What is Holy Damage?

What is Blessed Harm?

Sacred Harm property is the extra harm which is diminished by the Decrease Harm property; however not by the Defensive layer.

Sacred Harm, in fact, expands the harm of Fundamental Assaults, Dynamic Aptitudes, Crits, Counter-assaults and Harm After some time Harms.

1% Sacred Harm = 0.7% extra harm.

In this manner, the measure of harm Blessed Harm gives you depends on the Saint's Assault detail. The Assault detail can be expanded by Quality’s, Pets, in-fight buffs and so on.

For what reason Would it be advisable for me to Think About The Blessed Harm?

By seeing how the Sacred Harm functions, you will discover it much simpler to pick the best Stones, Relics, and Beast for your Saints.

For instance: In the event that you have 0% Defensive layer Break while the objective has 30% Protection Relief, 1% Blessed Harm will expand your harm managed by the very same sum that 1% of your Assault could.

In PvP, the greater part of the Saints with the exception of Warrior have Defensive layer Relief around 30%; it is somewhere in the range of 27.5% and 35% at level 250.

On the off chance that you have extraordinary Shield Break, Heavenly Harm will turn out to be less vital.

You can undoubtedly compute the measure of the additional harm expanded by Sacred Harm In the event that you know precisely the Reinforcement of your objective, utilizing this equation:

Additional Harm = (70% x [Holy-Damage]%)/(100% – [Armor-Mitigation]% x (100% – [Armor Break]%))

You can investigate this sheet to peruse progressively about the harm testing.

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