Dark Souls and all the games in the Souls series have revolutionized RPG games. It is not for nothing that many players consider them incomparable in many aspects. Narrative construction, combat system and even merciless difficulty make Dark Souls venerated in the gamer world and even inspire the creation of similar games. If you have zeroed all the games in the series or even got tired of dying at the hands of the most brutal bosses , we have separated in this article X games similar to Dark Souls that you need to play. But be warned: this list is not for those with a weak heart. Whether for the gameplay or the difficulty level, all the names below are for those who like to be challenged.

1. Nioh

Platforms: PS4 and PC Anyone who has played Nioh certainly understood why he is first on the list. The difficulty of the game is memorable and reminiscent of all games in the Dark Souls series . Every step is a surprise, because a single enemy that comes your way can turn into a oss . This occurs in a quest system other than Dark Souls . There is, of course, that mix of RPG and beating, where you have to solve puzzles to progress. However, there is no continuous progression between the scenarios, as in the Souls series . The game is developed in levels, missions that can be repeated as many times as the player wants. In terms of narrative, the story takes place in Japan, in 1600. You take on the role of William, an Englishman who finds himself involved in a conflict of supernatural forces. There are a number of demons and evil spirits that you must face. But be careful: as with Dark Souls , all of your accumulated experience is lost whenever you die. So Nioh 's difficulty lies in establishing a balance in the gameplay and his style of play. There are enemies that can be eliminated with the famous hack n 'slash , but there are others that will require a lot of patience and study by the player. You should play this game if:
  • Take an interest in games that take place in Japan
  • Like games that are divided by levels or missions
  • Adept of a good challenge
  • Liking the death system in which you lose all accumulated experience

2. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Platforms: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, XBox One, Nintendo Switch and PC Skyrim enters this list much more by the theme than by the game mechanics. In addition, he has won a series of awards, including Best Game of the Year (2011) and Best RPG (2011). Thus, this is an indispensable title in the library for those who like to explore the dark world of Dark Souls . In terms of challenge, Skyrim does not even present the same enemies and bosses as Dark Souls . In fact, not even the most powerful dragon in the Skyrim Mountains can compare in difficulty to the most humble boss in the Souls series . Anyway, this is a game that is very worthwhile for presenting an immense freedom of exploration. Speaking of the narrative, you take charge of a character with no name, but who is known as Dovakhiin. The Dovakhiin is a legendary dragon tamer, who would have been born to rid the world of these mythological beasts. Throughout the main missions, you head to the final duel with the supreme dragon, Alduin. But what makes Skyrim relatively similar to Souls is that you can embark on side quests as interesting as the primary ones. All of this in scenarios like caves, tombs, castles and lost ruins, in a huge open world. Also, depending on where you play, you can apply mods for Skyrim honoring Dark Souls . You should play this game if:
  • Previous Elder Scrolls titles have been played
  • Sympathize with open world games
  • Interest in games with dragons and other mythological figures

3. Monster Hunter World

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One and PC The latest Monster Hunter World game made the series even more famous and appreciated in the gaming world. We cannot, however, say that it is a copy or even that it has many similarities with Dark Souls in most aspects. It is an action RPG, yes, but it differs in narrative terms and in terms of objectives. You assume, for example, the role of a Monster Hunter. The background of the game is that you are in a land populated by mythical and powerful creatures, which you must hunt. This gives you good loots , armor and stronger equipment. However, there is not exactly progression of narrative or even quest . It is practically that always, but with the advantage of being able to call friends to hunt monsters for hours. It is precisely in the hunt for creatures that Monster Hunter World resembles Dark Souls . The combat difficulty is considerably high. It is not enough to simply beat the monsters in any way. It is necessary to master fighting techniques, in addition to learning how to use aid items. Understanding the importance of land is also very important. You should play this game if:
  • Enjoy fighting with a high level of difficulty
  • For a fan of the Monster Hunter World series

4. Lords of The Fallen

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One and PC This is considered one of the first games to follow the molds of Dark Souls . From the game's photography, which is dark and gloomy, to the combat system that is complex and quite deep. In addition, it is not enough to follow the hack n 'slash mode and leave pressing the buttons anyway to beat your enemies. It is necessary to think about combat, as each type of opponent requires a different fighting style. Lords of The Fallen was highly praised at the time of its release for its similarity to the Souls series . The less heavy atmosphere and with a paced rhythm favors those who are used to the Souls style of RPG. It is still interesting to say that the difficulty in Fallen is much less, mainly because if you die, you continue with everything. Speaking of the game's narrative, it is simple and objective. You take control of a warrior who must defend the world from an infestation of demons. Throughout the various main and side missions, you face interesting bosses that will give you great hours of challenges. You should play this game if:
  • Likes a more classic RPG
  • Has a taste for medieval-themed games

