Stay tuned and learn what changed in Free Fire on 12/11/2019! The game is always being improved and updated with new modes, characters, weapons and other details. And you need to know everything to do well in the game! Free Fire is becoming highly competitive and needs new challenges and constant fixes. No one likes to be eliminated and lose the game because of a game defect. Check out everything that changed in the game, with confirmation.

Update 12/11/2019

- New Character: Notora

- Permanent CS mode (finally, huh?) - Desert Eagle back with a really cool buff. In Contra Squad mode only. -New Advanced Weapon Extras: Rage Ammo, Biometric Sight, Hacksaw,

- Reduction of 20% of the fragments necessary to reach the maximum level and adjustments in that same system - Fourth Character Slot Slot - Price reduction of all characters - Reduced the amount of Gold / Diamonds needed to level up. - Landmine has been nerfed, dealing maximum damage from 205 to 120 life. This serves to delay your opponents rather than eliminate them. - Rank mode with more elements:
  • M60- Spiral Charger
  • MP5- Electric Discharge
  • M1887
  • Hand Cannon
  • Plasma weapon
  • Helmet 4
- Easier for new players to level up - Match Summary shows damage done by your team - Treatment Pistol shows how much life you recovered with each shot - Players can now tag items to teammates - Helmet 4 added to Drops Bug Fixes and Enhancements
  • Improved animations and inferfaces
  • Loot Box Size Increased
  • Enhanced Sight Interface
  • Back button removed from top right
  • Pet Name allows a minimum of 2 characters

Updated 10/16/2019

- New character: Shani

- New weapon: M1887

- New pet: Silver Fox - Variable Weather (Rush Time Only) - New store - New modes - Enhanced 4X4 Mode - Crossbow improvements. It is now possible to use explosive arrows - Extras for M60 and Mp5. These are the first advanced extras to significantly enhance existing weapons.

- Oil barrels removed in CS mode - Special markers to facilitate squad work Bug Fixes and Enhancements
  • Graphics Optimization
  • Optimization of different interfaces
  • Improvement of some animations
  • Iphone Optimizations

Update 09/06/2019

- New Character: Joseph

- New item: Glider

Now you can gain strategic advantage over your enemies with this cool item, inspired by the game Ring of Elysium. Just in casual mode, for now. - New helmet: Level 4

New weapons: Plasma Weapon, Hand Cannon , and AMR: Anti Vehicle Weapon. Only in casual mode.

- New Mode: Free Fire Cup Bug fixes and enhancements
  1. Graphics and performance improvements
  2. Some corrections

Updated 06/26/2019

- New patent: Challenging . This patent will only be available to the top 300 players in each region. The creators of Free Fire created this new patent to filter by skill even those who already took Master.

- Ranked system has been improved. From the Diamond patent and above the point calculation has been refined, making losing points more difficult. - New Items in Ranked Token Shop - New item: Repair Kit. This kit allows you to repair your vest and helmet but you can carry it.

Rafael : New Character

- Toxic Zone: A new random zone that damages the player's vest and when it is ruined, begins to take life.

- Danger Zone is now available on the map Purgatory (casual mode) - Custom rooms allow you to change more details. Weapons : This update has changed many details of many weapons:
  • CG15: Removed in casual and ranked mode. Despite what it promised in the early days of its emergence, the weapon turned out not to be effective despite its extreme sniper power. As has been proven, power is not everything.
  • M79: The grenade launcher is now a drop weapon.
  • M14: 10% increased rate of fire
  • VSS: 10% increased Damage
  • SKS: 10% increased rate of fire
  • XM8: Accuracy increased by 5%
  • AN94: Damage increased by 3%; Completely removed recoil recovery
  • Kar98: 40% increased damage to body shots; rate of fire decreased by 10%
  • AWM: 50% increased body damage; rate of fire decreased by 10
- New Weapon: Machine Gun. Only available in "Shooting and Popping" Special mode

- Weapon type limitation on map: Only one of the following weapons will be available per match: - Crossbow - M1873 - M500 - G18 Two of the following weapons will be available per match: - XM8 - AN94 - M14 - New Elite Pass Bug Fixes and Enhancements
  1. Graphic enhancements to map foliage; ex palm trees and ghillie costume
  2. Zombie mode improvements
  3. Mortal Uprising Mode Improvements
  4. Bug where spear could be used through walls fixed
  5. Graphical and design improvements in menus

Updated 05/08/2019

- New zone on map Bermuda: Bullseye or Shooting Range

- New weapon: CG15 . A futuristic sniper that allows you to charge your shot for maximum damage.

