10 Essential Tips for Stormfall Saga of Survival

Check out our Stormfall Saga of Survival tips and tricks. The game mixes elements of survival with others of RPG and certainly addicts any fan of these genres. Loots, equipment, upgrades, dungeons, shelters, etc., etc. Stormfall has it all. Below are the top 10 tips for beginners in Stormfall Saga of Survival!

1. Clear the land and build your home

The first thing you must do in Stormfall Saga of Survival is to clean up your surroundings and build your home. As you just started, cleaning the area will guarantee several necessary loots, so collect all the wood, stones, reeds, etc. Since you already start the game equipped with a spear, don't be afraid of the goblins and wild boars that appear. Defeat them and collect the loots. Once the scenario is free of monsters, you can use the “Auto” function in the lower left corner to automatically search for all available resources. As soon as possible, start crafting Stone Axes and Stone Picks to be able to destroy rocks and cut trees. To craft tools, simply click on the hammer icon on the right side of the screen and see the options available and the materials needed. When you have enough resources, build your home. It will protect your character and your resources while you are offline.

2. Increase your inventory

As soon as possible, defeat wild boars to collect fur and make a leather backpack. The item will provide you with all the inventory slots you need to loot more smoothly.

3. Build a plowed field

Campo Lavrado is one of the first things you should build. In it you can plant some food, but what you should prioritize for now are the reeds. Although these items are easy to find, reeds are used in many crafts in the game and in a very short time you will want to have an extra reserve. When planting a reed you will receive two in 30 minutes, so plant as much as possible.

4. Use the cart near your shelter

Next to your shelter there is a broken wooden cart. You can use it to store items that you don't need to carry with you. To do this, simply drag whatever you want from your inventory to the cart. Do this with craft items that you will only use in your shelter. That way you will have more space to loot and load useful items, such as food. Always open as much space as possible in your inventory before leaving for the World Map.

5. Visit other locations

Eventually you will need to visit other locations on the map to browse new features. When you click on one of the locations, the game will show a summary of the main information for the location. Be aware of the difficulty, especially. At the beginning of the game it is advisable that you visit only the places marked with only a skull. As you progress, you will need to take the risk and enter more dangerous places. In such cases a suggestion will appear that you come back with better equipment.

6. Looting tips

  • Whenever you go out to explore other locations, you need to pay attention to a few things. First, keep in mind what items you want to loot and focus only on them. Don't spend space on your inventory with loots that you won't be using.
  • To make it easier to manage resources, organize the chests you build in the shelter well. You can build as many as you like and place the tag to identify the content. So, divide the loots between them by category and this will make your life a lot easier.
  • When you go out to loot, you only need to bring new armor, weapons and one or two sets of food to keep your statuses safe. Leave everything else in store.

7. Looting difficult places

  • If you chose to enter a difficult location for your level or equipment, you should be well prepared. In order not to be caught by surprise, always pay attention to the minimap. Through it you can detect monsters before they detect you. In addition, the minimap shows elements before they appear on the screen.
  • Whenever you walk in a crouch you decrease the distance at which you are detected by monsters. In addition, crouching allows you to approach from behind and make a sneak attack that does twice the damage.
  • When entering combat, try to move a little or take the fight close to the limits of the scenario. This will decrease the chance of other monsters joining the fray.
  • If you die, all your items will be dropped. To recover them, just go back to the place of death and look for the backpack. The minimap also shows her location.
  • Houses always have many good loots, but watch out for traps.
  • Whenever you need a little HP, use the items you find in the scenario. Save the prepared foods you brought from the shelter for the most critical situations.

8. Complete daily quests

Every day you receive three quest sets containing five daily quests that range from collecting specific items, defeating monsters or crafting equipment. Try to complete the daily rates every day to receive the rewards. Completing a set of quests guarantees a chest with a chance of containing equipment. Completing the three sets (15 quests) guarantees a golden chest containing a guaranteed weapon and armor.

9. Build a stable and raise a horse

At level 22 you can build a stable to raise a horse. The option is a great investment as it allows you to move between locations much faster.

10. Don't forget to protect yourself

Don't forget to go back to the shelter when you leave the game or creatures can damage your character. Meet the 10 best survival games for Android!

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