Anna with the zebra dress: To be able to select it you have to play with Anna 25 times. Change clothes: Many characters have at least one reserve suit other than the suit they normally appear with. To use a character with a different costume just select it with a kick or punch key. It is also possible to select some characters (Eddy, Gun, Jack, etc.) with and you will get another suit. Doctor B: Win the Tekken Force 3 times in Force mode by getting the gold, silver and bronze keys. After beating the final boss on the last stage, you can go to the underground cave of the doctor, beat him and it will be yours. Choose suit: Each player has two variations on the standard clothing: press the punch button to get one, or the stop button for the other. Note: If in the two player mode you both choose the same fighter, you will be given several different costumes automatically. Easily beat Yoshimitsu: Do the Shark Stack at the beginning of the fight. That will have to knock your opponent to the ground in one fell swoop. Gon: Win the Arcade with Dr. Boskonovitch. Find Gon at one end of the menu. You can also beat him in Ball mode. Go to the Survival Mode Minigame and choose any player. When you finish playing, a screen will appear to put names, enter the word GON and when you start the next game, this dinosaur will appear in any game mode. Combo recording: Position yourself on the practice screen and select Freestyle. On the Freestyle options screen, press    and hold : and then . It will take you to the fight screen where using together with you can record movements and see a combo again. Secret warriors: To access the following characters you will have to complete the arcade mode a few times, according to the instructions given below: KUMA: 1 time. JULIA: 2 times. GUN JACK: 3 times. MOKUJIN: 4 times. ANNA: 5 times. BRYAN: 6 times. HEIHACHI: 7 times. OGRE: 8 times. TRUE OGRE: 9 times. GunJack with the third dress: For fans of the historical and cult games it is possible to replace the terrible dress of Gun Jack with the one he had in Tekken 2 and that is historic. To do so, play with Gun Jack 10 times. With this Gun Jack dress it will have a different ending to the one you have seen before. Secret introductions: Finish the game with ten main characters and you can see an introduction with the warriors who will give you a demonstration of martial arts and show you all their clothes. Also when you get all the secret characters you will be entitled to this show, but in this case with alternative warriors. Secret Intro: After the intro with Heichi, press and hold    on the screen where the NAMCO logo appears for the second time. Jin Xiaoyu dressed as schoolboys: Play with Jin or Xiaoyu 50 times and you will get their school dresses. Simply select it using Theater mode: To unlock this mode, you must see the end of the 10 main characters. Then you can see all the endings you've achieved so far. To access the additional Sound and Disc options, you must consider the endings of the extra players, including Tiger. Notice that some characters have a shared ending, so you only need to complete the game with one: Yoshimitsu / DoctorB, Kuma / Panda, Ogre / True Ogre. The Sound option allows you to listen to all the music, while Disc lets you insert Tekken disc 1 or 2 to see the games from the previous games. Mokujin plays like it's wood: Hold tight until the beginning of the fight. Pose and victory movements: To see the two secret poses of the fighters, after having won a fight and during the Replay hold down the key of the right kick or the left kick. To see the two normal victory poses, during the replay keep pressing right or left punch. Not all characters have secret poses. Mini beach ball game: Look at the end of the ten basic personnel to activate the Ball Mode option. Other characters: To get all the secret characters, just finish the game with all the initial characters (select the Easy difficulty, the assaults at 1 and the time in infinity): DOCTOR B .: Simply finish Tekken Force four times and defeat Dr. B. At the end of the fourth game. PANDA: On the selection screen, illuminate Kuma and press . TEAM BATTLE AL AZAR: Say how many characters your Team is going to compose and then press TIGER: Finish the game with all available characters (including Eddy) and then select Eddy with Star. School screen: You must first acquire the Jin or Xiaoyu school uniform playing 50 times with them in arcade mode. Then select a game Vs of the players and choose the school conformal with Jin or Xiaoyu by pressing before your opponent selects his fighter. The fight will be held in the schoolyard. Replay in practice mode: Enter the practice mode, select any character and choose freestyle. Before the fight begins press simultaneously Start the training and in the lower left you should see the controls. Revealing memory card: Turn on the Playstation without the compact inside (or with the window open), select the option to copy between memory card and see the message that appears with the name of Tekken 3. - characters left !! Indicates how many characters have not yet been activated, including Gon and Door. B. - Tekken Ball Unlocked !! Indicates the possibility of playing Tekken Ball. - Play Tekken Force !! It tells you when Gon is selectable, but not Dr. B. - Use Indicates the name of the character that has a third costume, which has not yet been obtained. - New battles await !! All the tricks that have been previously obtained. Tekken Ball mini - game: Contemplate the finals of the 10 main fighters to access this special mode, which allows you to play a kind of beach volleyball with fighting movements. Tekken Ball Mode: One of the most curious surprises of the PlayStetion version is the Tekken Ball Mode. To build it you will have to complete the game with all the normal characters in Arcade mode. The game consists of a kind of volley ball in which to win on the contrary you have to hit him with the ball or make him fall to the floor of our opponent. Tekken force mode: Despite not being hidden this mode is the only way to find the last hidden character. Each time you complete Force mode you will be given a key, first d bronc, then silver and then gold. After getting all three keys, play again and you will find Dr. B. By eliminating Heihachi. If you manage to defeat it you can use it in any of the modes. Yoshimitsu teleportation: Makes it possible for it to appear on the opposite side of the pantlla. The combination of buttons to perform this movement is the following + + + or (depending on the side you are on). Secret costumes: Some of the fighters have a third dress, which is selected by pressing to choose it in the character selection screen. But to access the secret tricks of each one you must play with them a certain amount of times in arcade mode (without pausing and choosing Reset). The fastest way to do this is to set the counter to 20 seconds, set up assault battles, allow them to defeat you and choose not to continue. XIAOYU: To see her in her school uniform, you must control her 50 times in Arcade mode. JIN: To make it look like a rugby top and striped pants, play 50 times with it in Arcade mode. GUN JACK: To see inside Jack-2 form, you just have to take it 10 times in Arcade mode. Action Replay Codes: EXTRA COSTUMES 872967D3D438 37CBC1F9343A ENEMIES OF THE TEKKEN FORCE MODE WITHOUT LIFE 800AAE720000 800AC6FE0000 INFINITE ENERGY PLAYER 1 800A95E60082 INFINITE ENERGY PLAYER 2 800AAE720082 TEKKEN BALL MODE 30097EEE0003 THEATER MODE 30097EEF0003 INFINITY TIME TO CHOOSE CHARACTER 870BA576C534 TIGER (Select Eddy by pressing ) 80097EBC0382 SHOT DOES 100% DAMAGE 87C6B377224C WE ALL FILM IN THE THEATER MODE 80097EC0FFFF 80097EC2FFFF 80097EC4FFFF ALL CHARACTERS 80097EB8FFFF 80097EBAFFFF 80097EBCFFFF
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