10 tips to do well in the Free Fire Zombie Apocalypse

Free Fire has a new mode! Apocalipse Zumbi is a one-player vehicle-only mode on the Bermuda Map. The player can never leave his vehicle. As with any mode, the winner is the last survivor. Experienced Free Fire players will find this mode similar to Death Race , but there are some differences. Check out our tips and survive the Zombie Apocalypse!

1. Prepare for the Apocalypse

The vehicle chosen for this mode is the amphibious motorbike, armed with guided missiles and a heavy automatic machine gun. The machine gun aims automatically, with a slow but powerful rate of fire. The missiles need you to reach the right distance to lock on, that is, to fix your target. If you shoot after the target is fixed, the shots are more efficient. In this mode, there is no scattered loot . To get loot you need to eliminate zombies and / or other players. Zombies can be eliminated in any way, but both missiles and machine gun ammunition are limited, so don't waste it. If you get the chance, turn on Zé Cart mode and run over the zombies. In addition to saving bullets and missiles, you can get the loot right away.

2. Land in the right place

You're tired of reading this advice in any Battle Royale game, aren't you? In this mode, it is necessary to use your knowledge of the map in another way. There is no point in jumping on Mill or Peak to be the first to catch loot. There is no loot, remember? Try to land on a flat spot , where your bike can reach some speed quickly, catch some zombies and, even better, surprise other players. Some cool places to start would be Cape Town, the Airport, Bimazaki and the island's main road, but any flat spot will do.

3. Zombies are important

Since there is no ground loot in this mode, Zombies are a good way to pick up ammunition, medical kits and repair kits, as well as improving your bike. Eliminate the zombies as you see fit and get the supplies. Take a look at the mini map and the zombie groups will be marked with a red symbol. The more zombies you eliminate, the more chance you have of improving your bike and equipment. In addition, you will be helping humanity. Have you ever wondered what a ton of zombies are on the loose on an island?

4. Accelerate!

Don't waste time with subtle moves or trying to hide your bike in a thicket, waiting for enemies to kill themselves. In this mode, speed is what matters. Keep your bike at a constant speed, attacking at high speed and retreating even faster. Avoid hills or obstacles that can slow you down or make you vulnerable. Your bike, with the right parts, can have the turbo. Use that extra power at the right time.

5. Repair and cure

Keep an eye on the bike's armor and its life bar. Whenever you get into a shootout or suffer damage, repair the bike and / or use the bandages. You can repair and heal in progress. As already mentioned, the movement is essential to win in this mode. Keep the bike running and your character in good health and you will be successful.

6. Attack at the most effective angle

The rear of the enemies is the best to attack, because in this mode, the player's vision is limited and he will not be able to defend himself effectively, even when driving in a zigzag. In addition, their missiles are located at the front of the bike. Thus, they will be more effective in frontal shot. In short, always try to surprise your enemies by attacking from the rear, even if you need several attacks. Move in large circles, using obstacles to force your enemies to change position, change direction, jump or use another tactic that you find effective.

7. Master the distance

Your missiles (like any other missile) need some distance to gain speed and reach the target. If you are too close to the enemy, the missiles will fail. Always try to attack your enemies at the correct distance, without getting too close. Likewise, if you are attacked and unable to escape, try to shorten the distance so as not to let your enemy use more powerful weapons.

8. Do not underestimate the machine gun

The missiles are powerful and do a lot of damage, but your machine gun is useful too, even with automatic aiming. It maintains a steady shot that wears away your enemy little by little and, unlike missiles, works in all directions. In the final rounds, where it is more difficult to surprise your opponent or get a clean shot with missiles, it will be your machine gun and the amount of repair kits and dressings that will help you achieve victory.

9. Watch the gas

In this mode, the gas zone is faster to move. It is natural to move faster than a normal game, after all, the mode is played in vehicles. It is important not to be surprised by the gas, but also to use it to your advantage. Getting to the final circles, you will have less and less space to move your bike, so it is important to move at the ends of each circle.

10. For the winner, the estate

Whenever you send an enemy to hell, take the opportunity to get the loot he left behind. But there is no need to open his box, just grab the symbols quickly. They are usually more valuable than zombies. Be careful is with the other enemies. If you liked it this way try Rush Hour! Do you think the modes are cool but prefer a classic Free Fire game? Get patent with these tips!

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