10 GTA Vice City mods to make your life easier!

GTA Vice City is one of the most beloved games in the franchise. Even today, more than 10 years after its release, it is a title played a lot on the PC. And playing GTA on PC means using and abusing mods to make the game even more fun! That's why we've separated the 10 best modifications for you to install in your game!

1. Radioactive rain and vampirism

This is one of the craziest mods available for GTA Vice City . It changes the gameplay a lot , as it adds a really acid rain that can kill Tommy. It is necessary to seek shelter whenever the first drops of water start to fall. The advantage is that this mod adds a special power to the protagonist: he becomes a "vampire". Each person who attacks will recover some of his life.

2. Slows down time

Classic, but always good and necessary! Especially on those missions with many enemies at the same time, slowing down the game can give you that necessary breath to keep from dying.

3. Snow in Vice City

Why not celebrate Christmas in Liberty City ?! The mod that adds snow makes all streets white, as if it were the harsh winter in the United States. Unfortunately there is no more impactful change in gamelay , but the look is really cool!

4. Tommy without gravity

Taking the gravity out of the game is another classic mod that Vice City couldn't miss . In fact, as you earn points for the jumps you make in the city, it is a good idea to turn this mod on whenever you jump on a ramp. You will jump that high, earning a lot of bonuses.

5. Walk on water

Who doesn't want to walk on water like a boss ? Well, this is what this mod does, eliminating the need for you to fly a boat or something.

6. Cars walk along the walls

Liberty City cars are a little Prince of Persia with this mod . It is great for those more intense and difficult escapes. Or even just to have a slightly different view of the city.

7. Flying car

Better than walking the walls with your car is flying around with it. Even more so in this model that resembles the DeLorean film franchise Back to the future .

8. Tommy's bodyguard

This is really crazy! You can have up to 8 bodyguards always with you. Wherever you go, they will follow you and will be willing to die to defend your life.

9. 1st Person Mode

Another mandatory mod in the GTA franchise . Playing in 1st person is much more fun! The cool thing is that both driving and driving without a vehicle is in this perspective. The problem is that to get back to the 3rd person it is necessary to uninstall the file.

10. Unlimited money

Finally, unlimited money. Grana never hurts in GTA Vice City . Sin City is full of temptations to buy, and you'll want to have a full bank account. Even if it’s just to admire it.

How to install mods?

Each mod in GTA Vice City has a different process. The links to download you will see the instructions for each file and in which game folder on your PC should put them. Pay attention not to put in the wrong folder or replace a file that you shouldn't have. Always save your save files as a backup . It is not uncommon for rescue files to be lost or corrupted using a mod . Furthermore, although Rockstar is not officially opposed to these changes, it does not support them. Keep this in mind when playing using the above mods ! See 12 insane GTA V mods ! Meet 10 essential mods for CJ in San Andreas Install the 18 mods for GTA IV to make life easier for Niko

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