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Here are a series of tips and tricks from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for PC and that will surely make the game much easier. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try to play without using them to get the most out of the playable experience, although you may be very helpful in obtaining certain Achievements. Be as it is and as always ... you choose.

Secret Room:

With this trick we can get any object of the game that we need, but for this we will have to open the command console with the «º» key that is located above the tab in the upper left of the keyboard, once the command console is opened we will have To enter the word «Coc qasmoke» press enter, and it will automatically take us to the secret room, to exit this room we will need to open the command console again and then we will have to use the trick »Coc (Location)» Example: Coc Whiterum, and thus leave the room. In this room we will have all the objects of the game and even some of the expansions, the room is divided into three zones, two with objects and the other with a large cage where we can call the monsters we want to see how they fight between them, always and when we don't get too close, and if we turn around and go to the treasure room where we can learn all the words of power.

Tricks God Mode, Fly, Cross Walls:

An extra help to make the game a little easier and why not, more fun. With these tricks among other things, you can fly, cross walls ...

Advantages / Keys:

Open the console by pressing the º key to the right of the 1 key on the keyboard in the upper left. By activating these tricks, achievements will be deactivated. fov 90: Open the field of vision (fov 100 is also great). stopquest name of the search (in English) : Deactivate the chosen search and clear the mission log . player.additem 00000000f x (x is the amount of money you want): Money! player.additem 00000000a x (x is the number of picks you want): Pick it up! player.modav carryweight x (x is the weight): Increase the load capacity! TCL: There is no clipping, everything can be traversed, be it walls, rocks etc. and the interaction is still activated. TMM (0): To show all Map Markers (tm1 activates it, tm0 deactivates it). TFC: You can move the camera freely (the body disappears and it is not possible to interact). TAI: Toggle Artificial Intelligence; disable artificial intelligence (npcs do not move). TCAI: Toggle Combat Artificial Intelligence; disable the NPCs from starting a battle. Tgm: God mode. Psb: All spells. player.advlevel: Level up. caqs: Complete all your primary missions. showracemenu: The race change menu appears. This allows you to choose your race and physical features again. It does not reset the skills. player.modav skill X: Modify the skills (“skill” ability, “X” the amount you want to add) if you use only X will be added, if you use –X will be subtracted, to use it you must put the name of the skills in English. onehanded: One hand. Lightarmor: Light armor. Sneak: Discretion. Alteration: Alteration. Smithing: Blacksmithing. Block: Block. HeavyArmor: Heavy armor. Lockpicking: Open locks. Enchanting: Enchantment. Alchemy: Alchemy. TwoHanded: Two hands. Speechcraft: Eloquence. Pickpocket: Theft. Marksman: Archery. Illusion: Illusion. Conjuration: Conjuration. Destruction: Destruction. Restoration: Restoration. player.additem ITEM XXX: Add items, replace the word “item” with one of these Codes, and “XXX” with the quantity. Addshout: Add shouts, combine with Shout Codes. Tm: Hides the entire interface. player.setcrimegold XXX: Adjust the price of the authorities. player.setlevel XX: Adjust the level. movetoqt: Transport to the mission you have selected. kill: Kill the target. killall: Kill everything around (literally). resurrect: Resurrect the target. setpcfame X: Edit the fame. setpcinfamy X: Edit the infamy. player.setav fatigue X: Edit fatigue. player.setav health X: Edit health. player.setav Magicka X: Edit the magic. player.setav Stamina X: Edit the stamina. player.setav speedmult XXX: Adjust the speed. coc qasmoke: Room with all the game items. qqq: Close the game. removeallitems: Steal all items from the target. Sexchange: Change the sex of your character. set timescale to X: Change the time scale of Skyrim, 1 is real time. player.addperk X: Add blessings, where X is the code of the chosen advantage. player.removeperk X: Eliminates the chosen blessing, with X being the advantage code.

Open chests:

The console is opened just in front of the chest or display, click on the chest or display with the pointer until its alphanumeric code appears and then write on the console "unlock" (without quotes), you enter and exit the console. Open.

