The 7 best tips for beginners in Motorsport Manager Mobile 3!

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 puts you in the shoes of an auto racing team manager, and as such, you must take care of absolutely all vehicle related decisions, parts manufacturing, contract decisions and more. To make your entry into this very complex game easier, we've brought you the 7 best tips to help you find yourself in Motorsport Manager Mobile 3. Check it out!

1. Customize your gameplay according to your chosen history

At the beginning of the game, right after the character customization options (name, appearance, nationality, accessories, etc.), you must choose your character's history. Unlike the previous screen, the history directly affects your gameplay and should always be taken into account. Depending on the chosen history, you will receive some specific advantage:
  • Ex-engineer: + 10% Reliability added to each built part.
  • Ex-pilot: + 50% Improvement Rate for hired pilots.
  • Financial: -5% in the cost of all purchases.
As soon as you choose your history, make all your choices based on the advantage conferred by it.

2. Keep a balance between Performance and Reliability of the parts and the drivers

When building vehicle parts, it is important that you choose engineers in order to maintain a balance between the performance and reliability attributes of the part. As a general rule, of course, choose the options with the highest numbers, but be careful that this does not result in a high performance piece, but low reliability. For example: if you have already chosen two engineers who attributed Performance to the part, it may be better to choose the last one that improves Reliability, even if it is capable of increasing Performance much more. After finishing the piece, the priority is always to give it to your main driver. However, you should check if the secondary driver would benefit much more than the main driver, in which case it is better that he keep the part so that you do not create a big difference between the runners.

3. Always choose the sponsorship that pays more per race

This tip is very simple but it is crucial that you read it before you start playing. When choosing your sponsor, identify the one who pays the most per race. Do not be seduced by the one who pays in advance, as this amount is only received once. It is much more advantageous in the medium and long term to have a sponsor who will pay more whenever you participate in a race.

4. Build the best strategy for pit stops

The secret to success in Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 is knowing when to make your stops. To build the best strategy, you must take into account various information that the game provides, such as number of laps, permission or prohibition of supply, weather forecast (see tip below), etc. Based on this information, you must then choose which tires to use, soft or durable. The softer, the faster you will be. The more durable, you need to make fewer stops, but your time will be less. Like everything else in this game, the important thing is to maintain a good balance between these attributes, just don't choose unnecessary tires for a specific race. For example: a 19 lap race in which fueling is prohibited. Its Soft tires can handle 7 to 9 laps and Super Soft tires can handle 5 to 6 laps. Why make three stops with Super Soft tires when you could only make two with Soft tires?

5. Use the weather forecast to improve your pit stops

The weather forecast in Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 is another crucial mechanic for its good performance. With it you can properly prepare for the rain and, thus, change the tires at the most optimized moments. The best way to go is: as soon as the forecast shows the possibility of rain in 30 minutes, switch to intermediate tires and stay with them during the rain. If the water level on the track continues to rise to approximately 60%, it is time to switch to rain tires. Be careful not to make unnecessary changes, as the rain can start to stop quickly, without flooding the track. Another very interesting mechanic of the game is that it takes full account of the real climatic conditions of the countries in each season. So, if your run takes place in European winter, the chances of rain will certainly be greater. At the same time, if the competition takes place in the Asian summer (between March and May), the chances of rain are basically nil.

6. Repair your car at the right time

In addition to pit stops and fueling (released on some routes), you should also keep an eye on your car's general condition to know when to fix it. This type of stop takes a lot more time, but if you stop doing it and the car breaks down, the consequences will be far worse than your wasted time. Know that the cars with the highest performance (above expectations) are the ones that deteriorate the fastest. Pay attention to all the attributes of the car and repair it whenever the Condition is at 40% or less.

7. Pay attention to the requirements of the pilots

Each driver in Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 has its own contractual requirements, and you must be aware of all of them. Again, it's all about getting a balance between a deal that is beneficial to you and your runner. There is no point in trying to obtain the greatest possible advantage if it means the pilot's dissatisfaction, since, if he loses his temper, there may be a delay of months in the negotiations. So, pay attention if your driver is happy with the salary, the duration of the contract or even if he is satisfied with being the secondary driver of the team. Each driver has his own level of patience which must also be taken into account. Everything here matters! This document has been composed with the online instant web content converter which can be found at

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