrinth is released after completing the Level 8 Battle. There, you can use Holy Stars to kill monsters and, after defeating them, there is a chance that a boss will appear. Whenever you attack the big boss, you earn between 300 and 500 gems. If you manage to kill him, you earn between 100,000 to 2,000,000 gems. The ideal is just to use the daily free trial , as it is very difficult to kill the big boss. This method is a possible way to earn gems, but without a doubt, the most risky. Learn how to unlock and upgrade new Heroes in Lords Mobile!

7. Guild Gifts

This is a good way to continually earn some gems. Guild Gifts are earned by killing monsters and buying packs . When opening gifts, you will also grant experience to your Guild, which increases the value of the following gifts. Gifts can contain anything from materials to accelerators or gems. The number of gems you can earn will depend on the level of your Guild, the rarity of the gift and the amount of gifts you have opened. They are the biggest monsters that grant the most gems, so this is the one your Guild should bet on.

8. VIP missions

VIP missions usually provide some gems. It is by no means a consistent way to earn them, but it is always an easy way to earn money .

9. Maintenance

This is the easiest way to earn gems. When game servers are down for maintenance, Lords Mobile will pay for the inconvenience in gems. And, if the maintenance happens to extend beyond the predicted time, you get even more gems.

10. Guild Festival

Events like the Guild Festival will reward you depending on the number of points your Guild reaches. The week following the RvR event is called the Guild Festival and its goal is to complete the challenges and earn points for your Guild. The more points your Guild earns, the better the rewards that members will have access to at the end. The rewards can be chests, accelerators, items, experience or gems. Since what you get is random, getting gems will depend on your luck and the points your Guild earns during the event.

11. Hunting monsters

Whenever you hunt monsters on the world map, there is a chance to earn gems as a reward. Whether or not you get the gems at the end of the hunt is completely random , but at least you know you're going to get another kind of rare items and precious resources. The higher the level of the monsters you hunt, the greater the reward you can earn. The monsters recommended for farming gems are level 4 . Find out the best heroes for Monster Hunting in Lords Mobile!

12. Professor Gothrak's Intensive Course

When visiting the Lords Mobile news , at the bottom of the screen, you'll find Professor Gothrak's Intensive Course. There, you will have access to 11 lessons to learn about the basics of the game and, by reading each one, you get gifts. There are 3 lessons that award 100 gems each, so it’s a quick way to earn 300 gems easily.

13. Buy packs

One of the options is to buy the gems directly. If you have real money to spend, you can buy gems. In fact, they are not that expensive for anyone willing to spend some money. Quality packs appear regularly in the store, you just need to see when the best deals are available.

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