Changes as per v2.0 since 29th December, 2018: marking the release of Aspen:

  • The lord of the dark, called Aspen, is the latest addition and will begin at the God category. When in offense, he can build up solid pressure. He has the power to conclude games before level 15. He is extremely sound defense wise because he can build five shield stacks. He is a complete package with ground level and active skills, armor break, fragment of his armor that is capable of neglecting reduction in damage, execution, burst, reduction of damage, sustaining, healing mechanism, horrifying and immunity. He has surely got everything that a modern hero calls for.
  • Artifacts such as the kiss of ghost and lucky candy bar have been added to the suitable heroes
  • Removal of the category 2.5 because the gap between tier 2 and 3 in itself is huge enough to differentiate it. Tier 1.5 is still alive and working because there are heroes which have almost made it to the first tier but require certain line – ups or combinations with other heroes.
  • Since the dark faction is becoming increasingly crowded, arthindol, asmodel and Kamath have been take down a notch. Asmodel was failing to perform his role and was mainly supported by other heroes that brought more value to the slot. Light faction was getting crowded as well with the oncoming of new light hero. Kamath is suffering as well due to not getting picked in the capacities he used to excel in earlier.
  • An addition of tier three has been made.

Changes as per v1.3 since 16th November:

  • Hero horus will be found fighting at the first tier owing to the continuous damage faced by him through attack from blocks based on the attacker’s HP. His CC immunity and damage will ramp up over time. He falls weak against heavy steals, xia and Valkyrie. He also lacks built in damage reduction. He will act as the prime shadow hero for a while owing to the huge pressure.
  • Amuvor has been taken down a notch. He is a commendable hero in himself but that isn’t what this particular list wants. Dark heroes are great at performance but they simply have a difficult time fitting into the concluding game auras.
  • Flamestrike has got an upgrade in his position. The developers have improvised her active damage ability and doubled up her passive stacks. She could be very dangerous if an entire glass- cannon build is faced.

God Tier: Fits in multiple comps and synergizes extremely well with the rest of the heroes.

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Tier 1: Heroes that support the God Tier Heroes. They bring what the gods lack by supplementing with Damage (burst & sustain), Utility, and CC.

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Tier 1.5: Can be Tier 1 with a minor buff in performance.

[table id=4 /]

Tier 2: Heroes that are usually 3rd to 4th pick in their respective factions. Hard to see endgame matches due to better choices in their respective faction.

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