Faction: post group Job: professional killer job 5 ?6 ?10 ? Power symbol Power hearth symbol HP attack symbol Attack armor symbol Armor speed symbol Speed 7371 17745 4336 643


Hurricane Compass Active – Adversary with the most elevated assault takes [194% of Attack] harm, diminishes Assault by 10% for 3 rounds, diminishes Assault by 5% for 2 rounds, diminishes Assault by 5% for 1 round and takes [150% of Attack] drain harm for 2 rounds. Shadow Step Passive – Increment Assault by 15%, expansion Square by 30%, expansion Control Insusceptible by 10% and increment Speed by 10. Turn around Harm Passive – When blocking, increment Assault by 5% for 4 adjusts and increment Basic Possibility by 10% for 4 rounds. Shadow Interest Passive – Foe with the most reduced wellbeing takes [180% of Attack] harm and takes [100% of Attack] drain harm for 2 rounds.

Xia – Detailed Initial Assessment


She has the speed to assault first after CCers. This is critical as she has an enormous single target payload to convey ASAP. She has a utility that intensely rebuffs adversary Belrain, Amuvor, Skerei, Mihm for those who have a high assault. She likewise synergizes great with Valkyrie, as any hero that help Valk by lessening rival's assault enables Valkyrie to remain prevailing in living and managing harm. She can help with snowballing (Heroes that gain on death passives). Assault diminish vital for later Broken Space and harder supervisors when they include them down the line. Can one shot Skerei or most heroes besides and she needn't bother with Reinforcement Break or Blessed Harm to do this as she's crating admirably over upper 4-12 million without those details.


While she is quick, she doesn't have CC utility so can't generally slap on a Speed stone, so she's vulnerable to DH, DA, Mich, Val (with Mage Boots), Kamath (if Xia is backline). Being same speed as Mihm, she'll be outmanoeuvred by him. Since she has the most minimal HP and no HP% multiplier in her detached, she will be a focus for Mihm's vitality decrease in cycle 1 deferring Xia's dynamic except if she's by and large vigorously hit in space 1. It is essential Mihm is quicker than Xia to shield her from snowballing first in the event that you need to counter her! You can counter Mihm's vitality also take on the off chance that you are the player with Xia and watching this video by utilizing Belrain or Michelle. Michelle will mend cycle 1 with ancient vitality rarity whoever is the most reduced in HP, and if adversary Mihm has Augustus speed antique and hits Xia first, Mich will finish Xia off and help her endure +20% Crit Chance buff for faster burst. DA will close her down opening 1 even with 30% CC insusceptibility so Mihmless Rainbow air groups can utilize DA to cover Xia. Squishy, under 3-4 million Battle HP.

Details at a glance

To start with, I see that she has a similar measure of speed as Mihm and this is critical in working in and around him. From her first aloof, she increases 70% Square, 30% Control Safe, and Assault by 35%, which is a multiplier like Essential and Propelled Organization Tech, Protection Set Rewards, Atmosphere, Stone, Ancient rarity, and so on. Concerning her HP, it is the most reduced in the rundown of right now practical/endgame/meta heroes, and this is essential as we'll examine. Indeed, even Confidence Edge shakes more HP. Be that as it may, Xia has more eHP (proficient HP) through the square. While hinder on paper sounds extraordinary, let us not overlook different exactness classes have from organization tech. Likewise, eHP of square scales extraordinarily higher the more HP a hero has. This implies the goal for her to Square; she needs to survive burst. Subsequently, more HP = more prominent the estimation of Square (which is 33% dmg decrease as a well disposed update). At the point when worked for unadulterated glass gun, harm, she has under 3-4 million Battle HP. I see even backline Skerei having the capacity to neatly one-shot her. Without getting into complex math, Square is average for her survival because of low generally speaking HP, yet it powers her second Latent.

Dynamic and Passives Abilities in Fine Detail


Each time she obstructs, she increases 20% Crit and 15% Assault. This does without a doubt stack additively and can vary intensely in battle and opening position. Essential to note, Crit Chance % buff does not stack after it is topped. For instance, on the off chance that you have 45% Crit Chance in Battle, she'll gain 3 heaps of the Crit Chance Symbol (because of adjusting down, diversion coding). For what reason is this critical when she'll be 100% Crit in many situations? You can perceive what your rival Xia's Stone and Antique is generally through this significant data and have the capacity to counter her as needs be! The 15% Assault increment buff is additionally added substance and stacks unbounded inside the 4 round point of confinement. Keep in mind; Professional killer Society Tech gives Crit/Crit Harm, so she's not going into battle with no Crit Chance by any stretch of the imagination. This basically implies wherever regarding space position, she will most likely keep her Crit up to 100% and by and large Assault increase in 60-105%, which gets duplicated with NOT her character sheet details, however her Battle Assault esteem.


With respect to her speed, we will get into why 1218 and not 1 more or 1 less is essential shortly in her counters. Speed, in general, is extraordinary, yet since she doesn't have any Group Control (CC), she will at present be out speed by most heroes with CC who are no less than 1188 (Devil Seeker, Dim Arthindol, Michelle, Valentino with Mage Boots, and so forth.), since those heroes will utilize Speed stones. This opens up to her first shortcoming and inevitable ruin, capitulating to CC weight.

CC Immunity

Shouldn't something be said about her 30% CC Insusceptibility detached? In the event that your Ice Flicker has 30% opportunity to CC and completed a functioning versus full Light or full Dim line up, which gets 30% CC Insusceptibility from air reward, IB will at present get an opportunity to CC, since 30% to 30% isn't subtractive. So it's not without a doubt, yet it certainly includes after some time. Keep in mind; consistency is the manner by which heroes are positioned.


