Cakes are items you use to regain your hunger in Minecraft. Unlike most foods in the game, you cannot eat a Cake directly from your inventory, as it is necessary to place it on top of a solid block first. A Cake in Minecraft contains 7 slices and each one recovers 2 of Hunger and gives 0.4 Saturation. Since there is no animation in the act of eating the Cake, you can use the 7 slices almost instantly. To make a Cake you need 3 Pails with Milk , 2 Sugars , 1 Egg and 3 Wheats . After obtaining them, organize them as follows: The above ingredients are obtained as follows: Bucket with Milk : through Cows or Coguvacas. Just use a bucket (empty) when you are near them. Sugar : through any combination of Sugar Cane or Jar of Honey. Egg : eggs are dropped from Chickens every 5-10 minutes. Wheat : can be farmed in crops, found in several chests (dungeons, Mansion of the Forest, igloos, etc.) or craft through any combination of Hay Bale. After crafting, your Cake will look like this:

Cake Information

  • A partially eaten cake does not return to the inventory. You will need to go back to the solid block where you placed it to finish it.
  • Cakes attract Pandas. Just place it close to the animal and it will walk towards the food.
  • Preparing a cake for the first time gives the achievement “A Mentira”.

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