It's time to start winning at Teamfight Tactics (TFT) and, for that, it is essential that you know the best compositions in the game. The so-called comps are the builds of champions that you build with the objective of obtaining the best combos between skills and synergies. The compositions involve not only the units but also the positioning of the champions. Therefore, we will also make it clear when a character needs to be in front or behind. Discover the best TFT champion compositions!

Composition 1: Guardians and Glaciers

Champions that make up the composition:
  • Guardian : Leona (4) and Braum (2).
  • Glacial : Volibear (3), Ashe (3), Lissandra (2) and Sejuani (4).

Main training synergies

  • Guardian Class : with 2 guardians in play, both they and their adjacent allies receive +30 armor.
  • Glacial Origin : with 6 glaciers, you have a 45% chance, in each attack, to stun for 2 seconds. With 2 or 4 glaciers, you already get lower levels of synergy.

Composition strategy

  • Get Volibear and the guardians as quickly as possible. Volibear is the main champion of the formation , the team's carry.
  • Give all possible items to Volibear, especially damage such as Titanic Hydra (Giant's Belt + Recurve Bow) or attack speed, such as Guinsoo's Blade of Fury (Needlessly Large Rod + Recurve Bow). The Smoldering Cannon (Recurve Bow + Recurve Bow) is also useful for increasing the range of basic attacks. In the meantime, save money to get the necessary champions and level up later.
  • Take advantage of Volibear's Glacial origin to add other glaciers to your composition. Try to get 6 of them, but 4 are enough.
  • If you have 4 glaciers, add another fighter like Cho'Gath, because the synergy of 2 fighters together with Volibear grants a bonus of 300 maximum health.
  • Try to have Volibear at level 3 and the guardians at least level 2! This will create a very powerful trio in formation.
  • Finally, if you have Ashe, it is good to add another patrolman like Kindred, because with 2 patrolmen you get attack speed bonuses.
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Composition 2: Imperials and Assassins

Champions that make up the composition:
  • Imperials : Draven (4), Katarina (3) and Darius (1), + Swain (5) if possible.
  • Assassins : In addition to Katarina (3), Akali (4), Zed (2) and Pyke (2) are recommended. There are 7 killer champions, so it's up to you.

Main training synergies

  • Imperial Origin : with 4 Imperials, they will all take double the damage. At just 2, a random Imperial will receive the bonus.
  • Assassin Class : Having 3 assassins allows your critical attacks to deal + 150% critical damage.

Composition strategy

  • First of all, get Draven as soon as possible. As he is in category 4, it will take time to arrive, so don't hesitate to take on champions like Darius, Katarina, Pyke and Zed. With these four units, you will already obtain the two synergies of the training.
  • After you get Draven, turn him into an Assassin with Youmuu's Ghostblade (Spatula + GPC Sword). This composition is based on Draven doing a lot of damage with his critics.
  • Equip Draven with critical items, attack speed or damage. Any of the three options is useful.
  • If you add Swain, you can maximize the synergy of Imperial origin. If you are not interested in this option or Swain has not yet appeared, continue recruiting assassins until you have 6, as they will all have + 350% critical damage.
  • Take Draven to level 2 or 3, but don't ignore Pyke . It is your best partner in this composition, due to its crowd control and damage. Equip it with items and also the upe.
  • As a last option, you can take Kennen and Shen to get the maximum synergy effect from the Ninja origin. Along with Akali and Zed, the four will do even more damage.
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Composition 3: Rangers and Knights

Champions that make up the composition:
  • Patrolmen : Vayne (1), Varus (2) and Ashe (3).
  • Knights : Garen (1), Mordekaiser (1), Sejuani (4) and Darius (1).

Main training synergies

  • Ranger Class : with 2 Rangers, every 3 seconds both have a 25% chance to double their attack speed for 3 seconds. With 4 hunters, the chance increases to 65%.
  • Knight Class : If there are 4 knights on the team, they will all block 40 damage from basic attacks. If there are 6 in total, they block 80 points of damage.
  • Glacial Origin : with Ashe and Sejuani, 2 glaciers have a 25% chance to stun for 2 seconds with each attack.

Composition strategy

  • The first step is to get the 4 champions in category 1: Vayne, Garen, Mordekaiser and Darius. You can also recruit Fiora for an extra synergy of Noble origin with her, Vayne and Garen, but this is not the focus of this composition.
  • Try to obtain and level both Ashe and Sejuani. Varus can wait. It is important that Ashe has the item Shojin Spear (Tear of the Goddess + GPC Sword) to obtain the ult as soon as possible. Sejuani will need the Frozen Heart (Tear of the Goddess + Chainmail) to slow down adjacent enemies
  • From this point, you have a decision to make:
    • Get up to 4 patrolmen by recruiting Varus and Kindred. They will have a good effect on the synergy of that class.
    • Recruit up to 6 knights to have a powerful and durable team. Pay attention if a Poppy or Kayle appears.
  • In any case, it is essential to equip Vayne well. The two best items for her in this composition are Guinsoo's Blade of Fury (Needlessly Large Rod + Recurve Bow) and Titanic Hydra (Giant's Belt + Recurve Bow).
  • Protect Ashe well by placing knights around and upping her, but don't skimp on improving Sejuani as well.
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Composition 4: Savages and Sorcerers

Champions that make up the composition:
  • Wild : Nidalee (1), Warwick (1), Gnar (4) and Ahri (2).
  • Sorcerers : Ahri (2), Aurelion Sol (4) and Kassadin (1).

