Top 12 Free Steam Games of 2020

Everyone loves free stuff and games are no exception. With the evolution of the internet, it has become easier for some game creators to offer free games, using payment modes like microtransactions, cosmetic purchase and / or ways to customize the game. Check out our list and discover the best free games waiting for you at the Steam store. We try to choose games where skill is the most important and not games where it is possible to gain competitive advantage using real money.


Intense, with gorgeous graphics and action-packed loot and fights, Warframe is a fantastic game. As a warrior, your goal is to gradually develop your armor or ex-skeleton, called the Warframe, making different resources. This requires dozens of different missions and defeating enemies in insane battles while using moves that would make a ninja jealous. Everything happens on different planets, alone or with friends. Warframe is a massive game that takes some time to master and even more time to level up your character, weapons and skills. But it is very worth it. Discover Warframe on Steam.

Dota 2

Constantly evolving, with a huge community spread all over the world, Dota 2 is a difficult game to define. Here you need to think strategically, and also to mesh with your team and, at the same time, develop your characters' skills and equipment throughout and beyond matches. Dota 2 is extremely rich in detail and hard to master quickly, but it is a highly competitive, fluid and strategic game. Discover Dota 2 on Steam.

Path of Exile

Inspired by the famous Diablo action RPG, many gamers say that Path Of Exile is what Diablo 3 should have been. And indeed, the game is quite evolving, posing different challenges to even the most experienced players. Creators are always releasing new bosses to slaughter, magical powers to learn or mystical weapons to find. Your character starts out as a nobody and gradually needs to survive, learn to improve skills and master weapons and spells that do not depend on your character's class. This is where Path of Exile shines most: with a seemingly infinite talent tree, there may be completely different characters in the same class in the skills and weapons they use. See Path of Exile on Steam.


Choose an elf, goblin, witch or other mystical race and enter the battle. In this highly competitive First Person Shooter (FPS) where you can use original weapons and demolishing spells, each player can develop their character as they wish. In addition to the abilities of each of these champions, you can use the Deck system with different cards, increasing certain attributes to further enhance your powers. Discover Paladins on Steam.


Legendary warriors from around the world have joined in a massive tournament to find out who is the best. In addition to punches, kicks and flying, swords, axes, spears and even more futuristic weapons such as bombs and various traps are allowed here. There are really cool team and solo modes where you can take on players from all over the world in very radical fights in a 2D environment inspired by the classic Super Smash Bros. Discover Brawlhalla on Steam.

Black squad

A very competitive FPS, inspired by other classic titles, but completely free. The only time you can spend real money is by buying skins. Black Squad was inspired by classic FPS like CS, Battlefield and Call of Duty. The game has several classic modes and is very light, running on weaker computers without problem. Discover Black Squad on Steam.

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms

Single player, this ultra-light game blends elements of RPG and strategy into an idle or incremental game mechanic. Idle games need minimal interaction between the player and the goal, which makes this type of game quite addictive. In Champions of the Forgotten Realms you create a true army and take you on dozens of adventures, improving and modifying the look and abilities of your characters. The formation of your pack of heroes is very important, so it is essential to think strategically. Discover Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms on Steam.

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress is a team-playing FPS that mixes some RPG elements, especially the class system. In it, each team can consist of attack, defense and support characters and players need to work synchronously. Team Fortress has good cartoon-style graphics that create a charismatic atmosphere for the game. In addition, there are several modes to be games, each with a different purpose. See Team Fortress 2 on Steam.


A very competitive MOBA, Battlerite is an intense game of frantic 2 vs. 2 or 3 vs. 3 battles. Battlerite is built for action and is highly customizable. Here you control a champion and can improve your skills and powers. The combat mechanics are very well thought out and it takes good reflexes to win. Discover Battlerite on Steam!


Do not be fooled by the Minecraft style graphics. In this survival game, the goal is to overcome a true horde of zombies using weapons and a lot of intelligence, managing many different resources, planting, fishing and facing natural hazards. You can play cooperatively with other players or treat everyone as an enemy in Battle Royale mode. A real challenge with cubic graphics. Discover Unturned on Steam

Realm grinder

Grow your kingdom into a game idle with dozens of possibilities and options. Start with a small farm and end up with a really nice castle with a lot of accumulated wealth. There are dozens of different options, secrets to discover, alliances with neighboring kingdoms to make, and artifacts to find. Discover Realm Grinder on Steam.


A fun adventure MMO, Trove - Geode is different from the usual in this game genre. Maps are completely destructible and the community is always creating more. There are many different places to explore like dungeons and castles and various player classes. There is also the possibility of creating from houses to weapons while engaging in insane fights, using riding animals and doing dozens of other activities. If you like RPGs with hundreds of details, you won't be disappointed. Discover Thunder on Steam. If this list is not enough, check out the top 10 free PC games!

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