Terraria PC Tricks

Get infinite life crystals (or any object):

To get as many elements of chests or crystals of life as you want you have to create a private server, you can do it on terraria.org and download the dedicated server or if you have it from STEAM navigate to the folder where the file is to create a dedicated server. Start a new world or create a new one. To join your own world in the IP field type "localhost" or "". Go around the world until you find a crystal of life or you are in front of the chest that has the object you want. Now save the game through commands through the game before collecting the item. Now pick up the life glass or the chest and close the server window. When you close the window you will lose the connection in the game. Open the server again and join again (as in the second step). You should have the life glass in your inventory and the chest or life glass should be kept in the same place where it was previously found

How to defeat the chief Eye of Cthulhu


you have to be with your character inspecting the objects, take out the most important ones, it is necessary that the game is not in full screen mode, if not in a window. With the lowered window in the bar below, press X, the game will not be saved, but if your character's Objects, then you open the chest and the objects are there, you have them and duplicate them in the chest. Sometimes this trick does not work try several times and only serves for PC or computer in the game terraria If you create a world in Small you will be able to find easier Fallen stars, minerals, dungeons, etc. - You can double a save and pass everything to a chest, so your items will double - If you try to enter a dungeon digging below the night you will have less chance of dying - The boss Skeltron appears once per world, you can enter the dungeon once it has already appeared to you

Video Trick Get Infinite Water

Tips (11) - Using the item "Could in a bottle" is very good for killing the skeltron, especially if you are not on the roof of the dungeon - One way to have a good night is to see that you can crackle or make an underground house - If an enemy is below you it is more difficult to hit him and he will hit you more constantly, to avoid this you have to jump to the opposite side - A good way to earn money is to enclose demon eyes, they can enter any place that has a platform to climb, the rest all closed, and from there they can no longer leave - A vertical mine is good when you put platforms - Sometimes using a torch in a mine helmet is good - Creating worlds in small is a good option if you are not one of those who explore - If you are a rookie in terraria a world in small is not such a good idea, you can take many risks - Creating several worlds and using them with an experienced character is a good way to find treasures - If you want to get a Shadow orb precura you have a pica superior to the gold -A boss who is easy to kill is the Eye of Cthulhu, He tries to have enough items that attack at a distance and kill him at night, but he will leave without dropping anything Compose Word documents and convert them to HTML easily for free with this online tool. Please leave this message unchanged or subscribe now for a htmlg.com membership.

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