Guns of Boom is an intense multiplayer shooting challenge that you can play on your smartphone. With an automatic shooting system, this game will test your speed and aim. Use dozens of different weapons while exploring fun maps.

1. Movement and distance

You kept looking for the shoot button, didn't you? Look no further. In Guns of Boom the shooting is automatic. As soon as the game detects your enemy, the weapon fires. However, you need to be at the right distance for your weapon type and also keep moving . This will make it harder for your enemy to shoot you and your shots will continue to find the target.

2. Weapons

Know the weapons you're playing with. Each weapon has a useful distance to achieve eliminations. A shotgun is good at close range for its power, just as a sniper rifle is better at long range for its optics and stability. You can switch weapons at any time during the game to better serve your team.

3. Help your team

The team is very important in this game. With teamwork it is possible to protect and attack more effectively. Keep your colleagues close, do not advance alone to avoid being surrounded, and try to vary the type of weapon each uses. A team of snipers or shotguns alone will go bad.

4. Grenades

When in doubt, throw a grenade . Got a boring sniper on top of a roof? Throw a grenade. Is there a room full of enemies? Throw a grenade. If the explosion does not eliminate the enemy, it will at least cause it to change position. Be careful when throwing grenades, as the blast does not pick teams.

5. Killstreaks

It is very important to get as many kills as possible without dying. Guns of Boom is a very point-oriented game and even a Double Kill will greatly increase your score. The more kills you get without dying, the more points you earn. For example, a Double Kill gets 12 points, but a Triple Kill gets up to 25.

5. Use the bandages

You are super excited in the game, eliminating enemies left and right until you are suddenly eliminated. Everyone has been through this! To avoid this situation, keep an eye on your health bar and use the bandages. Look for a sheltered place to fully heal or activate the bandages during combat. The important thing is to keep your bar full.

6. Don't spend money on bad equipment

In Guns of Boom, the player receives money (called Gunbucks ) as a reward for their eliminations and for helping their team. Use this money to buy or upgrade your weapons or protective gear. But don't waste that money on startup equipment at all! Not worth the investment.

7. Never Give Up

Never give up on a match, even if you are losing. Your points and achievements drop much more than if you lost.

8. Do quests to earn Gunbucks

The simplest (and fun) way to earn Gunbucks is to try to accomplish daily challenges and missions . Stay tuned for different options and choose the ones you like best.

10. Hacks and Mods Are Trash

Don't waste time with sites or apps that promise gold, gunbucks or headshots every time you shoot. Aside from being a cheat , the only thing you'll get is having your account banned .

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