Free Fire, like any Battle Royale game, depends on the loot the player can find. Finding loot is not difficult, as it is spread across both maps. The most difficult thing is to choose the right loot and discard what is no longer needed. The same is true with the weapons you choose. Which ones will be most suitable for your style of play? Learn more about loot and discover the advantages and disadvantages of different weapons, items and equipment.

Loot priority

There are better places than others to catch loot, both on the Bermuda map and on the Purgatory map . After choosing where to jump and land, the priorities are:
  1. Firearm : Get the first firearm you find. Do not waste time choosing, either serves to survive in the first minutes.
  2. Vest and helmet : protection is essential from the moment the game starts.
  3. Dressings : it is always good to be able to get it early, because you never know if the action starts early.
  4. Backpack : this way you will be able to load more loot with lots of ammunition, dressings and grenades.
There are other ways to pick up loot, such as the refueling point / treasure map or an Airdrop. But if you can't make it to the live refueling point or survive long enough to use the drop, that's your problem.

What is the best weapon set?

If you ask this question to 10 players, you would certainly have 10 different answers. However, personal preferences aside, we can assume that the best set of weapons must meet some requirements:
  1. Have a weapon for long and medium distances and another for short distances.
  2. Weapons should match your style of play.
  3. Weapons that allow you to apply extras allow for more control and better shots.
We decided to group some sets of weapons that seem to meet these requirements. This is a matter of preference and there are many other useful combinations. Obviously, all players would love to use only drop weapons, with all level 3 extras, but this is rare, although not impossible. We put a name in each set, to differentiate them. This is an unofficial name. We are not counting on extras or a vest, helmet or backpack, as well as a pistol.

Sep 1: Elite

There are not many surprises here. Two drop weapons, with high damage. The Groza takes care of those who get too close and AWM do brain surgery on long distance. Disadvantages : very rare weapons; you need to catch drops that fall or use an Airdrop flashlight.

Set 2: Lethal

This set covers short and long distances well. The SVD gets good shots in semi-automatic with high damage and the MP40 grinds whoever has the courage to get close. Disadvantages : SVD is a drop weapon only. The MP40 uses up a lot of ammunition and the comb can run out at a key moment.

Set 3: Warrior

Although the M249 is a Drop weapon and the Lance is also rare, this set achieves a good balance in the various distances. The M249 has enough cadence for close-range combat and damage that comes with long shots, especially if it can take aim. The Spear is a very effective weapon, despite the limited ammunition available. This set is best used as part of a Squad. Disadvantages : both weapons are rare. The M249 needs some practice to be mastered over short distances and takes a long time to recharge. The Spear needs good eyes too, it’s not always easy to hit a moving enemy.

Sep 4: Russian Fury

Nothing like Russian equipment to brighten your day. The SKS is a sniper that can be collected on the map and does a lot of damage in the right hands. The AK , with a grip 3 and stock to dominate the recoil, is a versatile weapon, capable of eliminating any enemy quickly. Disadvantages : This is a set for experienced players. AK's massive recoil needs to be well mastered to be effective. SKS has a fixed sight and cannot be changed.

Set 5: Rushador

Rushar needs a lot of aggression and speed. The FAMAS is a good weapon to be able to keep the enemy covered lead - thanks to its burst mode and aim and extras, you can even use it on longer shots. You can use any AR with a good cadence. The SPAS12 is devastating at close range, even with vest 4, his enemies will need a miracle to escape. Disadvantages : FAMAS is not a good weapon for long shots in the hands of a novice player, especially if you don't have the right extras. SPAS12, despite all its damage, is still a shotgun and must be used at the right time.

Set 6: Classic

A set that any experienced Free Fire player must have used. The M4A1 is a very popular weapon among players, even if it does not cause as much damage as other ARs, it has a good rate of fire and little recoil. With level 2 or three extras and a good aim, it is a very ferocious animal, capable of good shots. The SPAS is a cannon to the melee, as it has been said. Disadvantages : the M4A1 needs good extras to compete well over long distances. There are dozens of other possible combinations. Always choose a set of weapons that dominates well and matches your style of play. Don't worry about the opinion of other players! Find out what the strengths of all Free Fire weapons are!

Essential items in the loot

These items are essential for staying alive longer and, with any luck, winning the match.

Anti Bullet Vest

This item protects you from shots, but not from falls, vehicle crashes or the gas zone. There are 5 different vests , each with a level of protection. You can use the tool bag to repair or upgrade your vest.


This item protects you from being shot in the head. There are 4 different helmets . Level 3 offers the most protection.


Medical kits keep your life bar full. Each kit heals 75 health and takes 4 seconds to act, so always try to load 5 to 6 kits. They allow you to fill your life bar completely almost 2 times.

Ice Grenade

An item that you can use to create a barrier to protect yourself or deny access to an enemy. They are very valuable, carry all you can. Grenades, mines, covers (Ghillie and Barrill bush) and special items like Airdrop lanterns or campfires are cool and effective items, but they are not essential. Find out more about Free Fire items in full detail!

Found better? Drop the old one

This seems obvious, but many players continue to forget to change their equipment. Have you found a level 3 helmet and are you level 1? Switch. Have two shotguns and found an AR? You don't need two shotguns, change one. Did you decide to drop any weapon? Drop her ammunition if you don't need to. Did you find a 4X sight? Drop the previous one. Why take up space in your backpack with unnecessary trash? Likewise, if after a fight your vest or helmet is ruined, replace them, even if it is necessary to change to a lower level. A broken helmet or vest offers little protection. A good way to learn is by watching experienced players. Meet the best Free Fire youtubers!

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