Super Arcana Guide in Arena of Valor

Arcanas are one of the most important elements in Arena of Valor and, interestingly, they are also one of the elements that generate more doubts. If you want to understand what Arcana is in Arena of Valor and how they improve your entire game, check out our beginner's guide.

What are Arcanas?

Reaching level 7, Arena of Valor Challengers unlock the game's Arcana system. But what is this? Arcana is the name given to discs (similar to coins or runes) that increase the stats of attributes for your hero. In practice, this means that players earn bonuses for different attributes, something that gives them a competitive advantage over opponents. The Archangels are divided into 3 colors: red, purple and green. Each color represents the Arcana's focus and area of ??expertise in the hero's style of play. The red archangels are focused on attack, the purple ones are dedicated to life and the green ones are focused on defense. In addition to the color division, they are also divided into 3 levels, with the first level being the weakest and cheapest to acquire, and the third representing the best type of Arcana you can have.

What are Arcana Pages and how do they work?

All Challengers start with just one Arcana Page and it should be designed according to the class of hero you want to focus on. The system allows up to 10 pages, each with the possibility of including 30 Arcanas (10 for each color). Each time you level up in Arena of Valor , a new Arcana slot is unlocked. The unlocking of Arcane spaces happens from left to right, that is, it starts with red, goes to purple and then to green, and starts again in red. This is repeated until level 30, when the last Arcana slot is unlocked. The second Page is unlocked when the player reaches level 10, but it is necessary to spend 400 tickets (also called vouchers) to unlock the remaining pages. For beginners, the best way to look at the Pages is to think that each one should be focused on building and reinforcing a class of hero. Start with your first Page dedicated to a class that you feel comfortable with, and when you try out other types of heroes, create a second Page focused on this one. When you stop being a beginner and start to know which heroes you prefer, it is best to create a Page for each character that is your main. In that case, we recommend that you see the best Arcana for your specific character. This option can be accessed just below the Pit of Arcana and you can see which are the best choices for each of the heroes. When it comes to battle, be sure to select the correct Page for the type of hero you choose. You can give personalized names to each Page to know exactly which one to pick for the character you want.

How to get Archangels?

From the main menu, select Store and enter the Arcana option. Here, you can choose the Arcana you want to buy. Arcana prices are very different according to the level:
  • Arcana level 1: 10 gold
  • Arcana level 2: 200 gold
  • Arcana level 3: 2000 gold
We recommend that you spend your gold only on level 3 Archangels. But it is not always necessary to use your gold to obtain Arcana. Challengers can also find Arcana in reward chests, win in the Draw or receive in special events. And don't forget that it is also possible to sell Archangels for gold!

Yes, you will really need Arcana if you want to play seriously

Arena of Valor puts a great focus on building the Arcana Pages and they make a huge difference when it comes to distinguishing the best players. For those who want to play in competitive mode, it is essential to do so only with a completed Page (within the maximum of your level). When you enter a ranked match, you are paired with players of a similar level to yours, but there is no differentiation between those who have Arcana pages and those who do not. So, you already see how important it is to dedicate your time to the elaboration of the Pages. It is said that a complete page is equivalent to having one and a half more items at the beginning of the match, starting with a competitive advantage. A Page completely filled with Level 3 Arcana will cost 60,000 gold, but it is the best use your coins can have. Always prioritize the purchase of Arcana, instead of spending gold acquiring heroes.

Check out all the Arcanas and what is the best class for each one

Below, you can see the list of all the Arcana, divided by their 3 levels and with the recommendation of which is the best hero class for each one. Remember that AD stands for Attack Damage and AP stands for Ability Power.

Level I

Arcana Effects Class
Attack Damage +0.9 Shooter AD killer
Critical Rate + 0.5% Shooter AD killer
Luck charm
Ability Power +1.5 Mage Killer AP Support
Attack Speed ??0.6% Shooter Warrior
Maximum Life +21 Tank Warrior Support
Life / 5s +4.2 Tank Warrior Support
Life theft
Theft of Life + 0.4% Shooter
Magic Life Theft +0.4% Mage
Armor +2.5 Tank Warrior Support
Magic Defense +2.5 Tank Warrior Support
Armor Piercing +2.2 Shooter Killer AP
Magic Piercing +2.2 Mage Killer AP