5. Dragon's Dogma

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360 and PC Dragon's Dogma is that interesting mix of Skyrim with Lords of The Fallen and Skyrim . In fact, this game is the result of a fusion of elements belonging to RPG classics, such as Fable and the first Elder Scrolls . The main campaign's objective, in fact, is almost the same: to face a legendary dragon that wants to bring an end to our world. To do this, you take charge of a human being, Arisen, who explores the land of Gransys. You have the help of battle assistants, called Pawns. One is fully customizable, as is Arisen himself, and the other two are pre-established by the game itself. The game is much easier in terms of Dark Souls gameplay , but it can provide a lot of fun for those who like challenges. You have a good-sized open world at your disposal, plus the possibility to choose from at least nine different character classes. This is important, as each class offers different game mechanics. You should play this game if:
  • Like games that you can customize your avatar
  • Want different styles of gameply according to different classes

6. The Surge

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One and PC The Surge is the most different game on the list in terms of thematic. Incidentally, in this sense it has nothing to do with Dark Souls , although it is considered by many to be a success for Lords of The Fallen . The developer, including Deck13 Interactive, once commented that this game is clearly inspired by the Souls series . Speaking of the game, therefore, The Surge is a futuristic RPG. The main character wears armor that is an exoskeleton. This exoskeleton can be customized throughout the game as you progress and evolve. The combat, by the way, is quite different from what you see in RPGs. It is possible to aim at specific parts of enemy bodies, in addition to being able to end them with special movements. The plot is another very nice point of this game. The Earth is in a post-apocalyptic moment, when human beings extinguished most of their natural resources. This led mankind to contract numerous diseases. The main character is Warren, a wheelchair user who participates in a technological project that guarantees this exoskeleton. And your mission is to prevent the world from being completely destroyed. You should play this game if:
  • Liking futuristic narratives
  • Take an interest in dystopian themes

7. Jotun

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC While The Surge is the most different in terms of the theme compared to Dark Souls , Jotun is the most different in terms of gameplay . What we can say that has to be similar is the fact that you don't have much information in the game about what to do. It is as if you are constantly lost, with no way to go. But soon you find yourself and understand what Jotum is. You are Thora, a Viking who was killed and now goes through kingdoms, lost. Your mission is simple: impress the gods to be allowed to enter Valhalla. To do this, you must eliminate Jotun, giants and elementals, who appear in scenarios full of puzzles . Solving these puzzles and destroying enemies will make you impress the gods. Jotun is a "hand-drawn" game. The gameplay focuses a lot on solving puzzles and exploring limited scenarios. Fights are few compared to Dark Souls . The combat mechanics, by the way, is quite simple. Basically, it is turning the ax, cutting with the ax and dodging attacks.

8. Necropolis

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One and PC Necropolis is a dungeon exploration style game . Like Jotun , he is more sketchy. But don't underestimate this game, as it can offer you a good dose of challenge. In third person, you find yourself in a maze, with moving platforms and a lot of hidden treasures. The game's enemies are wild animals, ancient machines and dead explorers who have turned into zombies. The combat system does not have a defense system or shield, and there is no option to dodge attacks. That is why it reminds Souls , since fighting requires technique, strategy and positioning to attack without being attacked. As it is a roguel-ike game , if you die you will be penalized with the loss of all your items and all experience points. In fact, you are punished with the obligation to restart the game. It is only possible to have one save slot , which further limits the possibilities of play. You should play this game if:
  • Enjoying rogue-like games
  • Enjoy complicated and intense battles

9. Hollow Knight

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC Created by a crowdfunding campaign , Hollow Knight is a piece of art in the gaming world. All hand-drawn, it is largely inspired by Dark Souls . One difference is that it is in 2D, and you control a character that is similar to an insect. You carry a sword, used both for combat and to interact with the scene. Your enemies are insects and other types of creatures. There is the possibility to use special abilities and ranged attacks. Something that is very similar to Dark Souls is the fact that there are so-called ouls , which are kept in jars. If you die, you must resume your path from the last checkpoint , in search of retaking your souls and all your items. To do this, you must face a shadow of yours, which stood still where you died. Remembering that it is almost never possible to recover the same amount of souls that you had. So it is important to be careful in the hours of battles, to avoid dying. Mainly because as you progress in the game, you will have to consume souls to attack with more power. You should play this game if:
  • Enjoy dark-themed games
  • For a fan of 2D games

10. Castlevania: Symphony of the night

Platforms: PS, PS3, PS4, PS Vita and Xbox 360 We couldn't help but end the list with one of the greatest classics of RPGs. Castlevania: Symphony of the night is one of the games that certainly inspired the creators of the Dark Souls franchise . Like the game above, it is in 2D, in a side-scrolling style , with a non-linear narrative that follows the adventures of Vlad Dracula's son, Alucard. Initially you can only access specific parts of the castle. As you progress through the game and obtain the three animal forms that Alucard can transform into, fog, bat and wolf, you can explore the entire castle. Each character's hand can hold a weapon or shield, giving you more combat opportunities than many 2D games. Equipment, aid items, and magical powers can be obtained throughout the scenario throughout the narrative progression. There were revolutionary elements for the Castlevania franchise at the time, such as the addition of evolution levels and health and magic points . In addition, you can see numbers like Alucard's strength, luck, defense and intelligence. In the end, after zeroing the game, which we anticipate to be a very complicated mission, it is possible to unlock new game modes through special codes. You should play this game if:
  • Want to experience the beginnings of RPG in video games
  • Are you a fan of Castlevania and vampire stories
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