Winners of the Contest for PIH’s Idle Heroes Fan Art

Hello guys. I hope you are all doing fine and you are all playing a lot of Idle heroes. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your submissions to the Idle heroes fan art contest. It was astonishing and at the same time pleasure to see that our community has such amazing artists. We have received so many entries that even we are finding hard to keep track of them all, not to mention we are receiving some amazing art even after the deadline. So, today in this post we will announce the winners for this contest.

The 5th place goes to the art titled “Make Love not War” by the talented SERBOSS. He will also receive a 10 Dollar gift card from our side.

If you want to see an image with better resolution, it can be obtained from here:

The 4th place again goes to SERBOSS. Again, this submission shows us how creative SERBOSS is when it comes to Idle Heroes. He will receive another gift card worth 10 dollars.

A higher resolution picture of the artwork is available here:

The 3rd place goes to the artwork titled “Devil Regeneration” by thesikaleon. He will receive a gift card worth 25 dollars for the same.

Also, at this juncture, we would like to congratulate thesikaleon for his adherence to the gameplay. Though the art he has made is black and white, the skill with which he operates his pencil is highly commendable. An image with better resolution can be obtained from here:

The 2nd place for this contest is bagged by the talented Liehuja for his artwork titled “Skereish Christmas." He will get a 25-dollar gift card as a reward.

This is one of the most favorite art pieces for all of us here. The skill and creativity that it has taken to make this particular piece are mind boggling. A higher resolution picture of the artwork is available here:

And the last but not the least, the 1st place for the Idle heroes fan artwork contest goes to walnuts223 for his piece titled “Dreaming of Valk." He will receive a 50-dollar gift card along with the admiration and appreciation of all the people of the community of Idle Heroes.

We knew as soon as we saw this piece of art that it would go very high up on our list, and it did. We bow our hats to walnuts223 for creating this beautiful masterpiece. An image of the artwork with higher resolution can be found here: I hope you all enjoyed drawing and looking at some amazing art centered around the idle heroes universe. We want to thank every one of our participants. We will also be launching a new art contest that will be based on PIH very soon so stay tuned.

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