The action of Free Fire Battlegrounds in Bermuda map takes place on a deserted island, where you face dozens of other players in a brutal fight. As with any Battle Royale style game, the player starts the game without any equipment , only the body clothes. It is essential to choose a parachute landing spot and start looting if you want to stay alive. Therefore, learning as much as possible about the island map will greatly help you achieve a victory. The locations where the loot comes up are random and you can either equip your character with different equipment quickly as well as just a single pistol. However, there are places that are more likely to succeed than others.

Chaves Island locations

Locations with more buildings and industrial zones are likely to have valuable loot . The vehicles will mostly appear in industrial areas and in garages near the main road . Note that these locations call many more players than more isolated ones. If you are still learning to play, avoid these overcrowded zones.


This new zone is in the former location known as Outpost. There is a lot of loot spread across the different rooms, it has many ramps, high places and many blind spots. If you like close combat it is a good place to start. In the end, it is a species of mill in small point, but with much more dangerous zones. It is at the west end of the map which can make it difficult to move to the safe zone depending on the gas.


In the northeast of the map there is an abandoned cemetery. There is plenty of loot between the graves but first try checking out the mansion at the top north. It has many rooms and several floors to check. If you jump there initially, always try to land on the roof and start from the top down. And be careful or there might be another grave in the garden. Yours.


Situated in the northern part of the island, this shipyard has plenty of loot , both in terms of weaponry and other supplies such as jackets and helmets. The two warehouses in the upper left corner are likely to have weapons, while the central containers usually have many dressings. The dorm area is very likely to loot as well. If you are lucky enough to get a vehicle, enjoy the road to escape. Beware of cranes as some players may use them as a high point to target you.

Metallurgical (Mill)

An old metalworker perched on a hill at the northwest end of the island is a loot- filled place Always try to land at the top of the hill and only then advance to the factory. The terrain is uneven, full of ups and downs. The two houses in the lower left corner are in a small valley, so leave them to the end as you are vulnerable to shots from the top of the hill. The factory also has two roads, making it possible to take a car closer to the warehouses and then leave. Despite being at one end of the map, the zone draws a lot of players, so be extra careful.

Cape Town (Capetown)

A small town at the northwest end of the island. You are likely to get at least one vehicle such as a jeep or tuk-tuk , which is quite convenient as the island's main road is nearby. The houses have different rooms that are worth a visit. In the lower left corner are some two-story buildings that provide good places to target enemies without exposing themselves too much.

Nuclear Power Plant (Mars Electric)

A large site with many areas where there is likely to be good loot and vehicles. The warehouses are large and do not have many places to ambush or be ambushed. However, there are many pipes and seals that can hide unpleasant surprises. At Central there is also a crane where you can climb to get better visibility of the site. If you can't get a vehicle, use the side tree cover to get out of the station as you are very vulnerable from the hill just ahead.


A tall, multi-storey building with the small village of Pochinok on the right, the Airport on the left and the Nuclear Power Station on the south. If you catch a sniper or similar weapon in the early stages of the game, you can watch these three locations with relative ease. There are some containers on the right side that deserve a look. There is a high probability of getting a vehicle at this location.


A military zone, the airport usually has loot varied and of very good quality. It is not uncommon to find a level 3 helmet and vest in hangars and trenches. There is also a high probability of powerful weaponry and many extras. The Airport is divided into two main zones: the Hangar zone and the Clock Tower divided by a canal. The Clock Tower zone is ideal for landing if the plane route allows it. As it is slightly taller, it offers good visibility and the main building has a lot of loot. Take care when advancing down the airport runway. An average sniper will be enough to eliminate you.

Rim Nam Village

A fishing village located at the southwest end of the map, Rim Nam has a good loot possibility, especially in the smaller mansion's main mansion. However, if you jump there, remember to go out using the wooden piers that connect the islands. If it goes through water it will be forced to move more slowly and will be exposed. There is a stream nearby, use it to sneak close to the Airport if you prefer.

Bimasaki Village (Bimasaki Strip)

The village of Bimasaki is crossed by a dirt road. It is in a slight valley and is very easy to get a vehicle in the garages of houses, as well as different types of weapons. If you do not have any vehicles, enter the village on the left, using the power station and its chimney to observe the terrain before advancing. It is a heavily wooded area, so if the final rounds are there, get ready for a bloody fight.


It is a central location on the map in the highest area of ??the island. At the top, there is a kind of abandoned hotel. At the base of this hotel is common to have some loot . It is a very dense zone, full of trees and rocks that allow lethal ambushes, especially in the final stages of the match. If the final circles happen to be there, go to the very top of the hill and move from that point. The south side is steeper and with many more trees. The north side has a road from which it is easy to shoot the arriving vehicles.

Sentosa Island

A smaller island, linked to the central island by two bridges. On the east side there is a kind of lighthouse where there is a high probability of cool loot on the roof of this structure. Use the tires to jump. Down the road there is almost always a vehicle and inside the tunnel there are supplies. In the center of this island there are some houses with great chances of good loot. If you start your game by jumping on the island, remember that you need to get off the bridges or swim across the strait . Exiting the bridges is faster, but you may be ambushed at the exit. Swimming is slower but it is quiet. Of course, while nothing, you can not shoot. Battle Royale-style games like Free Fire, where surviving to the end is the goal, always depend on some luck, but knowing the map of the game makes it easy. 

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