Here are a series of tricks / tips that you can use in Tekken 6 for PlayStation 3 and that will certainly make the game much easier. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try to play without making use of them to get the most out of the playable experience, although you may be very helpful in obtaining certain trophies. Be as it is and as always ... you choose.

Aura effects:

Black Aura: Roulette x1. White Aura: Roulette x2. Yellow Aura: Roulette x3. Luminous Aura: Roulette x4. Frosty Aura: Roulette x5. Fire Aura: Roulette x6.


Finish all phases in Arcade mode without continuing and you will get a bonus phase in which you can fight Nancy-M1847J before fighting Jin kazama.

Movements with items:

All characters can make movements with the items. Male Mallet: Devil Jin Mishima saber: Kazuya Neo sunglasses: Heihachi Drums of the thunder god: Hwoarang Baseball bat:  Dragunov Tear gas:   Law Legendary Nunchaku:   Brian Shotgun:

Scenarios in Unlockable Campaign mode:

Arena: Unlock Southern Woodlands. Kigan Island: Go to Abyss' door on hard difficulty, defeat a man in a straw hat and seize his loot. Then you will go out in the world. Medium and Hard Difficulty: Complete Azazel Temple in the central corridor. Mishima Industries , Biotech Research Station Ruins stage: See right at the first junction at the Grand Hotel Caballitos de Mar, and defeat Kangaroo on that stage. Nighmare Train: Complete Azazel Temple in the central corridor. Subterranean Pavillion: Complete the 16th excavation on difficult difficulty.

Unlockable characters in Arena mode:

Anna: Defeat her in G Corporation, Millennium Tower. Armor King: Defeat him in Lost Cemetery. Asuka: Defeat her in Kazama-Style Traditional Martial Arts Dojo. Baek: Defeat him in West Coast Canal Industrial Complex. Bob: Defeat him in Central District, 11th Avenue. Bruce: Defeat him at G Secutiry Service, Operations Headquarters. Bryan: Defeat him in Southern Woodlands. Christie: Defeat her at Seahorse Grand Hotel. Devil Jin: Defeat him in Nightmare Train. Dragunov: Defeat him in container Terminal 7. Eddy: Defeat him in Tekken Force 4th Special Forces Operation Group Compound. Feng: Defeat him in Deserted Temple. Ganryu: Defeat him in Aranami Stable. Hwoarang: Defeat him on Industrial Highway 357. Heihachi: Defeat him in Mshima Estate. Jack-6: Defeat him in Container Terminal 3. Jin: Defeat him in Azazel's Temple, Central Corridor. Julia: Defeat all the enemies in G Science and Technology, Research Building 3. Kazuya: Defeat him in G Corporation, Millennium Tower Heliport. King: Defeat him with Marduk in Mixed Martial Arts Gym «Wild Kingdom». Kuma or Panda: Defeat Kuma in North Nature Park. Law: Defeat him in the West District, Chinatown. Lee: Defeat him in Violet Systems. Lei: Defeat all enemies in ICPO Branch Office. Leo: Defeat him at 16th Archaeological Expedition's Excavation Site. Lili: Defeat her in Queen's Harbor. Marduk: Defeat him with King in Mixed Martial Arts Gym «Wild Kingdom». Miguel: Defeat him in the South Bay Warehouse Area. Mokujin: Defeat him in Subterranean Pavillion. Nina: Defeat her in Mishima Zaibatsu, Central Subway Line. Paul: Defeat him in the West District, 13th Avenue. Raven: Defeat him in Secret Underground Passage. Roger Jr: Defeat him in Mishima Industries, Biotech Research Station Ruins. Steve: Defeat him at Abyss Gate. Wang: Defeat him in Fujian Tulou. Xiaoyu: Defeat her in Mishima Polytechnic. Yoshimitsu: Defeat him on Kigan Island. Zafina: Defeat all enemies in Mystic's Village.

Winner Pose:

Winner poses must be done just before the video of the end of a fight by pressing and holding the button corresponding to the pose we want to do    . Some fighters have more poses than others.

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