Tricks of The Simpsons: Springfield for Android and iPhone

Here are a series of tricks / tips that you can use in The Simpsons: Springfield for Android and that will certainly make the game much easier. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try to play without using them to get the most out of the game experience, although you may be very helpful in obtaining certain achievements / trophies. Be as it is and as always ... you choose. Saving donuts: Spending the donuts in bullshit takes its toll I know that sometimes it tempts you to give Homer one to finish a 6-hour job in 1 second, but those useless expenses can delay you a lot as you progress through the game so try to save as much as you can for later, which Surely you will need it. Money and XP bonus: Spend the Donuts on items that can only be purchased with donuts, and that are useful. There are objects such as the Springfield Singing Symbol, which will give you 4.5 percent of the money and XP bonus every time one of your characters completes a job, it is a very good option to spend your donuts. 10 donuts and the free Jebediah statue: When you can assign Homer to play with his “myPad”, assign it to him, and while he searches for them, he touches the screen 10 times around Homer and you will receive 10 donuts and the free Jebediah statue. This will maximize your vanity index. But beware! It can only be done once. Experience and money: Convince your friends to install the game, if you visit their cities and touch their buildings, I think 3 are needed every day, they will give you experience and some money. Jobs: Touch a character and select different jobs to get money and experience, but always with a head, if you want to play for example in the afternoon for a while do not send them to do a 6 or 8 hour job, use them to do short jobs, and when you don't want to play anymore, or when you go to sleep, then send them Special buildings : Some buildings allow you to perform special actions when you touch them. You can plant crops on the Cletus farm or bet on dog racing on the Springfield race track. 10 donuts: You must update your game to have Halloween content. Search and click on the character in the photo and he will ask you a question where the answer is «The Zune». This will give you 10 donuts and a new Mayan costume for Homer Character balloons: In addition to improving the aesthetics with these great character balloons, its placement on the map will offer you new bonuses increasing the% XP earnings. The only problem is that each of them has a cost that can be in money or donuts. Money: If you click on each XP and on all the cash bills on your screen you are wasting time, just click on a search or $ symbol to collect the prize and then wait 10-12 seconds and all the XP and the money that You won is collected instantly. Missions and buildings: Plan your missions and buildings to fit your schedule. While doing missions and buildings of shorter duration if you are connected, if you are not constantly collecting then you are losing money. For example, if you have Lisa do a 2-hour search, but you do not charge the reward until 6 hours later, it is 4 hours that have been wasted when you could instead have placed it in a six-hour search and received a larger reward . The Conform or Meter: Pay attention to the Conform-o-Meter in the lower left of the screen. The Conform-o-Meter classifies you according to eight categories, indolence, Consumerism, hugging trees, Vanity, obedience, gluttony, righteousness and Socialism. You can check their current rankings, as well as learn to increase their ranking in each category by clicking on the Conform or Meter in the lower right of the screen (the stars). As the ranking improves you earn a% bonus for the money and XP you receive.

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