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10 Tips for Doing Well on PUBG Mobile

Learn how to get started in this famous Battle Royale by following our tips. These tips can be used by both those who play PUBG Mobile on a mobile phone and those who play in an emulator. Remember that playing with emulator you will only be paired with other emulator players.

PUBG Mobile has a huge community of players, an efficient ranking system, an arcade mode and many other surprises that even surpass the PC version.

1. Know and customize the controls

Generally, the first advice in Battle Royale games is to know where to fall. But since this is a mobile game, you first need to know where the controls are. Search for “Adjustments” and then “Controls”. You can customize your controls by dragging the different buttons to different zones of the screen. Choose a layout that is comfortable and intuitive. If you play in the emulator, do the same thing by mapping the keys you prefer to play with.

Can you skip these steps? Can. But if you’re down for not knowing the right squat key or any other action, don’t cry. Remember the law of the four P’s: Perfect Planning Prevents Crap.

2. Enable Tilt and Shoot

Possibly, for the sake of performance, the game does not enable “Tilt” automatically. Resolving this is simple, just go to the menu and enable. Tilting is useful because it exposes as little of your body as possible while shooting or watching.

3. Know the different maps

There are four different maps in PUBG Mobile: Erangel , Miramar , Sanhok and Vikendi . Each map has a different type of biome, from the Miramar desert to Vikendi’s icy tundra and different sizes. Knowing the maps is advantageous because it allows you to decide where to parachute, where there is the best loot, the most danger etc.

Obviously, cities or complexes with more centrally located buildings pull more players around the loot than other, more deserted locations on the map boundaries. Depending on your playing style, learn the best jumping locations, knowing that there are no perfect locations. More aggressive players prefer zones with a lot of action. Players who prefer tactics opt for areas farther from the plane’s route to loot more calmly.

4. Watch out for the loot

PUBG Mobile automatically takes the loot by default. You can disable this option, but more player concentration is required and the screen may be small to see the details clearly, which can make you lose valuable seconds. The advantage of automatic collection is that the loot in addition to being caught automatically is immediately placed on weapons without having to equip it.

The downside is that automatic collection, in the first few moments of the game, can sometimes pick up items you don’t want. Also, it is impossible to collect grenades and molotovs automatically. Organize your inventory often by throwing away what you won’t use. It’s not worth loading 200 shotgun shells the entire match if you don’t have one in inventory.

5. Loot Priority

Choose where you will jump. Jump Once your feet touch the ground, the top priority is to get a gun. If you can get one or several different weapons with ammunition, your next priority is a bulletproof vest, a helmet and a backpack. Of course, you can catch all of this before you get a weapon, but if you pass by an armed enemy, you will lose everything. Remember it is a survival game, not a phase of Super Mario.

6. Know the guns and master the recoil

The weapons PUBG Mobile are the same as the PC version, with some limitations. Obviously, in the PC version the weapons are more realistic or allow more control. In PUBG Mobile the weapons default to automatic fire or burst according to the type of weapon and this makes perfect sense because of the difficulty of aiming on a mobile phone. If your enemy is far away, use Single mode.

If you play on your phone using ARs or SMGs you can control the recoil by sliding your finger down slightly while shooting. The recoil feels less mobile, but it does exist and can make you lose shots. Try to master every weapon in the game as you never know what you will find. A good method to do this is to go in training mode and try out all weapons with different accessories and sights.

7. Close doors and skip windows

This is a detail often overlooked and undervalued by many players. At the beginning of the game, jumping into a place full of enemies is important for speed. But after the second or third circle, the tactical importance of the doors is different. A closed door gives the idea that the site has not been explored or, at best, protects slightly from sight and is another barrier between you and the enemy.

Unlike the PC version, in PUBG Mobile there are no windows in the windows of the houses, so skipping the window is the ideal method for quietly entering. Also, you can always catch an enemy by surprise using a more unusual angle.

8. The minimap is valuable

In addition to guiding you, the minimap gives you valuable insights into enemy sounds and actions. Because PUBG Mobile’s sound is spatially limited, the minimap will help you locate shots (even with silencers) or enemy movements with vehicles and even on foot. Always keep an eye on the minimap and you will not regret it.

9. Grenades Are Your Friends

It is common for players to save their fragmentation grenades and molotovs at the end of matches, but they are most valuable for clearing divisions or hidden enemies. Always take as many as you can and use it without fear. You don’t pay more for it. The molotov is great for denying movement to an enemy by setting fire to an area.

The stun grenade is perfect for blinding your enemies and entering divisions, especially when playing squad. Thus, there is no risk of hurting your teammates. The smoke grenade is used to camouflage your movement while moving, healing or under fire. Detonate it and wait a few seconds for the smoke to gain strength.

10. Try the different modes

Practice makes perfect in any activity and Battle Royale games are no exception. PUBG Mobile has Solo, Duo and Squad modes in both Classic and Arcade modes. Duo and Squad modes are good for team play with the advantage of being knocked out before being eliminated and can even be healed by a teammate. This is good for learning the mechanics of the game without spending your life in the lobby in theory.

Arcade mode has Mini Zone mode, 8-minute Quickstart, 15-minute Sniper Training and War Mode. All of these modes can be played in Solo, Duo or Squad and increase your Battle Points, as well as giving you the opportunity to experience rarer weapons. You can also play in pistol only, sniper rifle, SMG or even melee matches. In addition, they are less time-consuming modes, which is very advantageous.

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