For those who still don't know, Blue Essence (EA) is one of the main ways to unlock champions and other resources in League of Legends. The “coin” was introduced in patch 7.22, replacing the old Points of Influence and, after a while, proved to be a slightly faster way to enable the game's content without spending real money. Among the items that can be purchased with Blue Essence are:

  • Champions
  • Rune Pages
  • Champion Mastery
  • Chromas
  • Nick change

How to get Blue Essence?

There are four ways to obtain Blue Essence in the game: Completing missions: it is important that you do all the missions that are available, as the amount of Blue Essence received by each one is very low. In addition to the daily missions, stay tuned for events that appear. Opening champion capsules and chests: whenever you open capsules and chests, there is a chance that you will receive a variable amount of Blue Essence. Disenchanting champion fragments: Disenchanting a champion fragment gives 20% of the champion's total value in Essência Azul. However, disenchanting a fragment is only worthwhile if you don't want that particular champion. If you want, it is much cheaper to acquire it by upgrading the fragment, which costs 60% of the champion's total price. Example:
Jax is a champion that costs 1350 Blue Essence. If you disenchant a fragment of it, you will receive 270 EA, but if you want the champion, it will only cost 810 EA if you upgrade the fragment.
So whenever possible, try to buy champions using only fragments. If you are in no hurry, it is better to accumulate fragments of the same champion until you get it than to spend Blue Essence. See here a list of the best LoL champions in each position . Passing the level : whenever you level up , you receive a certain amount of Blue Essence (EA). The table below shows how much EA you earn per level:
Level Blue Essence
02 400
03 4800
04 450
05 4800
06 270
07 810
08 270
09 810
10 90
11 400
12 450
13 450
14 500
15 960
16 500
17 500
18 540
19 600
20 960
21 600
22 650
23 725
24 725
25 960
26 725
27 720
28 725
29 720
30 2120
After level 30, you earn 1 champion capsule per level and 1 glorious champion capsule every ten levels. Also check out some tips on how to play League of Legends .

Tip for earning XP fast

Play in Coop mode. vs AI, choosing the beginner level of Twisted Treeline. Among the ways to gain LoL experience, this is the one that offers the most amount of time played. XP received at Coop. vs AI may be little compared to the others, but you only need 7 minutes of departure to receive. So try to play several games in a row in this mode and try to win each one as quickly as possible (after 7 minutes, of course). The difference in XP received after a few hours will be quite large.

What is the price of each champion?

Whenever a new champion is launched in League of Legends, his Blue Essence cost is 7800 or 975 Riot Ponts (RP). Over time, prices decrease and are divided into 5 ranges:

450 Blue Essence Champions

Champion Occupation Tier List
Amumu Jungle Ç
Annie Mid B
Ashe Bot B
Dr. Mundo Top Ç
Garen Top THE
Kayle Jungle D
Master Yi Jungle B
Nunu & Willump Top D
Poppy Top D
Ryze Mid AND
Singed Top Ç
Sivir Bot THE
Soraka Support B
Warwick Jungle Ç
Understand what each tier list rank means !

Champions of 1350 Blue Essence

Champion Occupation Tier List
Enlist Support THE
Cho'Gath Top D
Evelynn Jungle s
Fiddlesticks Support B
Janna Support B
Jax Jungle s
Malphite Top D
Mordekaiser Top D
Morgana Support s
Nasus Top B
Rammus Jungle Ç
Sion Top THE
Taric Support Ç
Teemo Top Ç
Tristana Bot B
Tryndamere Top Ç
Twisted Fate Mid Ç
Udyr Jungle Ç
Veigar Mid THE
Xin Zhao Jungle THE
Zilean Support THE

Champions of 3150 Blue Essence

Champion Occupation Tier List
Akali Mid Ç
Anivia Mid Ç
Blitzcrank Support B
Corki Bot D
Gallium Mid AND
Gangplank Top THE
Gragas Jungle AND
Heimerdinger Mid AND
Karma Support D
Karthus Mid THE
Kassadin Mid THE
Katarina Mid Ç
LeBlanc Mid s
Lux Support B
Miss Fortune Bot THE
Nidalee Jungle B
Olaf Jungle D
Pantheon Jungle Ç
Shaco Jungle THE
Shen Top AND
Shyvana Jungle B
Sona Support THE
Twitch Bot THE
Urgot Top s

Champions of 4800 Blue Essence

Champion Occupation Tier List
Ahri Mid THE
Brand Support THE
Caitlyn Bot Ç
Cassiopeia Mid D
Darius Top THE
Diana Mid D
Draven Bot THE
Elise Jungle D
Ezreal Bot THE
Fiora Top B
Fizz Mid B
Graves Jungle s
Hecarim Jungle B
Irelia Top s
Jarvan IV Jungle Ç
Jayce Top AND
Kennen Top AND
Kha'Zix Jungle THE
Kog'Maw Jungle D
Lee Sin Jungle THE
Leona Support B
Lulu Support Ç
Malzahar Mid THE
Maokai Jungle D
Nami Support THE
Nautilus Support Ç
Nocturne Jungle THE
Orianna Mid Ç
Renekton Top B
Rengar Jungle B
Riven Top B
Rumble Top D
Sejuani Jungle D
Skarner Jungle Ç
Swain Top Ç
Syndra Mid D
Talon Mid B
Trundle Jungle D
Varus Bot Ç
Vayne Bot B
Saw Jungle D
Viktor Top s
Vladimir Mid Ç
Volibear Support AND
Wukong Jungle Ç
Xerath Mid THE
Yorick Jungle AND
Zed Mid s
Ziggs Mid B
Zyra Support THE

6300 Blue Essence Champions

Champion Occupation Tier List
Aatrox Top B
Aurelion Sol Mid D
Azir Mid D
Bard Support B
Braum Support Ç
Camille Jungle B
Ekko Mid B
Gnar Top AND
Illaoi Top B
Ivern Jungle AND
Jhin Bot s
Jinx Bot B
Kai'Sa Bot s
Kalista Bot D
Kayn Jungle THE
Kindred Jungle Ç
Kled Top B
Lissandra Mid Ç
Lucian Bot s
Ornn Top F
Pyke Support s
Quinn Top B
Rakan Support Ç
Rek'Sai Jungle D
Tahm Kench Support AND
Taliyah Jungle THE
Thresh Support s
Vel'Koz Support THE
Xayah Bot B
Yasuo Mid THE
Zac Jungle Ç
Zoe Mid D

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