General Advice:

Gameplay The sprint buttons are: PC = Alt , Xbox = LB , PS3 = L2 , even mounted on horseback. To lock / unlock the run press «C» (on the PC). To save fast press the F5 key. Launch the arrows with the stealth key activated, you will double damage. To move / place objects in space, press and hold the «Use» key. To see the locations of the missions on your map, select them on your map and press the «M» key. You can create your quick access to favorite objects, opening the favorites menu (Q), highlighting the object and then pressing the keys 1 to 8. Wait («T» key) will instantly fill your health, magic and stamina bars. You can press Y or N in the dialog boxes when they say "Do you want ...", instead of clicking. Give orders to colleagues: You can give them quickly if you look at it and keep the «A» key pressed. Even when the arc is stretched, pressing «R» stops the arrow launch. Do not waste them. About partners If you give a partner a torch, he will use it at night. With the horse you can climb mountains that would be impossible on foot. You can buy a dog from a dog breeder for a small sum of septims. Remove the keys from your classmates to get their houses. When you exchange armor with your teammates, they automatically match the best they have. Buy the "Mara Amulet" (worth only 200) to get married. (More in the Marriage Guide) The companions only die in combat. If they are not fighting they will never die. If you say goodbye to a partner and then regret it, look for it again where you first found it. It will still possess the equipment you provided. About the places In some tables related to jarls or military, you can find a map with pinned flags that mark places of interest. If you click on them, these locations will be added to your map. You can make a quick ride on horseback, and even if you are overloaded. Large cities have wagon service that you can use to travel quickly to other cities. The objects that you put inside the chests of your house (purchased) will remain there, so decorate it quietly as you want. Objects that you put in chests that do not belong to you will disappear over time. They are not safe! If you want a free room, to rest and place to store your things, enroll in a certain school of magicians ... In dimly lit caves you can hang torches on the walls to make your vision easier. How to locate the daedic ruins: In the Hermitage of Boethia northeast of Ventalia. In many entrance doors of houses, castles, ruins and places in general, you will see some marks engraved on the wall. These have a meaning for thieves. Read the book «Shadow Marks». Merchants Merchants usually replenish with new merchandise every 48 hours. Leave the store, wait for that time and come back in. There are a few merchants in Skyrim who sell everything, they are hard to find, but they will make your life easier. Give a coin to a local beggar before buying / selling. As a reward for your charity for 1 hour you will get better prices / profits. The best merchant of Skyrim is Grelka. Appear in Riften after joining the Thieves Guild. It has 3000 gold and you can sell everything. If you want to have all the houses for free, immediately after giving the option to buy, look for a drawer where to store all your gold. After a few seconds you will receive the deed and you can calmly collect the gold. You have to be very fast. Fighting Dragons only perch on the ground in open spaces. Don't kill chickens for fun, they and the villagers will get pissed off. If you see oil on the ground, hit it, it will catch on fire and act as a lamp. Kill some dragon priest, they are very dangerous, but the effort will be worth it, you will get something. The what? Find out for yourself. Summon creatures to help you fight. He will receive the mamporros and magic. But be careful, there are enemies that can make your ally change sides. Catch souls of defeated enemies (newly dead) within the "soul gems" with the appropriate spell. It will help you to enchant objects or recharge them. Not all souls fit in all soul gems. A powerful soul will not fit in a small soul gem. The souls of people (not creatures) can only be captured in Black Soul Gems. Use arrow hits to distract enemies in a certain direction (where it hits). Damage with ice also slows the enemy. Giants and mammoths hate water, so you know, run to a river and throw arrows at them. How to surrender to the guards: If you are attacked by them, sheath your weapon, so they will stop attacking you and you will be arrested. Do the enemies reappear? Yes, after 3 to 5 days previously cleaned areas become infested with enemies again. Using skills If you intend to steal, remove the torches from the rooms to darken them. You can relive all animated creatures (except dragons) with resuscitation spells. Place baskets on the heads of the inhabitants of Skyrim to leave them without vision and thus steal all their things. Get a peak to start mining mineral veins; and if you use two on both hands, you will mine faster. Anyway you do not need to be equipped with them (the same goes for axes), just having them in the inventory, you can use them. There is a cry of a dragon that will increase sprinting; combined with jump will give you access to areas that would otherwise be impossible to access. Dead bodies can move as vulgar objects. Hide proof of your crime if that is the case. Can you create custom spells? In previous games of the saga it was possible, unfortunately in Skyrim no. Easy locksmith: Keep a torch near the object you want to open before getting down to work, it will open easier. This trick is explained in one of the books that includes the game. Your character Resting in the beds will give you the state of rest, which allows you to increase the XP (experience points); and if you do it in a bed of your own home this effect will be even greater. If people ask you about your health, that means you have a disease, visit a hermitage or make a potion that will cure that disease and drink it. Read all the books you find, the higher their value, the more likely to increase a skill by the face or they will even provide you with some other mission. If you are a thief, ask the innkeepers about rumors. Werewolves have a very good sprint, they run more than any horse. When you increase your stamina you also increase your carrying capacity by 5. Do you increase your level very fast? Quiet, from level 10 you will slow it down. How to get ebony armor: In the Peryite Hermitage northeast of Markarth. Have you run out of arrows and can't afford them? In the courtyard of the castles during the day, the archers are practicing on the bull's eye, just stand by and pick up the arrows one by one until you have enough.

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