Main training synergies

  • Wild Origin : with 4 savages, the whole team gains Fury points with each attack, up to a maximum of 5. Each point grants 7% attack speed.
  • Sorcerer Class : with 3 sorcerers, the whole team receives 35 AP.

Composition strategy

  • The most important champion of this composition is Aurelion Sol . However, you won't be able to get it until it appears in the shared draft (carousel), or until you reach level 7. So, start with Nidalee and Warwick to get the first level of the Wild synergy.
  • Save as much money as possible and try to catch Ahri and Kassadin.
  • When Category 4 units start to leave, don't hesitate to spend money until you find Gnar and Aurelion Sol .
  • Once you have these 6 champions, it's time to give a Ghost Dancer to Spectral Kassadin, a Shojin Spear to Aurelion Sol, plus a Rabadon Deathcap and Guinsoo's Blade of Fury (Needlessly Large Rod + Recurve Bow). With these objects, Kassadin will be an extra tank in addition to doing good damage and Aurelion Sol will have its ult more often.
  • You can complete this composition with Cho'Gath and / or Shyvana. The reason for this is that if you add:
    • Cho'Gath (4): along with Gnar and Warwick, there will be three powerful tanks to protect Aurelion Sol. As a fighter, he and Warwick will receive a maximum health bonus.
    • Shyvana (4): will create a synergy with Aurelion Sol through the Dragon origin (immunity to magic) and with Nidalee and Gnar through the Shapeshifter class (maximum health bonus when transforming).
  • Try to surround Aurelion Sol with the tanks. He is the one who will do the most area damage on the opposing team. So, you should have it close to Warwick, Gnar and Kassadin, as well as Cho'Gath and Shyvana, if you get them.
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Composition 5: Pirates and Gunmen

Champions that make up the composition:
  • Pirates : Graves (1), Gangplank (3) and Miss Fortune (5).
  • Gunmen : Tristana (1), Graves (1), Gangplank (3) and Miss Fortune (5).
  • Additional champions: Sejuani (4), Leona (4) and Braum (2).

Main training synergies

  • Pirate Origin : with 3 pirates on the board, there is the possibility to win up to 4 additional golds in each round against players.
  • Gunman Class : with 4 gunmen, everyone has a 50% chance of hitting all targets within range of each basic attack.

Composition strategy

  • The priority is to obtain Graves, Tristana and Braum, but it is even more important to accumulate money due to the cost of the units in this composition. So don't hesitate to buy Pyke to get the synergy effect of Pirate origin while you wait for Miss Fortune to appear.
  • Place all the items you can in Tristana. She is the most important champion of this formation. Good items for her are the Bloodthirsty, Phantom Dancer and Blade of Fury of Guinsoo (Needlessly Large Rod + Recurve Bow), although Titanic Hydra (Giant's Belt + Recurve Bow) is not a bad choice.
  • When the Category 3 champions appear, take the Gangplank or even Lucian, if necessary. Try to achieve as much synergies as you can until Miss Fortune is available.
  • Your pirates and gunmen will need protection! Although expensive, Sejuani and Leona are the best options to complete this composition, since two more synergies will be added:
    • Glacial Origin: Braum and Sejuani will be able to stun enemies for 2 seconds with basic attacks, albeit with low probability.
    • Guardian Class: Leona and Braum will grant 30 armor to each other and adjacent allies at the start of the fight.
  • Once you have purchased the tanks, it is time to surround Tristana, Lucian or Miss Fortune well. Upe Tristana and keep the tanks level to ensure the survival of your carry.
  • If you have room for another champion, recruit Cho'Gath! With him together, his small army will be virtually untouchable.

Composition 6: Demons and Dragons (New!)

Champions that make up the composition:
  • Demons : Varus (2), Elise (1), Morgana (3) and Aatrox (3).
  • Dragons : Shyvana (3) and Aurelion Sol (4).
  • Additional champion : Gnar (4).

Main synergies of the composition

  • Demon Origin : with 2 Demons, 25% chance to burn the target's mana and deal real damage with the same amount of mana burned. With 4 Demons, the chance goes up to 25%.
  • Dragon Origin : with 2 dragons, both become immune to magic damage.

Composition strategy

  • The first objective of this composition is to achieve, as quickly as possible, the synergy of Demons with Elise and Varus, or that of Shapeshifters with Elise, Shyvana and Nidalee.
  • As you progress through the game, complete both synergies. Meanwhile, equip Shyvana with Giant's Belt until you build Warmog's Armor. It is the essential item for the champion.
  • Equip Shyvana with Smoldering Cannon and Varus with Seraph's Embrace and Guinsoo's Blade of Fury.
  • Until you get Gnar, consider placing an item on Nidalee. Then, sell it and Gnar team.
  • Once you have completed the composition, make sure that Varus and Aatrox are properly protected, as, together with Shyvana, these will be the ones who will put the balance in your favor.
  • Finally, if you have doubts about who to level up, do it with Aatrox and Varus especially, but don't put aside Shyvana and Gnar.

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