Tricks of Pokemon Red / blue for GameBoy

5 Pokemon Masters: In the Indigo Plateu you will find 5 Pokemon masters. Use them sorted in this way to improve the likelihood of success: Plant Water, Plant, Flying, Ice Psycho Ice or Dragon 99 of any object: To get 99 of any object, first put the object you want to multiply in the sixth box of objects. Now use Fly and go to the city of Viridian. Talk to the old man almost all the way to the north of the city. When I ask you if you are in a hurry, say no and watch how we catch a weedle Right after that, it flies to the city of Fuchsia. Head south, and when you reach the edge of the water, use SURF and go to Seafoam Island. When you arrive, swim up and down the beach until you meet a Pokemon called "M" (a glitch like Missingno). When you see him, kill him or run DON'T CATCH HIM! After that, you will have 99 of your sixth item. Train a fast Pokemon: To train your Pokemon at a higher level you have to first make 99 of the elements in strange sweets. Once this is done, use the candy with your Pokemon and it will begin to rise to higher levels. Mew attacks: If you climb a Nidoking to level 100, you go to the city of Barcelona and talk to a Roquet in the lair of the casino, he gives you a truck, you talk to him again and he gives you to Mew !! LEVEL: ATTACK Level x: POUND Level 10: TRANSFOND Level 20: MEGA PUNCH Level 30: METRONOME Level 40: PSYCHIC If you want to put more attacks better, such as psywave or mega kick, but do not sacrifice metronome or psychic, as they are necessary. Change the color of the screen: At the start the game boy press: y . Capture Kangascan: First capture Missigno and change the name to another pokemon and raise it to the Rare Candi level. Celadon City of Slots: All slot machines have different peculiarities, which change each time. Play on each machine 4 times, if any comes out 2 or more times, continue on that one, because it is probably hot. If the machine gets close enough to a 777 or Bar Bar Bar, it will probably give you one or the other very soon. Clone Pokemon (otherwise) You have to go to a pc, then deposit the pokemon you want to clone in a box, then change the box, it will say that you have to record do it, when it appears saving quickly turn off the console, press it now you will have the pokemones in the box and on your team. Take pokemon easily: Launch the Pokiball to capture it and press + repeatedly. Get Togepi: Take a chaseny and raise it to level 99 take it to the nursery (in a celestial city) leave it there for a while until it gets 100 you will die and the egg in your belly will open and you will have togepi. Get Pokemons on a very high level: First you will have to talk to the elder of Green City. Then fly to Isla Canela, put the strongest pokemon you have on your team, save if you want, surf almost on the shore, where the water touches the earth, and keep surfing until you meet one of these fortsimos pokemones These pokemones have more than 100 levels and if they gain experience points they will return to level 100. You can play with these pokemon in Two Player Battle mode to kick your friends' butts as a champion. Get a Mewtwo: Once you have the eight plates, you will have to win the Pokemon League. The credits will appear and then the menu will appear again. Do not reset the game. Go to the city of Cerulean, north towards the bridge, where you met 5 trainers before the road to Bill's house. Turn left and you will see a large area with water. Surf until you reach a cave. You will find a Mewtwo inside the cave. Cut grass areas: Once you get the HM «cutter», your Pokemon can cut the grass. Use the "cutter" to cut an area two by two. The wild Pokémon will not attack you in the area you have cut. Extra damage: While fighting, select the attack you want. When I tell you that you are going to use the attack (eg "Venusaur uses Razor Blade"), press and hold until your opponent's life stops. If you do it fast, you will get more damage than usual. Professor Oak gives you Mew at the start of the game (Blue): First you must talk to all the OAK teacher's assistants (inside the laboratory) then leave the laboratory and save the game and turn off the console, after that you must continue the game and walk 300 steps (obviously inside the paddle town) then save the game again and then head towards the green city and Professor OAK will appear and take you to his laboratory instead of choosing SQUIRTLE to be MEW, then save the I play and you already have it. Elixir for the Ditto: When you take a ditto take it where the bridge is that there are water team members next to it and then there is grass because there you fight a pidgey with your DITTO, transform into it and change the attacks with the select then defeat the Pidgey and look at the status of Ditto has no attacks give him an elixir Win easy level: To easily gain experience, simply choose the Pokemon you want to train with the best on your list. When you enter combat, the Pokémon will evolve. Then you can move on to another Pokemon. Once you win the fight, both the beginner Pokemon and the fighting Pokemon will gain experience. Make the Poke Ball work like a Master Ball: You have to throw any type of ball to the pokemon you want cap. and press and . Go to the islands Dato: This trick is for the red blue, yellow as soon as you go to the data islands you go to the zafari area you enter as soon as you enter like this twice, then turn it off, and then go out and say welcome ... ... and he tells you you want to enter you say no and, you go to cinnamon island and surf up and down and he tells you your game is over you appear in the zafari sales area and you are in! The islands! there he catches mew. Go to the Mew Islands: Go to the safary area, pay the entrance, go and tell you if you want to leave tell him that he does not save and then turn off turn on salt and tell him not to go to foam islands and go there and an alarm will sound and You will appear in the safari area and you are already in Mew Islands Go to the deformed world: You must go to the safari area There you have to enter and go straight to the grass on the left. Then you turn off the gameboy and turn it on again. You leave there and the man who is there tells you as if you were entering then you go to foam island and you finish the 500 steps and you will appear in the deformed world. Fight with land creatures in the water: To fight with creatures that normally live on land on water, go to the water around Cinnabar Island or the Seafoam Islands (it