You Can’t Speak World Chat Yet? How to Fix it!

Umpteen people face the problem of "You won't be able to chat yet." The problem is not solved even after reaching levels as high 15 where it is normally easy to start chatting. Now the question arises that what is causing the problem in the game?

Why is it still difficult to speak in World Chat?

A plethora of people are in the obfuscation about what is thwarting them from speaking in World Chat? Many people suggest that one needs to upgrade to a VIP account to chat.  However, one basic requirement to start chatting is by reaching level 55. Earlier it was just level 15.The game wants one to try the following things before starting to chat:


(2)Tower of Oblivion

(3)Prophet Summon

Aspen and Seal Land don’t count like the above ones.

There are other ways to start chatting:
  1. Buy 500 gems orb and open it
  2. Upgrade to a VIP account

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