ARK Cheats: Survival Evolved (ARK) for PC, PS4 and XBOne

Here are a series of tips and tricks from ARK: Survival Evolved for PC and that will certainly make the game much easier. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try to play without using them to get the most out of the playable experience, although you may be very helpful in obtaining certain Achievements. Be as it is and as always ... you choose.

Tamear Otter:

At first glance this little animal may seem useless, but certainly a small army of these lovely Otter can help us more than we can imagine, first of all because they are excellent fishermen, and if that were not enough they are also able to find treasures while they are fishing, they will also keep us warm if it is very cold, but the best of all is that these little ones will occasionally bring us Silicas and Black pearls, since they are used to manufacture certain materials, therefore it is quite profitable to have some how many of these fishermen to bring food and objects. The way to tame these beings is through fishing, therefore we will need a spear to fish, and when we have caught a fish we will have to look for one of them and leave it very close, withdraw a little from it and wait for it eat, as they are passively tame, by affinity, and the greater the fish the more affinity it will have with us, a good area to find them is on The Island and Ragnarok in the lakes or rivers, but it is not easy since we can lose it. The best way to get one is to create a small corral with a single entrance, then we will leave honey as bait and when between we just have to close the door and we already give it the biggest fish we have.

Tamear Titanoboa:

Titanoboas take time in the game, but before they could not be tamear, and if we wanted their eggs we had to lock them in the structures to be able to steal their eggs, and this was difficult, now finally with the new update these species can be tameado , and we are going to tell you how to get them in a simple and fast way, it may not be the best beast for the fighting that we will live in ARK, but it can certainly be quite useful, since it can poison and sleep its enemies if it manages to bite them , but what we are most interested in is the eggs that it lays, it is worth it to be able to tame it, we will need Brontosaurus eggs since they are the easiest to raise, once we have an egg we must go in search of a titanoboa, look for the swamp area in The Center, or The Island,You can also find some in the dunes of Scorched, when you find it, the ideal is to go on an air transport as it will try to go for us, and what we must do is try to get away from the other monsters that are in the area, then we release the egg and we move away a little to stop trying to eat, when we eat the egg we will have our new pet.

Level Up Fast in ARK:

There are several methods that you can use to easily level up in ARK: Survival Evolved, we explain the fastest methods to level up. Create Objects: Creating objects will give you experience, but first you will have to spend a few points of Enagrams to obtain the construction plans of the Note and the Fabric Hat, they are the cheapest and easiest objects to create and you will not lose resources when creating them. You will need 1 Straw and 1 Fiber to make the note. And 10 fiber to make the Straw Hat. By creating each of these objects you will get 1 experience point for each one. It may seem heavy, but it is the best way to get level. Hunting Sauropods: To use this method the first thing you should do is build a Bow and Arrows. Then go to the beach where you can find Sauropods (those giant herbivores), by killing them they give a lot of experience, kill all the Sauropods you want to get the desired experience. Staying in Tribes: Another method to get easy experience and quickly level up in ARK: Survival Evolved is to go in tribes or groups with other users or friends. Try whenever you can go in tribes since you will gain experience from any action performed by the members of your tribe, you must be close to your tribe to get this experience.

Basic Surveillance Guide:

ARK Basic Survival Guide: Survival Evolved in which we will learn the basics of the game, such as getting resources, manufacturing materials and weapons, building, hunting, etc.

Best Weapons:

In the game we will have a wide variety of weapons, from melee weapons to powerful snipers, and as always in Trucoteca we want to help you a little by explaining what the best weapons of each type are in our opinion. In crossbows and arches we have two that stand out a lot, although it is not ideal to face real enemies, but for something you have to start, since we will have nothing better first, besides the ammunition is very easy to manufacture. Mastercraft Crossbow: It has good damage and is easy to get, so do not hesitate to try it when you go hunting. Compound Bow: It is the same as the previous crossbow, only now it is an arch, so you can choose what you like best. As for sniper rifles we also have two others that are very, very viable options, these are designed to end enemies at long distances with a single shot, and now we explain which are in our opinion the two best. Longneck: It has brutal damage, it is perfect for eliminating single-shot targets, and it also has the option of using darts instead of bullets. Ascendant Fabricatet Sniper: It has less damage than the previous one, but in turn it is faster in the firing rate, so if we do not have very good aim this sniper is perfect for its firing speed is perfect for pve and tamear. Let's talk about guns, it is not that we are going to use them too much, but there is one in particular that in relation to cost and its usefulness can be quite profitable, in addition to being quite cheap to produce. Fabricated Pistol: With this gun we can practically kill what we need, it has a fairly rapid firing rate, so it is not perfect to kill those enemies that are not very powerful. We will also find shotguns in the game, they are especially useful in short distances, and we know a model that stands out a little more than the others, so it is vital if you like shotguns that you try this great beast. Pum-Action Shotgun: It is vital to be close to our goal, since by far it leaves much to be desired, it has a capacity of 6 cartridges that will destroy everything you catch in short distances. Last but not the worst, now we will tell you in our opinion what is undoubtedly the best weapon of the whole game, if you are one of those who do not go around with nonsense this weapon is designed especially for you, we talk about the Rocket Launcher , a powerful missile launcher, capable of bursting almost anything, no matter if it is a powerful dinosaur or a very experienced enemy.

How to tame a dinosaur:

Video guide in which they show us how to tame a dinosaur in ARK: Survival Evolved. Although the guide is in English we can see step by step how dinosaurs are tamed to be able to put the saddle and go with them wherever we want, we must take into account that the inventory load affects the mobility of dinosaurs.

Advanced Survival Guide:

Survival guide of ARK: Advanced Survival Evolved in which we show crawling, hunting, tame dinosaurs to ride them and more curiosities.

Codes and Improvements:

Start the STEAM server.exe program to activate the following ARK enhancement codes: Survival Evolved. ServerPVE Disable player versus player damage. ServerHardcore If our character dies, it will be level 1 again. ServerCrosshair This activates the sight glasses . ServerForceNoHUD Disables the names of other players. AltSave With this we can save the server data in another folder. GlobalVoiceChat Activate voice chat so everyone can listen to you. ProximityChat With this we will make only the text of our chat read by close people. NoTributeDownloads This will disable external downloads of characters and dinosaurs. AllowThirdPersonPlayer Activate third person mode. AlwaysNotifyPlayerLeft A message will be displayed on the screen when someone leaves the server. DontAlwaysNotifyPlayerJoined De- activate the message that appears on the screen when someone joins our game. MapPlayerLocation Show your location on the ARK map. DifficultyOffset = <0 or 1> With this we can adjust the difficulty of the game (0 is the normal difficulty).

Tricks 1 Player:

To be able to enjoy these tricks that we leave below you must play in the single player mode, press the «Tab» key to open the command console and write the codes listed below to be able to enjoy its effect. giveengrams: Unlock all the recipes for crafting. Walk: Disable the flying trick. Fly: The player can fly. setcheatplayer true: Enable the menu. God: Activate the God mode in the game. setcheatplayer false: Disable the menu. ToggleInfiniteAmmo: We get infinite ammo. Ghost: We can go through the walls and everything in front of us. addexperience 1000: You get that amount of experience (You can change the number you want). givesources: You get 50 of each resource. Teleport: Teleports you in the direction your character is looking at. settimeofday: You can change the time of day to make it day or night.

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