How Sigmund Actually Works

While playing and recording of a numerous number of battles I finally got the idea about How Sigmund really works, and here I am sharing it with you people. Some of the basics are included below-

  • When your first skill which includes basic attacks or active skill attack is done then the damage count is displayed on the screen which adds the initial tick of the damage done by DOT.
  • There is DOT damage which is displayed on the screen and mentioned above doesn't count as a tick. You would need another 4-time tick after the starting one. This summons that you got five ticks including the initial tick which is the same as the Active skill. The end report includes all this damage.
  • The increase of 40% which is from Sigmund self-damage never falls back. But you're active also doesn't get benefited from this bonus expect the target you normally attack. This bonus damage benefits all counter attacks to each and every target.
  • The sigmumd does 50% of its total HP in the last five rounds in a broken space match after 15 PVE rounds not counting any HW buff yet.
  • Deals (166% of the Attack) x (54% of the Attack) Damage done to 3 Targets. Burn them for (54% of the Attack) then damage for three more rounds. Increases the own Skill Damage percentage is around  20% per round, which is capped by three stacks, the first 20% effects from the starting cast. Recasting is an Active skill also refreshes the duration of the buff. This is the real description of Sigmund's acting skills.
  • At around 15./u/SoftIscream no DoT tick is there.
  • At lvl200 the light/dark broken spaces boss has a reduction of 50%.
The Cthugha which gained Sigmund’s burn damage has to have ~50k stack for the three initial rounds then adds up by ~50k attack per 3 rounds with by round 13  it was capping out around 250k attack.

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