Super Smash Bros Melee cheats for Gamecube

CHANGE DECORATED TROPHY After zooming in on a trophy, pressto change the scenery. CHANGE THE MUSIC Select a scenario by pressingor holding downorand pressing. The stage will have different music. DR.MARIO Win the Classic mode with Mario. SCENARIOS BATTLEFIELD (Metal Mario Stage): Finish with any character the Secret Mode (All-Star). DREAMLAND PAST (Classic N64 Kirby Stage): Finish the Target Test with all 25 characters. EAGLELAND - FOURSIDE (Earthbound): Play in Versus 100 games mode. FINAL DESTINATION (Master Hand Arena): Finish all 51 tests. F-ZERO GRAND PRIX: Big Blue (F-Zero): Play in Versus mode 150 games. KANTO SKIES - POKE FLOATS (Pokemon): Play in Versus 200 games mode. KONGO JUNGLE PAST (Classic N64 DK Stage): You must finish with any character the 15 minutes Man Melee. MUSHROOM KINGDOM II SUB-CON (Super Mario Bros. 2): Get the Birdo or Pidgit trophies from Super Mario Bros. 2. PLANET ZEBES - BRINSTAR DEPTHS (Metroid): Play in Versus mode 50 games. SUPERFLAT WORLD - FLAT ZONE (Game and Watch): Finish the Classic mode with Mr. Game and Watch once you have unlocked it. YOSHI'S ISLAND PAST (Classic N64 Yoshi Stage): With Yoshi, hit more than 1,315 kicks in the Homerun Contest. RANDOM: Unlock all the scenarios and a random stage button will appear. FALCO LOMBARDI Win 100 man. GANNONDORF Finish Event # 29 mode to get Ganondorf JIGGLYPUFF Win Adventure or Classic mode with any character. YOUNG LINK You have three ways to achieve it: Finish twice the Classic Mode 10 times, once with Link and once with Zelda. End Adventure Mode with Ganondorf. Finish in Versus Mode 500 games. LUIGI Play the first level of Adventure mode and get a 2 in the second place. MARTH You have three ways to get it: Play versus mode with the 14 characters. Win in Versus Mode 70 games. Finish with the 14 original characters Adventure Mode. MEWTWO You have three ways to get it: Beat him when he appears randomly at the end of a multiplayer game and duel the winner. Play 20 hours in Versus Melee Mode Play in Versus Mode 700 games. ALL-STAR MODE To get the Secret mode (All-Star) you must unlock the 25 secret characters. MR. GAME AND WATCH You have two ways of achieving it: Finish the Adventure Mode with the 24 characters. Finish Target Test mode with the 24 characters. ORDER TROPHIES While holding, enter the Collection screen to sort the trophies in a row. While holding , enter the Collection screen to sort the trophies in a circular fashion. While holding , enter the Collection screen to sort the trophies in triangular form. PICHU You must play the VS mode more than 200 times or get Luigi and Falgo and win the event 37. SUPPLEMENTARY TESTS Get to unlock Rondoudou, Dr.Mario, Falco, Luigi and Link Young to access in Tests Mode to tests 31 to 39. Unlock all the secret characters so you can access the tests from 40 to 50 in Tests mode. Finish the previous tests to unlock test 51. SCORING In order to activate the option to Display Punctuation in the Melee supplementary rules, you must accumulate more than 5,000 KB in Melee games. RONDOUDOU You have two ways to achieve it: Finish the Classic Mode or Adventure Mode at any difficulty level. Perform 50 battles in Multiplayer Mode. ROY You have two ways to achieve it: Finish with Marth the Classic Mode at any difficulty level without using Continues. Finish Adventure Mode once you have unlocked Marth without using Continues. SOUND TEST To unlock the Sound Test you must unlock all the characters, all the scenarios and finish the test 51. LUIGI'S MANSION TROPHIES : Insert a memory card with a saved game of Luigi's Mansion. PAPER MARIO: In Homerun Derby Mode, hit more than 1,500 kicks. PIKMIN: Insert a memory card with a saved game of Pikmin. WAVE RACE BLUE STORM: Insert a memory card with a saved Wave Race Blue Storm game.

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