Tricks of Pokemon Silver for GameBoy


Leave an evolved female Pokemon in the nursery any you want but that is the evolution of the baby you want to get. Then leave any male Pokemon (this does not matter its type) and that's it. Go through the nursery every now and then to see if the old man is here to offer you the egg. When I do it, it's just a matter of waiting for the egg to break and your 1st level evolution pokemon will be born.

You can have pokemon babies as long as you have a success and the pokemon you want a baby pokemon to come out of:

Dito + Electabuz = Elekid
Dito + Cleafable = Cleaf
Dito + Pikachu = Pichu

You just have to change to the pokemon that you want to change color to a silver version when the 2 have received the pokemon immediately turn off your gb without recording.
NOTE: You have to have both pokemon at the same minimum level 40 and maximum 80.

have to talk to all the people of all the towns. The last one you talk to will give you a lighter and tell you not to throw it in the oak but you throw it and 500 steps will appear Celebi.

You have to take a female cleffairy where the pokemon take care of you and leave it there, when you come back they will give you an egg that is Cleffa.

Follow these simple steps:
1-. In an empty box leave as many pokemon as you want (if you want to equip them with items like masterball or rare candy)
2.- Change to another empty box and when you put Saving. Turn off the console and turn it on again.
3.- Check the poken menu and there will be the pokemon with the equipped objects.
NOTE: Only a maximum of five pokemon

These pokemon will only evolve with friendly evolution is to say you have to have them in your team for a long time to take them to make haircuts in the underground of olderon city and not give them bitter medicines.

After the league has passed, Professor M. will give you the SS.Ane to enter the ship when you arrive in Carmin city, fly to Azulona city, go to the electric center, talk to the director and get out of there, fly again to Bluish city and go to the gym you will meet a guy from the team rocket out there and go up where Bill's grandfather is, there you will meet the guy you saw in the gym, beat him.

And he will tell you where the machinery that you have to go to carry in the electric center is, then fly to the city of lavender and enter the tower, talk to the person in charge and give you another card out there and fly to carmin city, put the radio and play the music of the podeflauta, then put it on the Snorlax and wake up if you want to catch it, then enter the Diglett cave and go to the city where Brok's gym is.

Talk to the old man who is next to the supermarket, he will give you the Rainbow pen, get on the boat, sleep and you will arrive faster to the olive tree, jump off the boat and fly to the city of the fourth gym, go to the scarlet tower and enter, mouths through all that and you will reach the ceiling there is HO-OH.

When you throw a ball to a pokemon, press + . That way you'll have more luck capturing it.

Misty is achieved when you go up from the place that is in CELADON CITY you run and run and fight I think they are like 9 people or less than nine like 7 or 6. You end up fighting with everyone and there is a child who does not fight without seeing you have that talking and fighting with him (if you do not fight with all the trick will not come out) then when you finish fighting with him he gives you a NUGGET (the nugget is not the passes).And then you get out of there walking and you go for a little question, then you get out of there and you jump a little broun, you go to the Gym again and there is a person dressed in black (a Roket) in tons, stumbles with you without wanting to say he says sorry, I have to go and leave you have to leave as Roket did and go where you had already fought and Roket comes out you have to talk to him and fight (if you do not fight the trick does not come out) then he has more than in Pokemon is koffing and when you have finished, it has already gone by magic and you go to where the boy who gave you the NUGGET was, then a girl with red hair appears and a boy who goes by the little question and she talks to you and goes where you entered when fighting on the other side ...Misty is already in the gym and you see a little girl in the water the 1 you have to fight with her after a step and you see that you are looking forward you give this key «->» and you look at the water and you give the "A" and Magne plan tells you something you have to fight with misty and then you have to go to where the plant is resolved and you give a chubby boy that and he gives you an attack that is Zap Cannon and you go out there you go saffron city you go to where a house is and if a fat man and a pokemon and a girl appear to you you will walk through the sunset (do not go out) you ask a girl who turns and disguises you then she tells you you have a cleafery doll if you have it I'll give you the passes for the train.Then you have to go to the house where the man gave you the rare candy and you talk to the chubby boy he gives you the cleafery doll and you have to go where the girl gives it to you.

In the commercial center of the trigal city, a girl appears every Friday who gives you the MT recoil if you have as your first PKMN one that is happy. The MT recoil is based on loyalty; the happier the PKMN is, the more PS it takes away from the rival PKMN.

Evolve Stelix. To achieve this, equip it with the Metal Coat and trade.

You have to go to the Kanto world. You have to fight with Liter. It arises and then you have to go to a house that is more upstairs from the gym. And you see a clafeary doll and a beyleef as you walk and ask sir. And you talk to the entoneses after you've finished talking to him, he gives you a RARE CANDY. Then you will fight with misty in CELADON CITY. And you have to get Misty

How to get the stone, water, leaf, thunder and solar go with bill's grandfather he will ask you to teach him a pokemon first he will ask you for a likitun with this he will give you an everston (the pokemon that brings him will not evolve) then teach him a odihs will give you the stone leaf (evolve agloom, victibrel and sunkey advice evolve to gloom or victibrel) then you will show him a staryu will give you the water stone (evolve to staryu, polywart or cloyster) then teach him a grouli (gold version) or a vulpis (verson silver) and he will give you a fire stone (evolve to grouli or vulpis) then show him a picachu and he will give you a thunder stone (evolve to picachu) the solar pedra will give you a prize in the tournament to marry insects (evolve to sunkey ).Tip teach suny day tm 22 because you will learn solar beam remember there is only one stone of each and you can only use it once you think well before using it.

The Windows update prank can easily trick someone when opened in full screen. It looks and acts like a real install page.

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