PES 2020 brings us once again the Master League mode. It has been successful since the time when the franchise was called Winning Elevate . In this edition, that game mode has received some important changes, making it a much more complete experience. If this is your first time playing this mode or you simply want to improve the basics, we share 8 tips for winning in the Master League! Check out!

1. Set an appropriate goal

The first choice you will make in Master League mode is to set the final goal for your first year. It is very important to stop and think about what possibilities you have to achieve certain goals. We all want to achieve the most difficult goal, thinking that there is nothing to lose. Everything has consequences! Achieving the designated goal will give you an extra budget bonus. The harder it is to achieve that goal, the greater the bonus. For example, choosing to win a regional cup is not the same as winning the league. Aim high, but don't overdo it! Otherwise, you will receive a budget penalty for not achieving the goal. Our recommendation is:
  • Achieve difficult goals if you want to lead a very good and consolidated team
  • Achieve the goal they propose if you are responsible for a regular team or created by the game
  • Achieve a smaller goal if you choose to coach a weak team or one created by the game and with great difficulties
  • Obviously, the next goals you set will depend a lot on how you did the first time. If you exceeded all expectations in your debut year, this is your perfect opportunity to be ambitious!

2. Know your players

Before making the first game with your team, take the time to get to know your players. You won't be able to improve strategy or tactics without fully understanding how each part of the gear works. To do this, we recommend that you review the full list of players on the team. One aspect you should note is the scores. Not just general ones, but also specific ones. This will give you an idea of ??what each player can contribute on the field. You may have three socks with the same general classification, but some will be more resistant, others will have more accurate passes, etc. When examining these details, think about the strategy you want to execute. Another issue to consider is the role of each player. You can see this information in the same list of players, although it’s interesting to go to My Team Information > List of roles in the team . There you are the one who does what in your team, being able to assign the functions to whoever you think will perform them better. Finally, it is worth taking a look at the positions and skills learned from the player. This will give you a better idea of ??where, in the field, it works best.

3. Define your team's strategy and tactics

The last step before starting the season is to define the specific strategy and tactics. If you have chosen to coach an already consolidated team, you may not want to change anything. But it may be interesting to make some changes, whether in formation, in the position of the players or in the attitude of the team in attack and defense. To make these changes, go to Team Management > Strategy . In this menu there are three sections that are useful: predefined tactics , alignment / editing position and player options . Make time for each section and try to get as many talented players as you can. This is a good opportunity to find variations within the game schemes, seeking more versatility and flexibility to play. If you started with a brand new team, this step is important. Do not hesitate to try different tactics and put different players in the initial formation. Try to change almost everything, giving opportunities to weak players. The results can be surprising.

4. Optimize player training

Although participating in matches is fundamental, it is not the only important factor in the evolution of the players. If you want each member to do their best in the Master League, try changing the focus of the training as needed. It is important to take this step after establishing the team's strategy and tactics, to know what role each member will play. A player on the offensive line will certainly want you to develop offensive approach training. If he is going to play on the center line, it will depend on whether you want to use him to create moves, block opponents' path or improve the counterattack. This must be thought of for all players! If you have a consolidated team, you must leave the training as is, unless you have changed a position player. If you started from scratch, be prepared, as you will have almost all players in " Balanced ". While it may seem like a good idea to leave it that way, it is not. Customize each workout according to your position and the role you want it to play. It will take a while, but it will be worth it! Don't forget to take a look at the skill exercises. Whenever you see that a player can learn a new skill, take advantage of it. That way, your team will have more tools on the field. More tools mean more chances to win!

5. Use talent hunters

As you progress through the season, it is common to see that your team can improve even more. Even if you don't miss anyone in the starting eleven, you may need better players in reserve. Either way, it is highly recommended to use talent hunters in the PES 2020 Master League . It is not necessary to immediately recruit any player who is discovered by the talent scout. There will be a list, which will be available for a few rounds. So think carefully and see if these athletes will really be useful to your squad. Otherwise, don't spend money for nothing!

6. Trade players only when necessary

Transfers, loans and contract renewals are the most important part of team management. Over the weeks, offers will come from other teams to buy or borrow their players. In addition, thanks to the talent scouts, you will also have the opportunity to hire other people. However, even if you are tempted, do not enter into negotiations all the time. If you are constantly selling and buying players, there is no way to establish a good base in your team, either with the owners or with the reserves. For this reason, consider interrupting negotiations most of the time. However, if there is a player that you will not use in the short or long term, trade them. But do this to get as much money as possible on the transfer. Never accept the first conditions! If they do not accept, wait for another offer. Obviously do not accept to sell players repeatedly without buying. You must have between 21 and 28 players in the squad. Another important issue is to look at the team itself. See if you have cash on hand to keep your top players. It is normal for you to have to pay more wages after a while. If you can't pay, players will be dissatisfied and will want to leave.

7. Rest your players

You read it correctly: let your players rest! We are not just talking about replacing them in the middle of the game, although that is also important. But an even more crucial part of managing the starting eleven is making sure they are fit and well rested. Otherwise, they will perform poorly or even suffer injuries. For this reason, try to change their holders from time to time. Give them time to regain their strength and allow other players a chance to show their worth. Only then will your team grow, stay in shape and be happy with you as a coach.

8. Always be flexible and listen to your team

In the last tip we want to emphasize some details. On the one hand, the rest of the management team will advise on ongoing negotiations, informing whether to interrupt or continue negotiations. And they are generally right on these boards, even if they don't follow their plans. On the other hand, players make comments about their work and how they feel. Listening to them is essential! Some will talk about transfer rumors and comment whether they are happy or not. Pay attention to this, as it may give you some indications of what to change in tactical terms and even in relation to the starting eleven. See 10 tips to do well in PES 2020 ! Meet the best players in the game by position! Find out who are the fastest Brazilian players!

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