In The Sims 4 , you can do whatever you want, but sometimes it's normal to run out of ideas and fall into the virtual routine. To spice up your game, there are several challenges you can do to have fun and try a different side of the game. Check out the ten most interesting challenges from The Sims 4 .

1. Legacy Challenge

This is a classic challenge. The idea is to create a Sim who will be the founder of the family and then follow that family for ten generations. The main difficulty of the challenge is the beginning, because you have little money and the most basic assets and need to go up on your own to make the next generations comfortable. It's also interesting and sometimes an emotional experience to see your Sims grow older and give primacy to younger members. Rules:
  1. It is not allowed to use tips or mods. You have to create your legacy only with what the base game offers.
  2. Ideally, you should bet on a career before you get married and establish your family.
  3. Reloading the game is not allowed if something unexpected happens, such as being fired or suffering a fire. You will have to go over whatever the situation is.
  4. The goal is to play with the same family for ten generations.

2. 100 Babies Challenge

It may seem like a simple goal, but being able to give birth to 100 babies is not easy. In addition to your home being full of crying children, one of the requirements of the challenge is that all your children are from different parents . Imagine what it is like to have to seduce 100 different men in a house full of screaming babies. Rules:
  1. You cannot have more than one child with the same partner.
  2. Choose only one young woman to continue breeding when your Sim becomes old. If you have no daughter to replace, then you lose the challenge.

3. Asylum Challenge

For those who like bolder challenges, in this option you control eight Sims living in the same house and all with the “insane” personality trait. With all the limitations of a real madhouse, you have to be able to make the most of your Sims' happiness , despite their strange behaviors. Rules:
  1. Your asylum must have eight limbs and everyone must have the “insane” personality trait.
  2. No one can have jobs, earning money only with manual labor.
  3. The building can only have beds, a bathroom and the cheapest appliances.
  4. The main goal is to complete the aspirations of your patients. When successful, this Sim is free to leave the asylum.

4. Black Widow's Challenge

A somewhat bleak challenge is to marry and kill their husbands or wives in order to inherit their fortunes. Case, get caught in the act cheating and kill your mate to succeed in the challenge. Rules:
  1. Meet a Sim and marry him.
  2. Throw a party and choose a new romantic interest.
  3. Seduce the new romantic interest and invite it to your home. Let your husband / wife catch the betrayal in the act.
  4. Kill your mate, inherit all your money and marry the lover.
  5. Collect ten tombs from different husbands / wives.

5. Serial Killer Challenge

For three weeks, you have to live the life of a serial killer trying to kill as many Sims as possible. This is possible by inviting people into your home and removing the doors so that they starve to death. This challenge is ideal for the sadistic within us. Rules:
  1. Create a Sim with good social traits so you can invite as many people as possible into your home.
  2. When your victims are inside the house, remove the doors from the room where they are to starve.
  3. For three weeks, kill as many people as you can.

6. Alien Invasion Challenge

In this challenge, you are an alien infiltrated on earth with the goal of popular. Wear a cover to play with unwary human Sims and get your seed to infiltrate every house in the neighborhood to succeed. Rules:
  1. Create an Alien Sim to start your game.
  2. Wear a cover to relate to different humans. Both men and women can become pregnant with aliens.
  3. The goal is to successfully infiltrate at least two aliens into every house in the neighborhood.

7. Cult Challenge

With this challenge, you can experience living in a community service. Choose a group of Sims and create a community that lives in the wild, away from modern technology and begin your adventure in the insane world of worship. Rules:
  1. Start by creating a pioneering Sim. Other members should have personalities that complement this leader and social characteristics.
  2. Only basic survival items such as tents and outdoor stoves are allowed.
  3. It is not allowed to work. Cult members should earn money from activities such as painting, playing music or writing.

8. Decades Challenge

This challenge can be seen as a variant of the Legacy challenge. Here you start your family as if you lived in 1890 and have to continue with the following generations until modern times. It is important that the décor, clothing, and technologies you use are appropriate for the decades you are living. Rules:
  1. You begin the challenge in 1890. Therefore, it is mandatory that you marry someone of the same ethnicity and the opposite sex. It is also prohibited to use electricity, plumbing, non-wood furniture and any other technology.
  2. By the 1900s you may already include electricity and plumbing, but only men can have jobs outside the home.
  3. In 1910, all men have to go to war. You can simulate this by raising a cow plant and having male members of your family try to survive this plague.
  4. In the 1920s, women can finally get a job.
  5. Keep adding new technologies and different styles as time progresses into modern times.

9. Apocalypse Challenge

With this challenge, you have to use your creativity and place your Sims to survive in a postwar nuclear world. Fortunately, your family survived in a shelter and your goal is to resist until you get old. Rules:
  1. Create a house with only one room. Here you can only use the essentials to survive: the cheapest bed, a toilet and the basic cooking equipment.
  2. Your Sim cannot leave your ground under any circumstances, as the world is covered with radiation.
  3. If any member of your family dies of any cause other than old age, you lose the challenge.

10. Big Brother Challenge

Undoubtedly one of the most popular challenges. Here you see the unpredictability of your Sims' behaviors and how they relate to having completely different personalities. Rules:
  1. Create eight Sims with as different personality traits as possible.
  2. Put your Sims in the house and not control them, leaving free will fully active.
  3. Once a week, the Sim with the least friendships out of eight should be kicked out of the house.

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