Although Free Fire Battlegrounds is a game designed to be played using the screen of mobile devices such as phones and tablets, there is a method to play using a control / gamepad. Many gamers prefer this type of control for games like Free Fire because of the familiarity with the controls. Playing with control, in the opinion of some players, gives you greater control of your game and increases your field of view - your fingers are no longer covering the sides of the screen. Check out the method and find out if you prefer to use control or continue using the screen. Note: This method is only possible on the Android operating system .

Control Type

Firstly it is (obviously) necessary to have a control / gamepad. There are Bluetooth models that even have a support for your phone. But you can even use a wired gamepad by connecting your phone / tablet with an OTG adapter .

Install Octopus (Octopus) App

For your phone or tablet to recognize the control / gamepad, you need to install the Octopus app . This app will allow your control to be recognized. She will also remap the buttons according to your preferences. After installing for the first time by APKPure you can open Octopus just like any other app. In the Octopus start menu, you will see the games installed on your device that are compatible. In order to play with the controller, you must always start the game from Octopus. The app lets you remap some of the keys using simple controls. You can use gamepad / control or even keyboard and mouse . Obviously, if your gamepad is Bluetooth be sure to turn it on. If you find this too complicated and your phone does not run smooth Free Fire or if your battery runs short, why not try playing Free Fire on your PC ?

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