Level II

Arcana Effects Class
Attack Speed ??+ 1.2% Shooter AD killer
Brute force
Attack Damage +1.5 Maximum Life +13.5 Shooter Warrior AD Tank AD
Attack Damage +1.5 Attack Speed ??+ 0.4% Shooter Warrior AD AD killer
Attack Speed ??+ 0.6% Critical Rate + 0.3% Critical Damage + 1.1% Shooter AD killer
Ability Power +2.5 Critical Rate + 0.3% Mage Killer AP
Ability Power +2.5 Magic Piercing +1.4 Mage AP tank Support
Critical Rate + 1% Shooter AD killer
Sneaky Stab
Critical Rate + 0.5% Critical Damage + 2% Shooter AD killer
Maximum Life +45 Tank Warrior Support
Maximum Life +13.5 Movement Speed ??+ 0.7% Tank Killer Support
Life / 5s +9 Tank Warrior Support
Ability Power +1.4 Magic Life Theft + 0.8% Magic Defense +1.6 Mage Killer AP Support
Attack Speed ??+ 0.4% Theft of Life + 0.8% Shooter AD killer
Attack Damage +0.6 Maximum Life +36 Warrior Tank AD
Maximum Life +36 Armor +1.6 Tank Warrior Support
Attack Speed ??+ 0.4% Critical Rate + 0.3% Movement Speed ??+ 0.5% Shooter AD killer
Armor +5.4 Tank Warrior Support
Magic Defense +5.4 Tank Warrior Support
Attack Speed ??+ 0.4% Cooldown Reduction + 0.5% Shooter AD killer
Life / 5s +4.5 Armor +3.2 Tank Warrior Support
Magic Life Theft + 0.5% Magic Defense +3.2 Mage Killer AP
Ability Power +0.9 Magic Piercing +3.8 Mage AP tank Killer AP
Maximum Life +15.7 Life / 5s +3.1 Cooldown Reduction + 0.3% Tank Warrior Support
Maximum Life +13.5 Magic Piercing +3.8 Tank Warrior Support

Level III

Arcana Effects Class
Ability Power +5.3 Mage AP tank Killer AP
Attack Damage +3.2 Shooter Warrior AD killer
Attack Damage +2 Armor Piercing +3.6 Shooter Tank AD Warrior
Attack Damage +2.5 Theft of Life + 0.5% Shooter AD killer
Critical Rate + 0.7% Critical Damage + 3.6% Shooter AD killer
Attack Speed ??+ 1% Maximum Life +33.7 Armor +2.3 Shooter AD killer
Ability Power +4.2 Magic Piercing +2.4 Mage AP tank Killer AP
Ability Power +4.2 Attack Speed ??+ 0.6% Mage Killer AP
Critical Rate + 1.6% Shooter AD killer
Attack Speed ??+ 1.6% Critical Rate + 0.5% Shooter AD killer
Maximum Life +75 Tank Warrior
Magical Life Theft Mage
Theft of Life + 1.6% Shooter
Critical Rate + 0.5% Maximum Life +60 Shooter AD killer
Maximum Life +60 Life / 5s +4.5 Tank Warrior
Theft of Life + 1% Magic Defense +4.1 Shooter Warrior AD killer
Black magic
Ability Power +2.4 Magic Life Theft + 1% Mage Killer AP
Maximum Life +45 Life / 5s +5.2 Movement Speed ??+0.4 Tank Warrior
Attack Damage +1.6 Movement Speed ??+ 1% Shooter AD killer Warrior
Attack Speed ??+ 1% Movement Speed ??+ 1% Shooter Killer
Armor +9 Tank Warrior
Hard Steel
Armor +5 Magic Defense +5 Tank Warrior
Maximum Life +37.5 Recharge Reduction + 0.6% Tank Mage
Magic Defense +9 Tank Warrior
Ability Power +2.4 Cooldown Reduction + 0.7% Mage AP tank
Attack Damage +0.9 Armor Piercing +6.4 Shooter Warrior Tank AD
Attack Speed ??+ 0.6% Magic Piercing +6.4 Shooter Killer
Recharge Reduction + 1% Mage Tank Support
Magic Life Theft + 0.7% Armor +5.9 Mage AP tank Killer AP
Armor +2.7 Magic Defense +2.7 Recharge Reduction + 0.6% Tank Warrior Support

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