StarCraft 2 cheats: all the codes of the game and its expansions

Using cheats always has a positive side and a negative side, regardless of the game you are playing. In StarCraft 2 , for example, they exist and are permitted by Blizzard. As long as players comply with certain rules, such as not using them in online games against other players , these codes come to facilitate your gameplay . Wishing to make your life easier, we have listed here all the cheats available for use in StarCraft 2 and its expansions. If you don't know how to activate them, don't worry: we explain step by step how to trigger each code and explain what they modify in your gameplay.

StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty

First of all, we will learn how to activate the special codes in StarCraft 2. Just press the Enter key on your keyboard during the game . Once this is done, the text box will open. Type the cheat you want and just hit the Enter button again. If everything goes as planned, the desired effect will be active immediately. We stress, however, about the importance of fair, ethical and honest play. The cheats are for players to modify or change their experience in ways single player . We emphasize, therefore, that using the codes above for competitive online battles is quite wrong, and you may be banned forever by Blizzard. As for the base game codes, some are not present in its expansions and vice versa. That's why we prefer to divide the cheats list by segment. The first ones you will see below are exclusive to the main game. Some codes, as you can see, are repeated in their expansions, although with different effects. In addition, there are exclusive cheats for the StarCraft 2 Campaign mode , which have also been listed separately. Check out!
Code It is made
WhatIsBestInLife The game ends on time, but with victory
LetsJustBugOutAndCallItEven The game ends with the defeat of whoever triggered the code
TookTheRedPill Eliminates the fog of war
Bunker55AliveInside Units no longer need food
TerribleTerribleDamage "Invincibility" mode is activated
SpectralTiger The player gains 5,000 ores
RealMenDrillDeep The player gains 5,000 gas
WhoRunBartertown The player gains 5,000 gas and ores
SoSayWeAll All technologies are enabled
IAmIronMan All enhancements are enabled
CatFoodForPrawnGuns Searches and constructions are ready faster
HanShotFirst Skills waiting time is eliminated
TyuHasLeftTheGame The win conditions of the match are disabled
NeverGiveUpNeverSurrender You can continue playing the mission even with defeat
ImADoctorNotARoachJim Units heal faster
MoreDotsMoreDots All buildings and units are free

Codes belonging only to the StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty campaign

The Campaign specific codes are very few, only four. Remembering that you can use the cheats from the table above in this mode, in addition to the ones you can see below:
Code It is made
WhySoSerious You earn 5 million credits
LeaveYourSleep All missions are unlocked
StayClassyMarSara All in-game news is accessible
HoradricCube All search options are enabled

StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void

Official StarCraft 2 expansions also feature cheats . Some codes are similar to those present in the base game. What changes are the effects, which, although also similar, cause slightly different changes in gameplay . See below:
Code It is made
terribleterribledamage "Invincibility" mode is activated
moredotsmoredots Units do not need resources to be created
realmendrilldeep The player gains 5,000 gas
WhySoSerious 5 million credits are provided to the player
jaynestown Missing resources for unit production are provided
tyuhasleftthegame Victory conditions are disabled
sosayweall Technical requirements are disabled
eyeofsauron The cinematics menu opens
iamironman A level of improvement in weapons, armor and shields is enabled
overengineeredcodpiece The song “Terran up the Night” starts to play, played by the official Blizzard band, composed of company employees
hanshotfirst Skill reloading is disabled
stroaksmolts The player gains 5,000 ores
smoldersbolds The player gains 5,000 ores and 5,000 gas
mintmansoperator Power requirements are disabled
nevergiveupneversurrender The defeat conditions are deactivated
reversingnazaire / basestarsprimative Units are created and built with greater speed
fsbcomunicacion Units heal faster
sawnoutofmemory War fog is disabled across the map
cadeasygoin The game ends with a defeat
lyingpect A specific mission can be selected
wapboinkers Units add resource points
cmethodfeedback The game ends with a win
qrotero The time is disabled during the match
dzmhairspring The player wins 5,000 of any resource

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