- New Character: Laura , the most accurate sniper using crosshairs.

- New item: Radar . Use to know the next safe zone and where airdrops will fall with good equipment.

- Jump along with your squad. No more messy jumping.

- Added zip lines to the Bermuda map.

Hazardous Zone . An area where you are most likely to get high-level equipment and weaponry. Yeah, inspired        by Apex.

- Music added while parachuting. You can hang up, thankfully. - Guild system improvements: Players can earn Guild Tokens by completing Guild missions; these tokens can be redeemed for exclusive items in the store; chat and logs added to the guild menu. - A new Zombie has been added to Zombie Invasion mode. Bug Fixes and Enhancements
  1. Client Optimization
  2. Graphic improvements in animations
  3. Reduced shooting accuracy shortly after crouching and lifting.
  4. Optimized Mortal Uprising
  5. Interface optimization in various menus
  6. Zombies resist fire better
  7. Enhanced Weapon Slots
  8. Updated store
  9. New costumes
  10. Medical kits and grenades have a new usage indicator
  11. Event items will be added to the last inventory slot.
  12. Season rewards with "Details" button
  13. Players can now open multiple boxes at once.
  14. It is now possible to equip an entire set instantly.
  15. Enhancements and fixes in various menus
  16. You can collect all Elite Pass rewards at once.
  17. Whenever your hacking report is validated, you will receive a thank you email from the creators of Free Fire and its development team.

Updated 03/20/2019

- New Game Mode - Deadly Uprising will be a new mode where players are attacked by hordes of zombies. In this mode you can earn Bravery Tokens that can be exchanged for exclusive skins. - New character! Hayato , the Samurai with Bushido's martial power, which increases the damage the more life he loses.

- New Weapon: Katana . Live by the sword, die by the sword. - New Zone on Bermuda Map: Observatory.

- Soon there will be special events for the Free Fire World! - Free Fire World Missions with the possibility of winning prizes for players who complete - World Thrones will appear on all maps. Is it a real war ... of thrones?

AN94 Weapon Enhancements
  • Damage increased from 35 to 37
  • Firing rate increased from 0.20 to 0.185,
  • Range decreased from 36 to 32
VSS Weapon Enhancements
  • Damage increased from 25 to 27
- The character Misha suffers less damage inside a vehicle. - New Elite Pass Missions - Deadly Race replaced by Zombie Invasion - A giant egg in the lobby ... Bug Fixes and Enhancements
  1. Improvements in different menus
  2. Input Image Change
  3. Improved Settings

Updated 01/22/2019

- New area on the Bermuda map! The Cemetery is a new area full of graves for you to fill.

- New Character! Moco a Hacker, able to identify enemies on the map for a few seconds for the player or his team.

- New weapons: the powerful AN94 is a healing weapon, capable of healing from a distance .

- Optimized melee weapons - The Crossbow is more powerful just as the firing speed has gone up. - New pet system . The player can bring his pet to the game or play with him in the lobby.

- Redesigned start menu. - Christmas decorations removed (finally) Bug Fixes and Enhancements
  1. Improvements in different menus
  2. Invitation Improvements
  3. Inventory, personal messages, and improved wind pages

Updated 12/05/2018

- Winter has come! The Bermuda map is full of snow, gifts and other Christmas elements.

- New character: Antonio , the brave gangster

Guild Tournaments : Weekly guilds can compete with each other for dog tags. The more dog tags they get, the more rewards they can earn.

- Completely redesigned ranked mode ! In addition to the new icons It is now possible to do daily quests and exchange unique items with tokens earned in the rank.

- You can add a new ability of characters you have purchased, totaling three.

- Players can gain fragments of characters whose ability they use at the same time. - Vests can be leveled up to level 4 - Sentosa Island has new zip lines - Smoke barrels available! Shoot a barrel and create smoke to camouflage your movements - The M249 deals 50% more damage to vehicles, ice walls and barrels. Bug Fixes and Enhancements
  1. Fire Pass has a new video button
  2. Many graphic enhancements and special effects added to items
  3. You can use emojis in chat
  4. New awards and special cards at Luck Royale

Updated 10/16/2018

- New character: Caroline , the shotgun-addicted cosplayer

- Purgatory maps and Bermuda with decorative Halloween

Night mode in the lobby with zombies

- Redesigned M60 and M240. - Now when eliminating a player with a weapon equipped with legendary skin, a legal warning appears in the match Emotes . Available for purchase. Tell enemies and friends how you feel or make fun of them after you eliminate them.

