Guns of Boom action happens on many different maps. Learning to recognize the most beneficial locations on each map will make you a better player. In the game, there are maps for two game modes: Knockout and Control Points . Check out the list below for the secrets and our tips for Guns Of Boom maps.

I. Maps of Mata-Mata

These maps are for team fighting where the goal is to get more eliminations than the enemy team during the timeout.


Construction is a simple map of Mata-Mata. It has a closer central zone where you can have closer encounters with enemies, and two side aisles where you can use longer shots of sniper or submachine guns. Watch out for the stairs in these side corridors. Tips : This is a map where being fast is very important. Control the center of the map with shotguns and grenades and keep the side aisles for fast and hard attack. Use obstacles in areas near the respawn to heal or protect yourself.


A very rural map full of barns, straw and lead. The Farm is a map with an open area and two barns full of divisions. Inside the divisions, get ready for close range fights with shotguns, grenades and even knives. There are many blind spots , so be quick, but not too much: always check before you go through the door. Outside, use the outermost areas of the map to cover your comrades with machine guns. Tips : Teamwork is key in this map. The team should not move all the way into the barns as it can be flanked and annihilated. It is important to keep a player outside in one corner, covering the different entrances with a machine gun. Train your weapon change well, as you may need to change shotguns to an assault weapon often.

Mexico: Church

A map with different levels, with some perfect locations for snipers and wide streets , full of deadly hiding places. There are also some houses that can be real pitfalls. Your team needs to have players with different weapons to cover all locations. Tips & Warnings Always try to dominate the high places and shoot from top to bottom. It sounds like pointless advice, but controlling these zones lets you control the wide streets. If you do not have a good sniper weapon available, an assault rifle also works well in this role. Play as a team, covering your comrades who are roaring in the streets. If you are on the running streets, use assault rifles or shotguns to speed up.

Europe: Streets

This map has a low central zone, with two higher parallel streets. There are really cool places for snipers on both ends and staircases that can be lethal ambush sites. There are many obstacles in both zones, but at the right angle you can shoot from great distances. Tips & Warnings Use side streets to dominate central street using snipers or assault rifles. When attacking, always try to use side streets, but watch out for long corridors as they are perfect locations for campers. This map is perfect for shotgun and sniper , but if you can buy some grenades first, don't hesitate. You'll need them all.

Old factory

Battling this old factory is not easy . Use the stairs to reach the high places and gain advantage over the center. Within the divisions, there are some very close angles that are good places to ambush and be ambushed, so there's nothing like throwing grenades first. Watch out for the street on the left. It's very easy to take with a shot from above. Tips & Warnings Try to cover your team using the highest locations with machine guns or snipers. At lower levels, try to ambush enemies at the exit of the smaller central divisions. Use a lot of grenades. Avoid the left street, but if you have to go around, be quick.

Night Farm

Back to the farm, but with a different map design. The Night Farm has wider outdoor areas and has two high places that are widely used for snipers and machine guns. The interior zones have some good places to use shotgun. Tips : From the map's shape, you can see how attacking on the sides is important. Always try to attack from the flanks to quickly surprise your enemies with a shotgun or assault rifle. Always keep someone on the towers with stairs to sniper enemies and spread chaos.

Mexico: Village

A dynamic map full of small rooms perfect for ambushes. The streets are full of obstacles, which makes long-range shots very difficult. Use assault weapons and shotguns for best results. Tips & Warnings Do n't waste time looking for high places. The only ones are the respawns. Teamwork is very important on this map: the team must be well off, moving quickly between obstacles. Use the smaller divisions to ambush your enemies.


The most labyrinthine map of Guns Of Boom. Many dangerous angles, two very advantageous sniper positions and many stairs and ramps. Tips : It is very important to control the balconies as they are the highest places. From there, it is possible to shoot at enemies attacking from the central area of ??the map, but be careful not to be shot down. Use the stairs well to surprise and feint your enemies. The inner center of the map needs to be crossed quickly.

Military Warehouse

Narrow (but long) corridors, good interior area and many hiding places. It is a map for quick moves and wild fights at close range in the central pillbox. Tips : The side corridors have a very useful ramp in the middle to shoot at an exit door of the enemies. Use assault rifles, heavy machine guns and snipers in this zone, saving the shotguns for the central pillbox. Dominate this spot and you will win the match.

Mexico: Canyon

A map that has its action in a rocky canyon with a Mexican farm at one end. There are numerous high points and dangerous angles throughout the map, as well as good open areas for sniping. Tips & Warnings It is vital to be able to change weapons very quickly. This map offers good locations for sniper shots, assault rifle and shotguns. The rocks can be climbed, making them perfect places to shoot or surprise your enemies. The area of ??the house is very tight, do not hesitate to use grenades.

Mexico: Mansion

A luxurious house full of stairs and windows where enemies lurk without fear. Tips & Warnings This mansion is a tight map inside the rooms. Outside there is more space, but avoid camping too much time in the same place. Use the windows and doors to target enemies without their noticing where the shots are coming from.

II. Control Point Maps

Maps where the goal of the game is to pick up and control zones for longer. Requires more team work and is only available from level 16 onwards .


A very cluttered construction zone, full of locations at different heights. The control points are far apart and you can attack them from different sides. Tips & Warnings Checkpoint B is the hardest to attack and keep safe. A good strategy is to control A and C first, hold the game a little and then attack the last point.

Western: Saloon

A dusty western city is the perfect stage for a shooting . Use the different staircases and ramps inside and out to attack your enemies from above and conquer the key points quickly. Tips : This map has only one key point at A, just next to the saloon, allowing you to attack point A from above or below. Use the high balconies well to surprise your enemies. To defend yourself, focus on the stacked carriages and the saloon porch.

Farm Complex

This map will need all your concentration as it has many openings, closed angles and three points to conquer and defend. Tips & Warnings Try to earn point B quickly. It is a high place and allows you to control access to points A and C using the stairs. Even if you can't conquer quickly, keep constant pressure on that zone. Whoever dominates this central staircase dominates the map.

Paradise Island

Nothing like the sun, the palm trees and the incessant shooting, don't you think? A paradise map with just one point to conquer from the clutches of your enemies. Tips : Point A needs to be conquered and defended from the surrounding houses. If you get the point, hold all the hits for it, leaving no free. If your team is united, it's easier.

Europe: Square

Three points to conquer and defend with tight streets, lots of hiding places and lots of hits. This map needs constant control as it is very difficult to effectively defend points after they are earned. Tips & Warnings An effective strategy is to win A and C first, then try B. Point B is quite open and very difficult to defend. Use machine guns at the corners of the squares to cover the rest of the team and shotguns at A and C as weaponry. Stairs leading to the central square are a bit protective, but not good places to put snipers.

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