If you don't want to keep wasting hours of your life feeding a virtual entity, take note of the following tricks:

Go up to Pou level

- Feed Pou until he is full and fattens to the fullest - Change the date of your mobile one day ahead - Feed him again until he is at his maximum again and he advances the date again, in this way you can continue feeding him and increasing his level.

To quickly level up to Pou :

First, buy enough potions to lose weight, once this is done, start buying a lot of food (conveniently fruit, fruit that works best is the apple and pear to spend less coins). You have to insist until you see that he does not want to eat more, at that time give him a potion to lose weight and so all the time until he reaches the desired level, in this way you will level up quickly.

Trick to get free coins in Pou :

This trick is not as simple as the previous one since you must first have the mobile rooted, once you are ready you enter Pou and check the money you have and press the volume button, when you do it they will appear under 3 options, of which you press imput number and put the amount of money, then press the “back” key of your mobile to exit. When you leave you will return to the game and buy something, you press the volume button and the button that puts you will get a window and there you change the number.

Fast forward of time for the overall degradation of Pou .

That way, we will shower him more, we will play more with him, we will feed him more ... and ultimately we will rise more quickly. For this trick we only have to advance the time of our mobile (this simple) and so the application will think that it has been done later. A very simple trick but not less useful.

Get POU with the Golden body

We already know that to change the color of the body of our POU we have to go to the closet that we have in the bedroom and there is the option of body colors. If what we want is to paint a golden POU, you have to add it to level 30, when you reach the level you will already have it available in the closet. This document has been composed with the free online HTML converter. Access it here and use it every time for document editing.

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