Custom Rooms (available soon) - Guild Awards. Prizes vary by guild level. Bug Fixes and Enhancements
  1. Improvement of some character animations, purchases and weapons
  2. Devices with good RAM and good processors can get more FPS
  3. Enhanced ranking screen
  4. Button to copy enabled ID
  5. Players can now inspect the rank of other players.
  6. The game browser during the game is full screen.
  7. Last access information for player friends.

Update 09/12/2018

- New Vehicle: Moto

- New character! Miguel the elite cop.

Redesigned and improved Bermuda and Purgatory map . New zones on the Bermuda and Purgatory map have been shortened, making movement easier. - Deadly Run with Solo Mode - Special Offers: After each match a surprise box with discounted items can be drawn. - You can exchange Tokens for items. - Equipment Cards: Use different equipment indefinitely for a limited time. Bug Fixes and Enhancements
  1. The fire recovers the health bar and EP bar for you and your allies at 10 points per second.
  2. The gel grenade forms an improved wall
  3. Scanner shows the direction of the plane even after you have jumped
  4. Players with the best results and missions can be streamed during matches.
  5. Graphics improvements and new events

Updated 07/26/2018

- New Vehicle: Monster Truck

- New Character! Paloma , the arms dealer.

- New Melee Weapon : Baseball Bat

- New Gel Grenade

- Players can now offer gifts to guild members or friends. - You can now comment as a spectator of a match - The profile of each player is more complete and can be consulted by other players.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  1. Some items are collected automatically. You can turn this option off in preferences.
  2. Monthly and weekly pass created. Players can have the monthly and weekly pass at the same time.
  3. Improved Safe Zone System: The longer you stay out of the zone, the more damage you suffer.
  4. Lucky Royale system improved. Now there is more chance of getting a big prize.
  5. HUD Enhancements for Squad Mode
  6. Elite Pack designed for players who want to buy the Elite Pass

Update 06/20/2018

Rush Hour is back! The mode has returned with only 20 players per game, high quality loot and weaponry and much faster closing circles Lucky Royale : Draw system that allows the player to pick up new items. The player is entitled to one free play every 24 hours in Gold Royale mode.

Skins : Now you can decorate your weaponry with really cool skins.

- Gas Barrels: New item added to maps that can detonate, causing an explosion. New character : Kia, the Muay Thai fighter

- New item: loot map. Use to quickly pick up valuable loot without spending time searching. - Death Race will only be available on the Purgatory map over the weekend. New island mini game before each match

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  1. Added Loot Points on Purgatory Map
  2. Most random plane route
  3. G18 pistol shoots burst
  4. MP40 recoil boost and front grip enabled
  5. Increased damage and firing range of the M249
  6. Slight increase in VSS damage
  7. Improved HUD with new damage indicator and team indicator
  8. Enhanced support for big screen android devices
  9. New button during parachute jump

Updated 5/24/2018

- New Map: Purgatory .

Fire Pass open to all players. Possibility to earn items, badges and access to exclusive quests. - New Character: Maxim .

- New Weapon: M500.

Radar : New way to detect players. Tyrolean (Purgatory map only) to move around the map quickly. - Viewer and report mode available for squads. Glory Guild System : Earn Glory points by playing with your guild. - You can expand your guild. Ranked Guilds. - You can customize your surfboard. - Added more tires to the map to jump to taste.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  1. New look of lobby and store;
  2. Added new animations and sound effects;
  3. Increased power (slightly) for M14 and kar98 weapons;
  4. Desert Eagle temporarily removed from the game.

Updated 4/17/2018

Amphibious motorcycle available. Allows walking on land and in water, with room for two players.

- New Character: Misha .

- New "Deadly Race" game mode : Forty players in Duo, vehicles only, trying to survive until the last team.

Mushrooms : New item that allows you to gain energy, slower but available throughout the map. Cannot be transported.

- During freefall, the character can surf in the air .

- New Weapon: M79 Grenade Launcher available.

- You can customize your backpack. - You can customize your loot box (the box you leave when it is deleted). - You can jump out of some windows now, so show off your Parkour talent. Disconnected players can now connect again. - Added chat in team and guild tabs.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  1. Fixed bug where some players could shoot through walls / obstacles;
  2. Characters can be upgraded to level 7;
  3. The safe zone no longer appears in zones without logic (such as in water);
  4. Faulty equipment disintegrates;
  5. When you change weapons, extras automatically switch to the new weapon;
  6. The visible distance increased by 25%.

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