is the only area where you can be randomly attacked while swimming). Swim by the shore of any island and fight with creatures of land. (You have to walk in an area where the square is half water half earth). Instead of fighting a group of monsters in the water, you really fight with monsters from the last place you were. So to get safari monsters you need to go to the safari section with that monster, let your time pass and then go to the coast. Using this trick, you can get to catch Kangaskhan, Scyther, and Tauros. Fight in the elite four more than once: First get the 8 badges. Then cross Victory Street and win the Elite Four. After that your Pokémon will enter the Hall of Fame. Then the credits will appear, continuing with the reset of your game. Go back to your Game Continuation, you'll be home again. Go back and win again and again. This will raise the level of your highest Pokémon, because you can still get a few hundred experience points. Mimic TM: Buy a Pokemon Doll at Celadon Mart, then fly to Safron and talk to the Copycat. She will give you the mimic TM. Missingno: Getting the MissingNo in the red version can erase your old game and prevent you from recording again. To get the Missing Do not go to Cinnabar Island and enter the Pokemon. Search the Laboratory and deal with someone in the first room. Then leave the Laboratory and go to the EAST of the island, surf from top to bottom in the area where the water touches the earth. Ira will raise the combat screen and the screen will turn black for about 5 seconds. Once you find him, I suggest you use a Pokemon from level 30 to 40. This is because the MissingNo, even with level 80, has a fairly low level of defense. So let him down very slowly. Even slow, it is extremely difficult to catch. So then take a Pokemon that knows how to make the movement of sleeping and put it to sleep. Continue this with two Ultra Balls and you will have it. Note: Hunting the Missing Cannot cause minor glitches. Also note that if it evolves (taking for example Rare Sweets), it will become a Khangiskahn. Secret Coins: In the corner of the game there are secret coins scattered around. You can get them walking through those areas and pressing Multiply items: What you have to do is go to Viridian city and talk to the man who teaches you how to capture pokemons, say yes and then no or vice versa. Then you put in the sixth item what you want to multiply and you fly to the island Cinnamon and surf around the beach until you find Missigno Matalo. Level 100+ Pokemon: Follow these instructions to get Pokemon of the highest levels: Talk to the old man in the city of Viridian, who will teach you how to catch Pokemon. Fly directly to Cinnabar Island. Put the strongest Pokemon on your team. Now you should record. Surf on the shore where the earth touches the water. Keep surfing until you find one of the strong Pokemon. These Pokemon are above level 100. Unfortunately, they will return to level 100 if they gain experience points. Strange Sweets will be the only thing that makes them level up. They can be used in battles with two players, without losing their level, so have fun liquidating your friends. NOTE: This is a game error. It won't work on the newer versions of Pokemon, and it can hang your game if you try. Get Mew without the Game Shark: To take out pokemon 151, before capturing Mewtwo, you must stand on the left side and play the pokeflute 27 times. Mew appeared at level 30 s 40, it is not so easy to capture, so I recommend you save your master ball, since Mewtwo can be captured with the ultra ball, with a little practice. Crystal onyx: You have to go to the green city and from there fly to the Cinnamon Islands and make south with Pikachu, if you are lucky new pokemones will appear and among them the ONIX DE CRISTAL. Invisible walls in Koga's gym: If you look at the floor in Koga's Gym, you'll notice that it has lines. In some places you will see some small spaces in the lines. These lines with gaps are the invisible walls. Go to SS Anne when sailing: Get in front of the man who says "the ship sails" take a step to your left and then to the right and without releasing the button press start save and turn on and you will see that you have turned down do surf and pass Above him follow down and you will enter. Ghost PC: Go to the hotel in the city of Celadon. Sit in front of the PC in the Pokemon Center, and you will have a PC with all the options. Pokegoods: To access Pokedioses you have to open your game cartridge and completely remove the silver square chip (the brightest). You will then have access to the Pokedioses like pikablu, MEW, etc. Stronger pokemon in less time and without Rare Candy: Instead of training the 6 pokemon train 4 or 3 with greater intensity and trying to be of varied type (different types) so when you go through the 8th gym your pokemon will go through the level 60 or 70, then capture the legendary to complete your 6 pokemon and voila, you have the strongest team. New Pokemons in Blue, Red and Yellow editions: Do not believe that you can not pass new pokemons to those issues is a lie the only thing that happens is that they will not put the name, but you go to the inspector of motes and that's it. Climb to Nidoking 100: Then you change it for the truck keys in the casino and then go to the ship and surf on the right. You will see a truck, put the cars and pull the truck back and under the truck you will find a masterball and new. First you take the masterball, then you talk to mew and you fight and you throw the masterball at mew and you hunt it. Tactics for the boss: Here is the best to win the leaders of the Pokemon Gym: BLAINE: This fire trainer will use the Fire Pokemon against you, so you can use the Water or Ice Pokemon. BROCK: Use the water or grass Pokemon against this rock trainer. ERIKA: Use the Fire Pokemon or fly over this plant lover and destroy or dream of fighting again with you. GIOVANNI: the last boss, the leader of the rocket team, is the last leader of the Gym: use water, ice or plant and he will be outside (and talk to him again, he will tell you something else). KOGA: This Pokemon Poison lover will be defeated if you use the Psycho Pokemon. MISTY: Use the grass or electric Pokemon to beat him. SABRINA: Use the bug or ghost against this psychomaniac and it will be rendered. Lt. SURGE: Use a rock or earth Pokemon and it's fried. Codes for the Explorer: Get Mew: 0115D8CF Infinite money: 019946d3 019947d0 019948d3

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