Third, with respect to her essential and dynamic, it's monstrous harm. Her essentials can achieve a couple of millions if she has her stacks from blocking. She additionally does eDPS (effective DPS/DMG) on the grounds that she focuses on the foe's the least HP target. Additionally, while her assaults, as a rule, finish an objective off, on the off chance that she doesn't, the drain isn't something to disregard.

Attack Reduction

Concerning her assault decrease, which gets diminished by 10 each round as it states in the amusement, it's an incredible utility for PVE against overwhelming hitting Raiders, Broken Space managers. Her harm will be high too, no uncertainty. She lessens more assault than HW and together in PVE will be productive.

Slot Position

Best opening position relies upon your adversaries. As I said about DA, opening 1 can be precarious against DA groups. By and large space 2 is most secure and best and will understand that normal stacks as I referenced previously while doing harm and she actually needs to complete 1 dynamic in the wake of being CC'd to begin raising your opportunity of winning that specific battle.

Stone/Treasure Choice

Contingent upon Job/Space position Despite the fact that she won't get the full profit by the Crit Stone's 20% Crit Chance with her second uninvolved, notwithstanding, the higher the Crit Chance, the more esteem Crit DMG is, and math and numbers don't lie. Likewise, it's pivotal she comes to and keeps up that ~100% Crit Chance in the early adjusts. At 100% Crit Possibility, 1% Crit = 2% Crit Dmg in DPS 1:2 proportion At 20% Crit Possibility, 1% Crit = 8% Crit Dmg in DPS 1:8 proportion As should be obvious, higher the Crit Possibility, more prominent the estimation of Crit Dmg in eDPS. How did you? I don't even?? @#($@! Crit Harm (BASE**) esteem Out of gear heroes= 150% [BASE** Battle ATTACK*(1.5)] Crit Harm (BASE**+Crit Stone) esteem Out of gear heroes= 254% [BASE** Battle ATTACK*(2.54)] Crit Stone has 52% Crit Dmg increment why the extra 52? Affirmed by Devs and tests on Chinese discussions and Reddit. All additional Crit Dmg is (x2) esteem. IE Crit Harm (BASE) esteem Out of gear heroes = 150% [1,000*(1.5)] = 1,500 Crit Harm (BASE+Crit Stone) esteem Out of gear heroes = 254% [BASE Battle ATTACK*(2.54)] = 2,540 * Base methods Battle Assault esteem pre-buffs like Assault % buffs, Emily/Rosa Dynamic buffs (which are for the most part added substance). She can lose 38%-42% of her assault and still Crit Harm from Crit Stone alone will pull ahead versus Assault Stone (calculated even with Xia having 7-12 piles of Assault buff from her second uninvolved. In space one, where Assault Stacks from her aloof will be more prominent in many situations, Assault Stone will have spikier (bustier results). Be that as it may if Xia utilizes Staff: Punisher of Unfading, she can lose truly over 53% of the Assault esteem she has with Assault Stone, to accomplish more eDPS. Likewise, your Xia can dynamic on adversary Xia running assault stone on the off chance that you are running Crit Stone.


Use either Survival or Assault Stone for opening one on the off chance that you face adversaries that need to fundamental through space one to pick up vitality, or in some other openings use Crit Stone for prior amusement evolving actives. HP Stone might be utilized as specialty play, or to maintain a strategic distance from both foes Mihm vitality decrease and adversary Xia's fundamental assault. She can be utilized with cautious details to outlive CC and harm to return harm while assuming a greater amount of utility job with assault lessen. In PvE against focuses without high harm decrease or high base protective layer utilize Assault Stone Except if she's not increasing numerous stacks use Crit Stone. Progressively about Stones can be perused at here.

Artifact Choice

Concerning antique, on the off chance that you are confronting Mihms, regardless of whether you run Speed curio or not you'll either get vitality evacuated before you assault or after you assault with your fundamental. In many situations, it is smarter to get vitality stolen previously, if she's space one, as she'll do essential and get hit in opening 1 to have the capacity to fit a functioning in cycle 2. I have battled against Xia E3 with and without vitality ancient rarity and by and large much better without. While staff can deal with her and is a standout amongst the best, you're betting high-stake putting a hostile ancient rarity on a hero that might do not exactly a million harm one battle to 30 million the other. So you can run high assault curio adjusting for Crit stone or potentially Enchantment Stone Sword or Staff: Punisher of Undying, or Augustus all relying upon your server group.


She works incredibly with Mihm, or god level snowball heroes so far as that is concerned, and particularly with Valkyrie as she compliments her with assault lessen against Valkyrie's real dangers, Skerei. Healers like Mich, as I recently referenced, will organize her as endgame groups running Mihm will, for the most part, hit Xia cycle 1, Belrain fills in too. Xia alone won't convey your late diversion comp, while she can convey mid amusement and E3 progressing servers. She won't solo groups like Valk can. Xia's is unnerving, however, is numerically conflicting individually, so you have to construct a group comp as I said already to help her. It's not her that makes your group but rather a hero you have to make your group AROUND, and that is conflicting and can have issues later on.

Initial Impression

My general rating is that she's a tremendous threat in Rainbow Valk/Mihm groups as these three heroes Dab harm/utility/harm/bolster joined is definitely not a giggling matter. Nonetheless, she has irregularity issues that put her not in the domain of Valk in 1 to 1 examination.

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